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Simply Sydney: Does This Mean We Are Breaking Up?

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2007

We believe in a world of make-believe. And most of the time it is because we are raised to. As children, most of the tales we hear end with the ever so cliché happily ever after. During our years of development, we are only given half the story. We see the initial tribulations leading to the beginning of the relationship between princess and shining knight and then it is over. Since we do not see the anything passed that point we assume that the birds are always circling over their heads. In many cases we see the struggles our parents endure, but our minds are already filled with the romanticized image, therefore we do not separate reality from fantasy.

What does this have to do with people in the real world? That’s simple. Since we already have the image of what we think is the “ideal romance” we assume that when the euphoria of the relationship wears off that the relationship itself is coming to an end. Often we do not realize that the stability that replaced the euphoria is a good thing. Nonetheless, when people see stability they end up thinking they are in a rut. And what do people do when they get into a rut? They try to spice things up. Obviously there is only so much spicing one can do before you end up with an undesirable mess. When people “save” their relationships by beefing up the physical they end up setting themselves up for a real problem. Instead of strengthening the couple they have become, they have just reintroduced themselves to a euphoric state. And obviously, those feelings do not last. If they started with small surprises that are great for getting the much needed “awe” response they might notice that the relationship is still there and getting stronger. Plus there is the added hint of the exhilaration they thought they had lost.

The onset of stability and being comfortable with each other in a relationship, no matter how old, does not mean the relationship has run its course. It is the perfect time to gain a real relationship with someone. The time when you can discover if you really care about the other person and if you are willing to let them care about you. For better or for worse, my little cliché for the week.

Sydney Chase

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