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Do Not Be Ashamed, Your Faith is Taboo.

Posted by iusbvision on September 25, 2007

Faith in the 20th century carries with it a strong degree of shame. This is not only implied in the medium of the Christian faith. The notion of a higher being has become a terribly uncomfortable topic to discuss. The seriousness of this cannot be emphasized enough. The existence or non-existence of God is very important to each individual; it can be the crux of an individual’s entire existence. 

Let us evaluate for a moment the question “Does God exist?” It is a complex question and has been asked in the entirety of human history, yet is rarely discussed even with best friends and family. If the answer to the question is “Yes” then some new questions will need to be asked. Who is this God? What does he want? Why did he make us? What happens when we die?  Does he judge us? Does he care what we do at all? If the questions are not asked, then one cannot possibly live their life according to the one who created it. To never know the one who created man may have eternal consequences. That is, of course, if the answer to the question was “Yes”.

The issue, really, is that exploration of personal faith is dead. If it is not dead, it is extremely taboo. If an individual is exploring their faith it should be celebrated. Questions should be freely and happily answered and received. After all, the answer to such a question has the capacity to change a person’s life forever. Christians who scoff at those reading or attempting to understand their faith and others do not remember where they once were. At any given point in life, a Christian can doubt the accuracy and truths of the Christian faith. This is typically the process of exploring faith: one faces trials, they get questions or doubt, then they look for answers and the answers should hold true over time. If the answers do not hold true, then one must re-evaluate where the answers came from or perhaps explore the answers further. If we as Christians believe our faith to be the truth, then we ought to have faith that those truly looking for the truth will find it in Christ. When we do not, our lack of faith tends to intervene with God’s work.

More often than not the Christian believes they are in the business of saving people. What is easily forgotten is God is the one who saves. Perhaps it is better illustrated that Christ is in the business of salvation and Christians are simply his employees. The Christian does not create the product; he simply learns all he can to explain what it is and does his best to use it himself. Many times they need to return to the manual and the business owner for more information. If people see the product results in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness… (Galatians 5:22), they will find far more interest in it, and be more inclined to seek out the business owner to get it for themselves. The Christian represents God in everything they do. Because of the human condition, many times this results in shame and poor representation. No longer should one be ashamed if they possess questions about faith.  Take comfort in knowing they have been asked for thousands of years.

Craig Chamberlin

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