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Economic Forum Seeks All Who Wish to Learn

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2007

Are you interested in learning more about Economics and how it applies to real world problems or how Economics applies to your life? Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of the world while building your academic portfolio and making new friendships? If your answer is yes to any of the above, take a look at the Economic Forum!  

The Forum is a club that seeks to promote interest in the study of Economics and its applications to real world problems through interdisciplinary dialogue, debate, and scholarship among all students at IU South Bend, all while having a good time with friends.     For students interested in an Economics degree, the Economic Forum is perfect. The Forum is a great addition to any academic portfolio, especially for those interested in a career involving Economics. The Forum helps build and encourage the critical thinking skills necessary for a career in Economics.     Think you need to be an Economics major to join the Economic Forum? Think again! All students are welcome to join the Economic Forum. Amanda Groendyke, Vice President of Communication, is a biochemistry major.  

Groendyke says, “I think it is important to gain a greater knowledge of the world around you. The Economic Forum provides an opportunity to learn not only about economics, but how it affects your life as well. If other students are like me, it took being able to see Economics in a real sense to appreciate it. Being in the Economic Forum has not only helped me increase my critical thinking skills, but my leadership skills as well.”    

Faculty sponsor, Dr. Douglas Agbetsiafa, is a professor of Economics in the IU South Bend School of Business and Economics. Dr. Agbetsiafa encourages the participation of all students in the Economic Forum.    

The Forum hosts several Open Houses each semester with guest speakers highlighting key issues in current economics. This fall has 3 events planned, the first of which is coming up soon on October 9th at 7pm. The event will be held in room 251 (the Alumni Room) in the Administration Building. The topic of this first Open House is “Current Global Credit Conditions:  Challenges and Prospects for the Automobile Industry,” presented by Mr. Perry Watson III, MBA, President and /CEO of Lexus of Mishawaka.     

All are welcome and encouraged to attend this free event. Refreshments will be served following the key speaker.     If you missed the first event, keep on the lookout for more to come! Information about all Forum events is posted on bulletin boards around campus. The dates for later events have not yet been set, but the proposed topics include “Financial Market Turmoil and Federal Market Action.”      

The Open Houses are also an opportunity for Honors students taking Economics classes to present their research. Student presentations normally take place at the final Open House and are the culmination of semester long research about one of the many Economic sectors.     If you find yourself interested in the Economic Forum, contact Dr. Douglas Agbetsiafa at or at (574)-520-4208. The Economic Forum homepage is at  Check it out today!

Article Contributed by:The Forum Executive Committee 

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