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If it is Right, You Will Feel It

Posted by iusbvision on October 9, 2007

It is incredible that the human condition can allow us to be completely satisfied with ourselves and our lives one day, or perhaps one moment, and in the turn of relatively small circumstances we can forget all about it. I am speaking of those moments in our daily lives where we say “I am happy to be alive, even though there are so many things wrong in the world.” Those moments don’t only come when we are satisfied with all of our circumstances; they can come simply based upon a mood.    

From personal experience, the differentiating features of the two moments seem to contain one primary catalyst, the individual’s feelings. When one is feeling wonderful, often times it is because they have an extremely intense euphoric passion that is behind it, whether self or chemically induced. But as we all know, there are those moments also when we self induce ourselves or chemically induce ourselves into moments of misery. Many times that happens once that morning coffee (or those morning coffees) wear off. “I feel wonderful” and “life is great” can quickly take a turn to “I feel miserable” and “life is depressing”.    

It is interesting that these polar opposites can happen within a small amount of time. Both ideas cannot be absolute simultaneously – yet we often make statements as absolutes. Life cannot be just great or just miserable. Unless, of course, one realizes life is often both simultaneously. The problem arises when one’s decisions are not based upon the truth that the things they love are often also the things that can bring them pain. Our generation believes if we do not always love it, it must not be what is right for us.    

Take a new relationship as an example. Although the often forced “getting along” exists in the beginning of the relationship, it is inevitable it will go away and conflict will ensue. The one who has the belief they should always have a good feeling about something if it is right will find themselves in trouble when faced with this truth. They will find themselves constantly pursuing something that does not really exist. We tend to do this in all aspects of our lives.  We get that new job, that new movie, the new videogame and find it does not hold our passion, attention and interest for long – so it must not be as right as we thought it would be.    

It is a depressive notion, I know. “And they lived happily ever after” doesn’t really exist in a relationship. Unless the two in that relationship considers the inevitable conflicts they will face which is part of being happy. We can and should take a lesson from ourselves, and when we are in misery remember that there is always tomorrow for the mood, the feeling and the circumstances to change. If it is right, you will probably feel it, but will you feel it always?  It is not likely.    

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  – Jesus (Matthew 6:34) 

Craig Chamberlin 

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