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Preserving the Past Preparing the Future

Posted by iusbvision on October 22, 2007

The Indiana University South Bend Archives, located in the Franklin D. Schurz Library, is the repository for materials that document the history of Indiana University South Bend as well as the histories of the larger Michiana area.

“The Archives collects, preserves, and makes available for researchers campus records of historic or administrative value, as well as special donated collections.” This is part of the greeting you receive upon entering the IU South Bend Archives webpage, on the Schurz Library website. One can access this page by clicking “Archives / Special Collections” under the “Library Collections” heading on the Schurz Library webpage. This tiny link will connect the viewer to the very tip of the iceberg that is the massive collections housed in the Archives. 

On this site, viewers will find the histories of IU South Bend, the Schurz Library, and also inventory lists and collection summaries of people, places, and events that have influenced not only IUSB as we now know it, but also the entire Michiana area. 

At first glance, especially to those people who do not have much of an interest in history, the idea of reading through inventory lists and collection summaries sounds dull, lifeless, and like a complete waste of perfectly good time. If one takes a closer look, however, they will see that these lists serve as an outline for those wishing to find hidden treasures amidst a shore seemingly bereft of treasure.  

For those interested in the history of campus and club events, or wish to gain ideas for their own campus events, the IUSB Archives offers you the opportunity to take a look at our photograph collection which contains images of events, buildings, and even professors dating back to the mid-1960s. 

For those interested in the history of our campus publications, Archives invites you to search through our collections containing past issues of The Vision, The Preface, and other publications from years past.

For those interested in IU South Bend students’ stances on past wars and conflicts, Archives encourages you to contact IUSB Archivist Alison Stankrauff about our wide variety of anti- and pro- war documentation throughout the decades. These documentations include publications, photographs, and even a letter written by Chancellor Les Wolfson to President Nixon with concerns of student strikes . . . . as well as a letter directly from Nixon himself, in response.

The largest collection, by far, housed in the IU South Bend Archives is that of James Lewis Casaday, a drama teacher in the South Bend Schools system for nearly fifty years, who “mounted or participated in some 500 performances of school and community theatre groups”, and whose grandfather founded the South Bend Chilled Plow Company (

These are not the only collections! Also housed are collections such as that donated by the Civil Rights Heritage Center, collections concerning each IU South Bend Chancellor, a multi-faceted collection from the local Torrington Company, Labor Studies collections and much more! 

The IU South Bend Archives has lots of unique trinkets and treasures. The Archives needs to keep collecting and gathering more great stuff! It calls on the aid of the students and faculty of IUSB. There is a great interest embedded in mankind to know where one came from and what one’s past consists of. It was the interest of those before us and it the interest of many of us now. It only makes sense to believe that this interest will continue on for those in our future.

Archives is asking for donations about club events, campus events, fundraisers, and anything and everything else that makes IU South Bend what it is today and what it will be. Please help preserve today what many inquiring minds may learn from tomorrow!

To donate or inquire about viewing a collection, contact:
Alison Stankrauff, IUSB Archivist / Assistant Librarian
Phone:  (574) 520-4392

Article Contributed by
Kristi J. Dunn
Archives Student Worker

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