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Taking The Lead on Campus

Posted by iusbvision on November 16, 2007

Many students every year come to a visit day at IU South Bend before they started attending classes. These visit days involve prospective students having a chance to talk with admissions office personnel, receiving information about the campus, hearing guest speakers and most importantly taking a tour of campus. These events are vital in the recruitment process of bringing new students to our campus and now you can help.

The Office of Admissions is currently seeking students who have a passion about IU South Bend and would like to help in these campus visit days. The primary responsibility is leading the tours. Guides take groups of 10-15 students on 45 minute tours of campus that highlights each building and the new housing. Tour guides are provided training, an IU t-shirt and free lunch.

So if you enjoy meeting new people and talking about your university, call the Office of Admissions and get involved. You can reach Mike Renfrow at 574-520-4839 for more details. To see upcoming visit days visit

Article Contributed by:
Mike Renfrow

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