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The Progressive War on *Censored*

Posted by iusbvision on December 17, 2007

The Progressive War against God really heats up this time of year. Local school districts across the nation are brought to their knees as the well-government-funded American Civil Liberties Union demands they take out all references to the Almighty in their school programs. Christmas programs are changed to Holiday programs, Christmas break has become winter break, and Christmas cards are now friendship cards.

The battles between the ACLU and school districts will be fought out in the courts. As long as the judges follow the Constitution, the good guys will win.

There is a battle that is currently being fought in the free market. This is the fight that is to be fought by a simple majority. Apparently some retailers do not understand why it is that their sales skyrocket in the weeks between Thanksgiving and December 25th.

Some retailers have started instructing their clerks to only use Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Some retailers have gone so far as to not allow their employees to use Merry Christmas or risk disciplinary action. The mega retailer Lowe’s has stopped selling Christmas Trees and now sells Holiday Trees. Tell me something, Lowe’s, what holiday do you think that tree is for? In some catalogs, you can find Family Trees instead of Christmas Trees.

It is too early to tell what retailers will be welcoming the CHRISTMAS dollars with their right hand while fighting the name Christmas with their left hand. In addition to asking you to be diligent with your Christmas shopping, I can remind you of the retailers that made the naughty list last year. Of course, if you are among the four percent of Americans who claim to be offended by the name Christmas, you can use this list to find the stores at which you will want to shop.

In 2006, a spokesperson for Best Buy, whose advertising rejected any reference to Christmas said, “We are going to continue to use the term holiday because there are several holidays throughout that time period and we certainly need to be respectful to all of them.”

A spokesperson for Crate & Barrel stated, “Crate & Barrel has Jewish, Muslim, and atheist customers. We would definitely not say Merry Christmas. It’s all about holiday shopping, getting together with friends and family.”

On Barnes & Noble’s website, they advertised a holiday gift guide, holiday gift baskets, holiday sleds, and holiday delivery, but nary a mention of Christmas. Making matters worse, the stores are not allowed to put up Christmas trees and employees are not allowed to say Merry Christmas, even if the customers wishes the employee a Merry Christmas.

Pet smart, Eddie Bauer, Bloomingdales, KB Toys, Home Depot, Radio Shack, and J.C. Penny all replaced Christmas with Holiday in their stores, online, and in their advertising in 2006.

Some stores have gone above and beyond helping the Progressive War on Christmas. Christmas Charities have seen the full brunt of their attack. Some retailers, such as Target, Kohls, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Home Depot, Circuit City, and Barnes & Nobles have all banned the Salvation Army’s bell ringers. This should be compared with Wal-mart, which not only allowed the bell ringers, but encouraged their employees to participate by ringing bells themselves.

In the department store, Macy’s, one could find a Holiday Lane instead of a Christmas lane. Hanukkah did have its own section. Maybe this year, they will have an atheist aisle. If Macy’s did not do it for you, Bloomingdale’s showered its customers with the holiday spirit, but not the Christmas spirit.

There were plenty of companies who understood what holiday was the real driving force for their fourth quarter profits.
For example, M&M Mars candies made bags of red and green M&M’s complete with pictures of angels and Christmas Trees. Tractor Supply Company, T.J. Maxx, and Ace Hardware all had Christmas sales.

Kudos to Starbucks, whose owner is one of the primary benefactors for, for keeping Christmas in their stores.
Department stores, K-Mart and Sears also made sure to showcase the Christmas season as opposed to the generic holiday season.

Openly Christian stores, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a made sure to go so far as to put up Nativity scenes in many locations.

So the question remains, why should it matter whether a store uses Christmas instead of holiday? It matters because Christmas is a Federal holiday. It matters because America is forgetting that it is a Christian nation. The Progressive movement to remove God from our culture is gaining momentum. They have infiltrated our schools and indoctrinated our children. That fight is for the courts. This fight is for the free market.

This is very exciting because it is a battle that is being fought where it should be fought. Traditionalists rally behind the free market and now it is the free market that can protect Christmas or destroy it. The question is whether or not Christians, Traditionalists, and Conservatives will put their money where their mouths are.

I encourage you to pick up the torch and join the rest of us in the crusade to save Christmas. Look at the retailers as you do your Christmas shopping this season and look at their advertising. Purchase Christmas trees, not holiday trees or family trees. The progressive assault is more subtle than any beast of the field, don’t let Christmas die on our generation. Use your Christmas break to take advantage of Christmas sales to give away Christmas presents. Ignore the holidays, celebrate Christmas.

Jarrod Brigham

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