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Are Liberals Ready to Nominate A Black Candidate?

Posted by iusbvision on January 12, 2008

So there I was, watching the election news that Barack Obama had just been declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses. It was a stunning achievement: America’s first African American to win a state primary or caucus that could catapult him into the Presidency.

African Americans had, of course, run for president before, but none, up to now were ever really considered serious candidates to actually win the contest. They were either too polarizing or too narrow in their political appeal to be considered a nominee who could succeed.

Not so with Senator Barack Obama. This is a candidate worthy of the name, not just another pretty face, and certainly not the token of yesteryear to make Democrats feel good about themselves. This guy is for real!

But as I thought about the issue further, it became clear all too soon that there was another question that needed to be asked about the possibility of a black candidate for president. Just what is it that Hillary Clinton is going to do if she continues to lose in the New Hampshire primary and beyond? Will she go negative? Will she trash her competitors, or will she just simply roll over, play dead and support the nominee like the good Democrat that she is?   

These are not questions to be so easily cast off. These are indeed the questions that liberals are going to have to wrestle with and wrestle they most definitely will, like it or not.

You see, if truth be told, Hillary Clinton is not going to play dead for an African American out of party loyalty. Forget the color of his skin, the party affiliation of his heart, or the fact that Barack Obama represents the hopes of so many Americans black and white alike. Forget all of that. Hillary Clinton is indeed the quintessential Hillary Clinton that America has grown to loathe these past wonderful years, and she is not the candidate you would choose in the running for the favorite personality of the year. No, she is most certainly not.

Barack Obama is about to learn what conservatives have known for a generation or more. Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and she will in the end flatten him like a pancake in the process. Nay children, Hillary Clinton is not the kind of politician who will roll over for anyone, black or white. If you are in her way, you will pay. That’s reality speaking, not political affiliation.

You see, it is really quite simple when you think about it. Did Hillary ever stand up for those that were victimized by her own husband? Did she ever stand for the oppressed and wounded women that she claims to represent while hubby was groping and exploiting his way toward his next conquest? Do you remember, O black America, what happened to Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, and anyone else who stood in the way of the Clintons before? They were called trailer park trash; they were called liars; they were called every vicious name in the political book by the Clinton attack machine.

And do you really think, O black America, that the Clintons will let an African American stand in their way?  I think not!!  Get ready for Hillary to show America what democrats do with those who stand in their way, minority or not.  Mark my words, folks, you heard it here first, or at least second anyway: Barack Obama is about to get a lesson in hardball liberal politics, while conservatives sit this one out and watch it happen from the sidelines. 

If black America thinks for a moment that Democrats are tolerant, they will get a rude awakening in the next few weeks as to how far that “tolerance” really goes. And they will learn very quickly that it is skin deep indeed. So the question of the hour is not ‘Is America ready for a black President.’ The results from the Iowa caucuses are a resounding “Absolutely yes!”   

Liberal and conservative whites alike have wanted and dreamed it for decades now.  White America has wanted for a generation or more to get the race issue off the table once and for all, to move forward, to get on with the American experiment with this issue behind us. But the question facing liberal democrats in this election is much more appropriate: Are liberals ready to nominate a black candidate?  Not if Hillary Clinton has anything to say about it. Liberal “tolerance” is about to be relegated to the trash heap of history, right where it belongs.

Gerry Rough

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