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The Case Against John McCain

Posted by iusbvision on February 4, 2008

“I served 12 years with John McCain and almost at every turn on domestic policy John McCain was not only against us, but leading the charge on the other side…on many votes we had Democrats but we couldn’t get John McCain. On domestic policy he is very dangerous for Republicans.” – Senator Rick Santorum.    

John McCain has put out television ads that say that he is “the true conservative” in the Republican primary. The facts make it clear that not only is John McCain not conservative, he has lead the charge for bills that most of the Republican base has rigorously opposed and he has ran the most dishonest Republican primary campaign in my lifetime.    

What are the bills that McCain has championed in recent years that most any Republican would actively oppose? The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law was supposed to take the big money out of politics. In fact what it did was take the ability of constituent groups from running television ads within 60 days of an election. The last time I checked the First Amendment is designed to protect political speech above all isn’t it? The only groups that may run ads are what are called section 527 groups, which have allowed multi-billionaires like George Soros to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on groups that buy political ads. The net result is more money in politics than ever before and an assault on the freedom of speech of groups like Wisconsin Right to Life where McCain had filed an amicus brief to deny the group freedom of political speech. Yet John McCain says he is pro-life. The James Madison Center said that the law is “The most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.

McCain co-wrote the McCain-Kenney amnesty bill for illegal aliens that the overwhelming amount of Republican and Democrat voters opposed and was defeated after numerous attempts to sneak it through. The Heritage Foundation said it was “the most far-reaching amnesty program in American history.”

McCain co-wrote the McCain-Kennedy-Edwards bill that would have created a new lawsuit industry against the medical profession. Reason Magazine described the bill as “the biggest boon to the trial bar since the tobacco settlement, under the rubric of a patients’ bill of rights.”

The list is simply too long to include in this publication. McCain stopped the Republicans from changing Senate rules to stop the illegal filibuster of judicial nominees. McCain, while on the campaign. says that he would appoint justices like Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court, but famed Washington reporter Bob Novak and the Wall Street Journal have reported that McCain has said that he would not support judges like Alito “who wore his conservatism on his sleeve”.    

McCain voted against oil drilling at ANWR and other places while China and Mexico are building oil rigs off our shores. He voted against the popular 2001 and 2003 tax cut bills that passed and became law… and now he has sent out advertisements criticizing Mitt Romney for not endorsing the tax cuts that McCain voted against shhh don’t tell the voters. MSCBC points out that McCain said he would not engage in negative campaigning and asks “and this is the straight talk express?” 

McCain wants to close our military facility in Cuba and bring enemy combatants into the United States and give them access to civilian courts. Can anyone please name me a country that allowed enemy combatants access to civilian courts and lawyers in World War II? Enemy Combatants are prisoners of war that we hold for security and intelligence reasons – we don’t hold them there because they robbed a gas station and await prosecution.    

The final straw that motivated me to write this column is when McCain was asked about having Dr. Juan Hernandez as the head of his Hispanic Outreach Campaign. Hernandez is THE open borders advocate who is famous for saying that illegal aliens  need (as in have a right to) fraudulent social security numbers because America is at fault because we won’t issue a legal social security number to illegal aliens. McCain said, “I don’t know what his previous positions are…but he supports mine I have nothing to do with his…. And I will check into this information you have given me.” 

This was a bold faced lie. Juan Hernandez is a senior fellow at McCain’s think tank, the Reform Institute Their history together is easily documented by anyone with access to a search engine. The Reform Institute even sponsored an art contest that was designed to compare a border fence to the Berlin Wall. Here is the web site for the contest. .   

Ed Morrissey also points out that the donor list for the Reform Institute is made up of the cream of the far left and open borders advocacy. This list includes the Tides Foundation, the Proteus Fund, the Open Society Institute (George Soros), and the David Geffen Foundation. “I promise you I will secure our borders” John McCain is heard to say in the video linked above. There is no reason to believe him.     Ann Coulter has stated very publicly that is McCain is the Republican nominee she will campaign for Hillary Clinton because “either way it’s going to be a Democrat so I will just be going for the more conservative Democrat if I go for Hillary over John McCain.”    

Joe Scarborough made a passionate monologue on MSNBC stating about McCain, “A conservative is not a man who…” and than gave a devastating summary of John McCain’s record. This video says it better than I ever could so have a look –  

Chuck  Norton 

39 Responses to “The Case Against John McCain”

  1. Chuck Norton said

    Bob Dole sent a letter to Rush Limbaugh today and pointed out that John McCain had a conservative voting record and usually voted similarly with Senator Jesse Helms.

    This is true, but it does not tell the whole story. Until 1998 McCain had a very good voting record in the Senate and people could be confident in his judgment, but like so many politicians who have been in office for a long time, he simply lost his way. In 1998 I could have supported a McCain presidency, now in 2008 conservative democrats like Tammy Bruce say “John McCain is Hillary in drag.”

    Policy wise, on a majority of issues Bruce is correct.

  2. Ed Lima said

    Does Rush like Bob Dole, and how likely is he to abide to Dole’s request?

  3. Jarrod Brigham said

    I don’t think Rush is a Dole fan. In 1996, Dole refused to stand on the pro-life platform. That is a major reason why he lost.

  4. Craig Chamberlin said

    Scarborough… ouch…

    Fantastic post here Chuck – I didn’t realize alot of it, I’m doing additional research now.

    I have an interesting question. Assuming you are still going to vote in 2008, you going Huckabee or McCain?

  5. Jarrod Brigham said

    Rush Limbaugh says it is better to have a Democrat than John McCain in the White House. Also on this bandwagon are Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Hugh Hewitt.

  6. Chuck Norton said

    Rush responded to Dole today –

    Dole said in his letter that he disagreed with McCain on the stuff he did after Dole left the Senate. Dole also specifically said in the letter that he was mislead on Justice Souter.

    Souter was appointed by Bush 41 and is the second most leftist and outrageous justice on the court. Senator Warren Rudman and McCain told people that Souter was a conservative originalist.

    Warren Rudman is now a co-chair of the McCain campaign.

    Dole says they mislead their fellow republicans on Souter.

    Dole was also on Hannity and Colmes last night where dole said that he disagrees with most of what McCain has done since 1998.

    When Dole was asked if he will vote for McCain, Dole said with a FAT qualifier “In my heart I want to vote for McCain”

  7. Chuck Norton said

    Let us remember that we cannot do evil and expect good to come of it.

    Also in my lifetime – republicans have been destroyed when the party abandoned the traditional values and views that got it elected.

    Lets say that McCain gets elected – if he got a GOP congress McCain would spend most of the time fighting his own party in congress. If democrats had control of congress McCain will push the Kennedy agenda or at least sign the bills.

    Either way a McCain presidency is a disaster for the party. Rush is quite right about this.

  8. Chuck Norton said

    So in West Virginia McCain delagates all voted for Huckabee because because Romney was going to win.

    So here we go with McCain its just like immigration – to hell with what the people want lets get a backroom deal and get what McCain wants. This is how he was as a senator and I dont want this in a republican president.

    If McCain is the nominee I am voting democrat. NO one will trust republicans again if McCain acts this way as president.

  9. Ed Lima said

    Anyone following this live online?

    I’ll stay here for a while…

  10. Ed Lima said

    As of 8:42PM Eastern

    McCain: 3 (CT, IL, NJ)
    Huckabee: 2 (WV, AR)
    Romney: 1 (MA)

    Clinton: 2 (AR, OK)
    Obama: 2 (GA, IL)

    Huckabee is doing awesome in GA and AL.

  11. Ed Lima said

    They just called Georgia for Huckabee!

  12. Gerry Rough said

    While I may have written a pro-McCain article, I still would rather have a better concervative. But just like Laura Ingraham said earlier on FOX, I’m still going to get behind the nominee, no matter who he is. I will never sit out and watch a democrat win because I sat on my hands. No way. I’m an evangelical conservative, but still conservative, and even more practical. I think it would be political suicide to let a democrat win.

    More later

  13. Ed Lima said

    This is a HUUUGE defeat for the following people:

    – El Rushbo
    – Laura Ingraham
    – Sean Hannity
    – Willard, Ann, etc etc…

    …and all the other talk show dittohead sycophants of talk radio.



  14. Chuck Norton said

    Ed – you are just mad because they called out Huckabee as the snake oil salesman that he most certainly is :-)

  15. Gerry Rough said

    It seems there are signs that we may have the answer to the McCain question emerging tonight: if he nominates a SERIOUS conservative as his running mate, he might be able to patch things up with the rest of the movement. I like Huck, but hey, what about Tony Snow, or Michael Steele of MD?

    You’re right, Ed, the liberal media hate Hucka-bites. Especially PMSNBC.

  16. Ed Lima said

    I know you’re kidding, but look…I like Laura, I like Sean, but as of lately, I haven’t been able to stomach any of them because of their Anti-Huck crusade. All orchestrated by Rush. They could have spoken against Mac, as they should, but they should have left Huck alone, and now it’s going to bite them. HARD.

    The madness will be so thick on talk radio come tomorrow………..

  17. Ed Lima said

    Alas, McCain is still winning 5-3.

    Take my word: Huck will take TN, MO, and GA.

    It’s all about the delegates though…and McCain will take California and New York. But this is to show everyone in blogosphere, in the media, everywhere, the strength of the HUCKAZOOM!!!!!

    God, this is better than sports! =)

  18. Chuck Norton said

    Ed – but in all fairness – no one thought McCain had a prayer just a short time ago – hence so talk radio didndt spend the time on him.

  19. Ed Lima said

    Huck is speaking live on Fox News:

    “I will nail the ‘going out of business’ sign to the IRS door”.

    How can you not love this man?

  20. Chuck Norton said

    If I could believe that he was sincere I would be thrilled – but the problem is that his rhetoric doesnt match his recent governing record.

    For example while he lowered 94 taxes like not charging a tax in symphony tickets.

    He raised the income tax and sales taxe and the taxes raised smoked the taxes cut.

    So if he was so against the income tax – why raise it in Arkansas and not try to eliminate it?

  21. Ed Lima said

    You’re right. McCain was done, broke, and out 3 months ago. And now, look at him!

    I just want a commitment from people that, if it is down to Mc and Huck, people will side with the true conservative.

    There’s still a nice, warm place in the bandwagon, Chuck. You’re welcome to jump in any time. We’ll take all the help we can get. =)

  22. Chuck Norton said

    Lets wait and see what the western states do.

    Even so Huckabee is better than McCain – no question there.

  23. Chuck Norton said

    Some of the preliminary numbers from the western states are coming in and Romney is doing well.

    Looks like a 3 man race – but wont know for 100% sure for about another 3-4 hours.

  24. Ed Lima said

    Romney is likely to do well in CO, maybe CA…certainly MN and MO.

    And I’ll concede this: Romney before McCain, no question about it.

    I’m listening to Romney speak.

  25. Ed Lima said

    Furthermore, if Huck has a chance at continue going strong, he will have to go after McCain, not in the same level that Romney has done, because it’s being proven tonight that it doesn’t work. But he will have to turn the screws a little bit.

  26. Chuck Norton said

    Even though Romney wasnt my firts choice – he is a guy who can fix healthcare and social securitya nd address entitlements. He is an economic genius and his healthcare fix in Massachusetts I think will become the model for the country.

  27. Chuck Norton said

    McCain is at 50% in his own state…

    That is huge – if you cant solidly deliver your home state that speaks volumes about your national electability.

    Remember that gore and edwards lost their home states.

    Huckabee delivered his home state and Romney delivered Michagan, Mass and Utah, the three states he has lived in.

  28. Ed Lima said

    AP calls TN and GA for Huckabee.

  29. Ed Lima said

    Yeah, but Romney is only 51% in Mass. So that speaks volumes about Romney’s campaign as well.

    What about Ron Paul? What will become of him? Will he direct his maniac supporters to go elsewhere?

  30. Gerry Rough said

    I think the message from the conservative movement tonight is that they respect the talk radio and other movement leaders, but the bottom line is that the rank and file are breaking away from their leaders. I think they want to win, and they are being practical. They haven’t left thier principles, they’ve left their leaders. And they know they won’t get ANYTHING if the Dems win. Game over. Win to keep power, then fight for what you believe in to influence the winner.

  31. Gerry Rough said

    Looks like MO might be for McCain tonight.

    Mitt should bow out tomorrow. There is no real path to victory for him. It’s a two man race, and he needs to admit that he is not one of them. If you cannot win, it’s time to bow out and be a republican and get behind the nomineee.

  32. Chuck Norton said

    Western polls just closed 20 minutes ago.

  33. Gerry Rough said

    Polls still open in some western state. I think it’s AK.

  34. Ed Lima said

    MO is 88% reporting, and Huck leads McCain by a measely 200 or so votes…

    It’s going to be down to the wire. Drudge is calling MO for McCain. Maybe he has a crystal ball or something…

  35. Ed Lima said

    McCain took Mizzou…

    Good call from Charlie Mahtesian: Romney loses everything south of Jefferson City.

    Except for one county — Cape Girardeau County.

    Rush’s hometown.

    Check out the MO map:

  36. Jarrod Brigham said

    Gerry mentioned something a few posts back about a running mate for McCain. Who do you think would be on his short list? I don’t think Michael Steele would be a good choice. He is the head of GOPAC, not big fans of Mac. Tony Snow has no executive experience at all. I would think Charlie Crist of Florida, Zell Miller, or Joe Lieberman would be on his short list, notice two of them are Democrats. I cannot see anyone who could actually help McCain getting on with him. He needs someone the likes of Newt, or Rep. Mike Pence or Dan Burton from Indiana. Maybe even Gov. Matt Blount of Missouri or Tom Tancredo of CO.

  37. Ed Lima said

    Jarrod, you have said you would not vote for a McCain-Huckabee ticket based on principle. I have to say that I would.

    When posed with that scenario (McCain-Huckabee vs. either Hillary or Barack), I have to reduce it to the least common denominator, given the number of issues in which I disagree with McCain and, obviously, the Democrats. That common denominator is the War on Terror. I would vote for McCain simply because he is in favor of victory in Iraq and staying the course. In the end, homeland security would swing my vote, because if Hillary or Obama win, we might not have a country in 2012 to argue over who’s liberal or conservative!

  38. Ed Lima said

    I just fell off my chair: Joe Lieberman is being courted for the Vice-President spot alongside McCain.

    Come on, people! If anyone rallies behind McCain when there is a CLEAR alternative out there named Mike Huckabee, then this party is in worse shape than I thought.

    With Romney out, it is our DUTY to support Huckabee. Period!

  39. jeni said

    Mike Huckabee is a best dude.

    [ – Editor]

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