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The Fourth Party Candidate

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2008

It has been said that Ross Perot handed Bill Clinton a victory over George Bush and that Ralph Nader handed George W. Bush a victory over Al Gore. This is precisely the reason that a third party candidate will never be successful.

The answer to cracking the oligopoly that is the American political system is the fourth party candidate. In the previous elections, Pat Buchanan was a tool of the Democratic Party to defeat Bob Dole and Ralph Nader was a tool of the Republican Party to defeat Al Gore.  Did you know that registered Republicans were getting petitions signed to get Nader on the ballot?  Democrats were doing the same thing for Buchanan.

This may be the year for the dawn of new era. If Obama can pull off a victory over Hillary Clinton, and all the signs are pointing to that scenario, look for Senator Clinton to run for President anyways. Her narcissism will not allow her to concede defeat to Senator Obama. Equally, there is a disturbance in the Republican Party. Many conservatives do not like John McCain. Beyond McCain, many conservative Christians are beyond frustration with the Republican Party. For too many years we have been promised an end to the Roe v. Wade decision. Put this all together and there is a perfect storm brewing in Washington. If Senator Clinton and Senator Obama both end up running for President, look for the conservatives to run their own fourth party candidate.

Neither the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, nor the Reform Party have the backing to run a competitive race.  However, if the far left, moderate left, moderate right, and far right all had a candidate, there could be a competitive four-way race. Senators Obama and Clinton have shown that they can each garner a fifty percent split of the liberal votes. If there were no Mitt Romney, Huckabee could have taken McCain all the way to the convention.

Conservative Christians, most of whom belong to the Moral Majority, could run a candidate who could gain nearly 30% of a popular vote. That would be enough to win a four-way race. Some names that immediately surface that could run as that candidate are James Dobson and Pat Robertson. Don’t count on either of them, they have a following, but I don’t think they have Presidential aspirations anymore. Gary Bauer is the next logical choice, but he has already endorsed John McCain. No, the fourth party candidate would need to be solidly pro-choice, pro-second amendment, and not entrenched in the Republican Party, which is why Mike Huckabee would not be the right choice.

I cannot honestly say who should be the candidate, but I can offer up a couple of names. At the top of my list would be someone like Jay Sekulow. So, who is Jay Sekulow? He is the head of the American Center for Law and Justice, the Conservative Christian answer to the ACLU. For years, Sekulow has been an advocate for defending the Constitution. He has the connections in Washington from many years working with conservative politicians writing up bills to be made into laws. He would fit the above mentioned profile, but name recognition would hold him back.

Another name at the top of the list would be Colonel Oliver North. Col. North is extremely popular among the servicemen and women. His credentials as being pro-second amendment and pro-Christian cannot be questioned. He also has a connection to Ronald Reagan, which anyone on the conservative ticket must have.

If you trust exit polling taken at all in the primaries and caucuses, you know that Obama supporters do not like Clinton and vice-versa. A split Democratic ticket is a real possibility this year. Senator McCain has got to be the most unpopular Republican candidate since Ford. The perfect storm is brewing over the beltway and it is going to get darker before it gets brighter. Look for Obama to head up a far left ticket, Clinton to head up a moderate liberal ticket, McCain to head up the Republican ticket, and an unknown contender to head up a conservative ticket. Eventually it will happen, why not now?

Jarrod Brigham

One Response to “The Fourth Party Candidate”

  1. Dollie Woodworth said

    Jarrod, This is a great article. You never cease to amaze me with your foresight & seasoned wisdom. You must run for Political office soon!!!

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