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Mitt Romney for VP? – Updated

Posted by iusbvision on July 6, 2008

State and local leaders from the former Romney campaign are being called asking them to support a McCain/ Romney ticket.  While that doesn’t make it 100% certain, it is a clear indicator that Romney is in the final running for the VP spot. Michigan is a key swing state and Romney is a favorite son there because his father was a popular Governor of the state. The Romney factor in Michigan combined with the unpopularity of left wing Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm could very well deliver the important swing state.

Update I – On July 8th Romney appeared on Hannity & Colmes and when asked if he was in the vetting for VP he stated that “This is something that we don’t talk about.” Leaving it very ambiguous whether means that McCain’s campaign doesn’t talk with him about these things or that he just won’t talk about it. Romney also told Sean Hannity that he has not been asked to give additional information about himself to the campaign.

It could be that Romney wants to be the VP choice and is working his grassroots and the media to nudge McCain in that direction. At this point your guess is as good as mine. Among GOP gossip circles McCain/Romney is the buzz.

Chuck Norton


The Vision told you about this story on July 6th. The New York Times got around to telling you July 19th.

The Buzz About a McCain-Romney Ticket

It was not so long ago that the idea that Senator John McCain would even entertain tapping Mitt Romney, his bitterest primary rival, as his running mate would have seemed preposterous, rating at least 7.0 on the strange-bedfellows scale.

But that was then.

These days Mr. Romney, a telegenic former Massachusetts governor, is serving as a wingman extraordinaire for Mr. McCain on cable television. He has dutifully raised money for Mr. McCain. And Mr. Romney has developed a reputation as a campaign surrogate who can talk fluently about the economy, and who has roots in Michigan, an important swing state.

Now Mr. Romney is attracting perhaps more buzz than anyone else as a potential running mate for the man he once derided.

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