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Have They Stopped Drinking the Kool-Aide?

Posted by iusbvision on July 8, 2008

 Editors Note Sept. 2010 – youtube has been actively banning videos with “Obama vs Obama” content and is also trying to shut down our youtube channel.

Have They Stopped Drinking the Kool-Aide? RNC, 527’s, Press, Finally More Critical of Long Series of Obama Reversals (and re-reversals).

The IUSB Vision has been ahead of the curve keeping its readers apprised of the long series of reversals coming form the Obama campaign. During the last few days the far left, including Code Pink and the New York Times, have been very critical of Obama for these reversals. Fox News has been on it for a while longer. Obama has adopted so many of President Bush’s positions that some have said that Obama is running for Bush’s third term (see previous posts for details).

Here are some of the results from others catching on; telling you what blogs like this one have already made you very aware of.

The list goes on and on. What is amazing is that while Fox News, NYT and the Washington Post have started to report this, most other media outlets are still mum on the issue.

Chuck Norton

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