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Profiles in Orwellian Doublespeak: The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on July 8, 2008


It sounds so yummy doesn’t it? “Employee free choice” – I mean who in the world could be against employee free choice right? Why it must be those evil Republicans right? …. read on. 

UPDATED – SEE BELOW: Service Employees International Union is giving $85 Million to Democrats, but isn’t fully funding its pension for union workers! – Hmmm maybe this is who they need card check violence and intimidation.

Now do you want to know what the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) does? It takes secret voting in the work place AWAY from employees. It demands what is called a “card check” where the employer or union can come to you with a card to sign your signature to that indicated your vote that all can see.

Anyone who understands union history can see the danger in that. Union elections have had more than their fair share mafia interference, including union officer candidates being killed such as Jimmy Hoffa and coal mining union candidates etc. The union will know how you are voting to pressure you and so will the employer know who to retaliate against if you vote “wrong”.

Union rank and file opposes the bill, but union leadership supports it because they can buy political influence to help keep them from being prosecuted in Democratic controlled parts of the country.

Our Congressman Joe Donnelly voted for this bill (H.R. 800). The union leadership and Democratic Party leadership is openly lying about the effects of this law.

This video from gives an amusing description of the bill:

Here is their website –

Here is Congressman Buck McKeon talking about the bill.

Here is a video of the workers from Indiana telling about workplace pressure and abuse that they faced.

Union threatens a 16 year old girl.

Federal indictment from April 2008. Union thugs stabbed employees, slashed tires, used caltrops on people’s cars, anbushed people and beat them, threw scalding coffee in the face of employees and made numerous threats. 

Chuck Norton

UPDATE!! – The service Employees International Union has pledged $85 Million to Democrats, but isn’t fully funding its pension for union workers! – Hmmm maybe this is who they need card check violence and intimidation. Todays New York Sun has the details:

Yet in 2006, the SEIU National Industry Pension Plan, a plan for the rank-and-file members, covering 100,787 workers, was 75% funded. That is, it had three-fourths of the money it needed to pay benefit obligations of workers and retirees.

In contrast, a separate fund for the union’s own employees, numbering 1,305, participants was 91% funded. Even better, the pension fund for SEIU officers and employees, which had 6,595 members, was 103% funded.

For the SEIU to hold pep rallies to attack private equity funds, while allowing the pensions of their own rank-and-file members to perform worse than those of union officials, is sheer hypocrisy.

4 Responses to “Profiles in Orwellian Doublespeak: The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) – UPDATED!”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    I think you should read more about the Employee Free Choice Act, don’t let these billion dollar law firms and multi-national corporations make your mind up for you.

    True Republican values, would see this as a way to preserve what we have, ahem, had, a thriving middle class.

    Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you saw a ‘non-profit’ run ad’s at will? meaning money is no object, to support “democracy’. That’s just big interests talking, and it’s not in the interests of our majority.

    As far as pushing that mafia stuff on us, when was the last time the mafia poisoned our pet food supply? put toys that contained lead on our shelves? threatened to drop our homeowners insurance at will? cut off a working mother who had cancers medical benefits? decided to not reinstate a returning vet to his job position at Wal-Mart when he returned from active duty?

    As far as understanding union history, there were blemishes, but without that history, we would be still working 14 hour days with no breaks. Speaking of history, what did they let happen to the Constitution? What would John Adams say? Why do unions get the blame for jobs leaving this country when a Vietnamese worker gets paid $58USD for 1 month making Nike sneakers? How about Levi’s? Now operating in Haiti and Bangladesh, where working people can not afford rice. My Republican would have protected my job, my Republican wouldn’t be a champion for only the upper echelon of society.

    Oh, and I write too, trying to focus on what really matters to the most of us, myself included. Please read it with an open mind. Don’t let them divide us even more for their benefit. A working class with disposable income is ideal for a thriving middle class and business alike. The current method of employer intimidation and coercion, in between when the employee signs the cards (50%+1 need signatures to petition the NLRB for a secret ballot election) and the NLRB “secret ballot” at any time past a month later, while those lawyers tell you how to think, so they can continue their practice and get wealthier, at the expense of American businesses and workers alike.

    Of course it’s not all the politicians faults, not the corporations, not the unions nor those lawyers. It’s ours for allowing them to divide us and slowly take a little from all our little satellite groups, just enough while pushing more divisions between us on bullcrap issues, while we do our best to amplify their methods through our ignorance, so I will have to blame that person in the mirror, and that goes for all of us.

    If only we could all find more common ground we could make this world a better place for a lot more people.

    thanks for reading,
    keep posting, I’ll keep coming back,

  2. Chuck Norton said

    Joe, who do you think you are kidding?

    Deny that the bill takes away secret ballot’s for workers and I will just call you out as a liar. You bring up lots of other issues with your own spin. Those are different arguments. The issue at hand here is opening workers up to even MORE harassment by eliminating the secret ballot.

    It is YOUR unions that told CWA workers that they had no money for striker pay when they were giving $22 million to politicians, it is YOUR unions that did not take action when Bill Clinton put all those mining workers out of a job when he made their mine a national park so he could pay off his indonesian coal merchant friends, it was YOUR unions that threated a 16 year old grocery worker, it is YOUR unions that are under indictment for violent acts and threats.

    While I am not opposed to the idea of unions in the least, union leadership has become an organized crime money raquet that has little regard for the rank and file worker.

    It is YOUR SEIU union that is screwing the rank and file by not properly funding their retirement plan, while at the same time giving millions to politicians.

    Look at the people in the video’s who have been victims of the thuggary of the organized crime that you support. There are many, many more I could post. How about you show me what you have PERSONALLY done to help those people and defend them from union thug brutality. Until such a time, you deserve to be mocked and laughed at.

    Chuck Norton

  3. Dennis said

    Chuck, [It would seem that judging by the content of the message that Dennis meant to put Joe’s name at the top and not Chucks – Dennis could you please send us a note to let us know for sure – IUSBVision]

    Slow down man. He happens to be telling the truth about employee elections. The Employee Free Choice Act does away with the employee’s right to vote, plain and simple!

    Have there been illegal issues on both sides in the past when it comes to union organizing activity and employer response? Definitely on both sides, both the employers and the unions. That’s why currently we have secret ballot elections sanctioned by the National Labor Relations Board. It is extremely difficult to strong arm anyone if they are able to cast their ballot secretly. You might be able to provide influence the person, but when someone goes into a voting booth and makes a selection that person is truly free from intimidation.

    Card check organizing is a giant step backwards in the democratic process. Imagine if we have a political process subject to intimidation at the polls. If that happed we would not be the greatest country in the world. We would be an also run.

    When you call someone a liar, it’s best to have your facts correct.

  4. Chuck Norton said

    Dennis – you put my name at the top of your post and then agreed with every point I made. Dennis every other word you put down there is 100% correct. So it seems that you meant to put Joe from the Union News’ name there at the top and not mine. I will ask the moderator to add a note to your post – if I am wrong send me a note on the blog ok?

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