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They are All About Peace and Love ….

Posted by iusbvision on July 23, 2008

They are all about Peace and Love ….

(Hat Tip

Here is coverage from a recent “anti-war” protest from blog. While some where willing to talk, two were reasonable, some are clearly delusional, some are mired by hate. Many just repeat slogans and are totally incapable of reason. When confronted with inconvenient facts they call you a fascist. It is like trying to talk to a wall. I have had similar experiences when attempting to have a conversation with so called activists here at IUSB, minus the spitting of course.

Just like these protesters, Obama still won’t admit that he was wrong about the surge, while at the same time calling for a surge in Afghanistan. Obama walked around Iraq without a vest, which would not have been possible if it were not for the surge. Here is an experiment, find your local protester and see if they will admit that they were wrong about the surge.

You know, the Left would like to turn almost anything now into a hate crime. Do you think we could get the Dems in Congress to include US servicemen and women in their next piece of hate crime legislation? Imagine if some right-of-center folks had spat all over a LGBT parade. I’d think we’d see a huge cry of intolerance and bigotry from the Left.

Chuck Norton

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