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Archive for July 27th, 2008

FIRE and National Review Feature the Vision in Recent Coverage

Posted by iusbvision on July 27, 2008

FIRE features the Vision in its weekly roundup.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has featured the Vision’s original reporting in it’s weekly roundup. FIRE has become the civil rights organization at the tip of the spear in combating campus abuse, censorship, intimidation and retaliation. Together with the Alliance Defense Fund, Students for Academic Freedom, the Student Press Law Center and state chapters of the ACLU, some of the grossest violations of law and abuse have been resisted. Abusive administrators and radically minded faculty are becoming aware that the days of violating people’s rights in secret are coming to an end.

Here is the link –

We would also like to give very special thanks to National Review Magazine. National Review has a special section of their online presence, aptly named Phi Beta Cons, dedicated to restoring educational values and principles that have faded in recent years. Phi Beta Cons featured the original coverage in the Vision recently:

I would also like to thank all the others who have sent encouraging words of support and featured The Vision on their blogs as well.

Chuck Norton

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