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Archive for July 31st, 2008

If you thought that leftist censorship and discrmination was bad at American universities, wait till you get a load of this….

Posted by iusbvision on July 31, 2008

Readers of this blog are well aware that exposing and fighting censorship has been the most important part of our mission here at the Vision.

Rory Leishman of the London Free Press tells about how Canada’s universities have become bastions of censorship, oppression and discrimination. Now some radical leftist groups are trying to deny students with ‘unapproved’ views and religions access to state run university facilities. (Hat Tip FIRE)

In America the far left tries to veil its censorship by calling it a ‘fairness doctrine’ or ‘harassment’, or ‘speech codes’. In Canada the far left openly proclaims censorship, oppression and discrimination as a virtue.

Read on:

Academic freedom used to be a hallmark of the Canadian university system. Apart from a few fascists, communists and other cranks on campus, everyone recognized that the free and vigorous expression of controversial ideas is essential to the life of the mind and the pursuit of truth.

Today, academic freedom is under attack as never before. On all too many campuses, freedom of expression is trumped by the contemporary canons of political correctness.

Consider, for example, the suppression of debate on abortion and the sanctity of human life. Earlier this year, the Canadian Federation of Students, an organization that purports to represent more than half a million students at more than 80 universities and colleges across Canada, expressed support for students’ unions that “refuse to allow anti-choice organizations access to their resources and space.”

In conformity with this resolution, a growing number of students’ unions from Memorial University in Newfoundland to the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, have barred pro-life student organizations from using student facilities. In defending the adoption of this policy at York University, Gilary Massa, vice-president for equity of the York Federation of Students, explained that students will still be allowed to discuss abortion in student space, provided they do so “within a pro-choice realm.”

Massa sees no room for the discussion of abortion from a pro-life perspective. “These pro-life, these anti-choice groups, they’re sexist in nature,” she insists. “The way that they speak about women who decide to have abortions is demoralizing . . . Is this an issue of free speech? No, this is an issue of women’s rights.”

That’s typical of campus censors: They are very sure that they have an infallible grasp of the truth.

Be sure to read FIRE’s great post on this issue here –

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