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SLEAZE POLITICS: Democrats Accuse Palin of Faking Her Pregnancy

Posted by iusbvision on August 31, 2008

The DailyKOS, which is the number one unofficial Democratic Party web site on the internet, started saying this and now it is on the Democrat Underground site.×6842975

Democrats are accusing Governor Palin of faking her own pregnancy and claim it was her daughter who got pregnant so the family faked it to make it look like it was the Governor’s baby and not her daughter’s.

Welcome to what is going to be the sleaziest trash campaign in my lifetime. They trashed Geraldine Ferraro when she came out for Hillary Clinton, they gamed the super delegate system to keep Hillary out even though she won the popular vote in the primary elections and now its get the girl again with the most awful personal gender attacks possible.

Why are they doing this? The Zogby Poll shows us why According to Zogby, “Palin neutralizes historic Obama speech, stunts the Dems’ convention bounce” and states that Palin is a “reformer” and “is not to be underestimated.”

UPDATE: More Proof that it’s all a lie and they know it.

Update II: IT has just been announced that Bristol Palin getting married to her long time boyfriend Levi. Bristol is 5 months pregnant. So much for Governor Palin faking her recent child birth to “protect” Bristol as she has been accused of by the left. The left is eating crow over this one, lets hope that the elite media follows up on this, but don’t hold your breath.

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Obama Campaign Already Lying About Palin’s Previous Statements

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Hotair beat me to the post but they are wrong when they say that it is the first lie about Palin. It is the second lie. The first lie about no experience is explained in the two posts below. The next lie is that “Palin did not even know what the vice-president’s job was a few weeks ago – her own words” as the clip was just on the O’Reilly Factor.

You can watch Palin’s statement in the youtube clip for yourself. She is saying that any interest in the VP would depend on what role the VP would play in an administration. The role the VP has during an administration is what ever the President says it is. Palin made it clear that she still has goals for national policy and Alaska and she wants to make sure she can help Alaska and the policies she cares about as VP. Palin wasn’t saying that she doesn’t know what the job of the VP is, she was stating what her conditions would be to consider the job.

Here is the video Skip ahead to 2:50:

Palin – [A]s for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S. before I can even start addressing that question.

Here is what had to say about it:

First lie about Palin: She dissed the VP job

posted at 2:25 pm on August 29, 2008

Well, no, she didn’t, and I should know: I’m the one who uploaded the YouTube clip back in June that people are circulating today as evidence. Politico accuses her of “distaste for the office” but at least provides the full quote of what she said; Taegan Goddard, who was last seen hyperventilating over Obama’s speech, goes the full Think Progress route and excises the part that proves the lie. Skip ahead to 2:50 [into the video].

She’s making a point that should appeal to feminists especially: It’s not that she has distaste for the job, it’s that she’d have distaste for the job if it meant nothing more than serving as window dressing for McCain. A job with “fruitful,” meaningful responsibilities, especially with respect to energy policy, is a different ballgame. Stand by for plenty of distortions of what she actually said, though, starting no doubt with the “Worst Person in the World Segment” of tonight’s episode of “Keith’s Enemies List.”

UPDATE:  – Melanie Morgan on Obama Campaign attacks on Palin:

Just my two cents:

-Dems are focusing in on “heartbeat away” “inexperienced” “no foreign policy cred” “shows desperation” and “the next Quayle”

-As always, our best counterpunch is with the facts: “executive experience” “courageous leadership” “fought corruption in her own party” and “proven record”

Palin is no lightwieght, she has a real record that can standup to scrutiny. While Obama made friends with Rezko, Ayers and Wright, Palin was rooting out corruption and blowing the whistle on her own Party. While Biden and Obama are waist deep in earmarks and taxpayer handouts to family and friends, Palin refused the Bridge to nowhere and is helping to end earmarks in the porkiest of states.

I am still watching the pundits on TV late Friday night. The attacks on Palin by the Obama camp are relentless. My hunch that I mentioned earlier is that their plan is going to be attack the girl is proving to be correct. First it was “get Clearance Thomas”, than democrats said in their own Senate Judiciary Committee momo’s that Miquel Estrada’s judge nomination should be blocked “because he is Latino” in spite of the fact that his record was similar to our current Chief Justice John Roberts, and now its get the girl because they cant have minorities in politics be a member of another party who won’t be under their thumbs.

Update II: Leftist bloggers already making gender attacks against Palin and insulting small town America.

To such bloggers (the link goes to my comment on his post) I have a question for you. You claim that Palin has no experience, a lie that we have already put to rest on previous posts below, but have you looked at your own guy Barack Obama??

Well lets see Obama ran for state senate 5 years after Palin was already holding elected office. Palin fought her own party bring down corruption rings and making a real difference while Obama voted “present” 133 times. One of the times he did not vote “present” was when Obama voted AGAINST a bill allowing citizens to defend themselves with a firearm IN THEIR OWN HOME. Obama had no significant legislative accomplishments while he served.

Obama ran for United States Senate from Illinois where he held office for just over 140 days and started running for President. Obama chairs a foreign policy sub-committee in which he called all of ZERO POLICY HEARINGS. Obama has the most partisan and ideologically leftist voting record in the Senate. He has no significant legislative accomplishments. Well I guess they can say he kept the seat warm.

Why do I find it so amusing that Alaska’s most noted left wing blogger is a transplanted Ivy East Coaster who is already dripping with elitist insults towards Wasilla, Alaska and small town America? He already is making gender attacks against Palin and he isn’t the only one doing so:

When you’re hand-picked by a man to win votes simply because you are a woman, that doesn’t count, and it doesn’t break any kind of ceiling. Would we have had a Stan Palin as our VP pick? No. So choosing a woman because you think her gender will get votes is insulting.

Ladies, how many times have you been made to feel insulted because people thought that you got a job only because of the anatomy between your legs? I have news for insulting leftists attacking Palin because of her gender; if Palin did not have a courageous record of fighting corruption and even her own party when needed she would not be the VP nominee.

Why else would famed author, scholar, and educator Dr. John R. Lott have endorsed Palin all the way back on June 4th?

And why else would famed feminist author and thinker Tammy Bruce have endorsed her candidacy as well?

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Meet Sarah Palin

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Perhaps the best way to get to know Sarah Palin is through the eyes or ordinary citizens who have admired her and through some who have been running “Draft Palin for VP” sites on the internet.

CNN’s Glenn Beck on Sarah Palin

UPDATE: Governor Palin’s pre-gubernatorial experience (wiki):

Palin served two terms on the Wasilla City Council from 1992 to 1996. In 1996, she challenged and defeated the incumbent mayor, criticizing wasteful spending and high taxes.[5] The ex-mayor and sheriff tried to organize a recall campaign, but failed.[5] Palin followed through on her campaign promises to reduce her own salary, and to reduce property taxes by 60%.[5] She ran for reelection against the former mayor in 1999, winning by an even larger margin.[5][9] Palin was also elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors.[10]

In 2002, Palin made an unsuccessful bid for Lieutenant Governor, coming in second to Loren Leman in a four-way race. After Frank Murkowski resigned from his long-held U.S. Senate seat in mid-term to become governor, Palin interviewed to be his possible successor. Instead, Murkowski appointed his daughter, then-Alaska State Representative Lisa Murkowski.[5]

Governor Murkowski appointed Palin Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission,[11] where she served from 2003 to 2004 until resigning in protest over what she called the “lack of ethics” of fellow Alaskan Republican leaders, who ignored her whistleblowing complaints of legal violations and conflicts of interest.[12][5] After she resigned, she exposed the state Republican Party’s chairman, Randy Ruedrich, one of her fellow Oil & Gas commissioners, who was accused of doing work for the party on public time, and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.[13] Palin filed formal complaints against both Ruedrich and former Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renkes, who both resigned; Ruedrich paid a record $12,000 fine.[5]

The experience card that Obama’s campaign has the audacity to throw at Palin has little merit. Palin held elected office for 5 years before Obama ran for any office and has held elected office for 13 years. They are now saying that Palin lacks foreign policy experience. Alaska borders Russia and Canada. Japan is to the southwest of the Alaskan Aleutian Island chain and the waters there are shared for fishing rights. Palin has exposed and put an end to corruption rings, faced adversity from the former “good ole boy network” that she brought down. She took the entire old Republican machine out of power in Alaska, and she did so as a Republican. Obama talks about reform and change, Palin did it with results. She knows how to deal with energy companies in a tough manner.

Executive experience is much more intensive and valuable than legislative experience. Former Arkansas Mike Huckabee in reference to Palin’s nomination said that being a governor is like running a microcosm of the federal government and executive experience from a state’s perspective is something that no one on either ticket had a clue about until now.

This is important, not just to Alaskans and not just to women. The effort is already underway to distort and lie about Palin’s record. The severity of the Obama campaign attacks on Palin so early indicates that they are worried about her nomination, in fairness, they should be.

UPDATE II: Palin on Biden, Energy and National Security (hat tip

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Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

“Well, it’s always, though, safer in politics, to avoid risk; to just kind of go along with the status quo. But I didn’t get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why the ship is built. Politics isn’t just a game of competing interests and clashing parties. The people of America expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reasons.” – Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Maverick meets Maverick. Sarah Palin the blue collar conservative populist governor of Alaska has agreed to join the McCain ticket as Vice President.

Here is a link to her acceptance speech some are calling the “Sarah vs. the “good ole boy network” speech.

While I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to politics, I have always been an admirer of Gov. Palin. She has very high approval ratings (80+%), she is as tough as nails, she has fought corruption, fought wasteful spending (instead of just talking about fighting it), she has Democrats and Independents in her administration, she is a former mayor, she says what she means and means what she says, she is very lovely, she comes from a union family, she is well spoken, she knows energy, labor and environmental policy better than almost anyone, she used to be a journalist, she has shown a willingness to take on her own party when needed.

There is another very personal reason that I admire Governor Palin. When she learned that her baby had Down Syndrome, she did not even consider getting an abortion. Whether you are pro-life or not, one must admire Palin who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk even in very painful and difficult circumstances.

Walking the walk is an ideal that she has passed on to her family. On September 11, Palin’s eldest son, who enlisted in the United States Army, is being deployed to Iraq.

Don’t for a minute think that Palin was picked just because she is a “cute chick”. Palin used to hunt big game such as moose; she is anything but timid. Early in the primary when no one new who the GOP nominee would be, when I thought of who would be the ideal vice-presidential candidate for any of the GOP presidential candidates, Sarah Palin was the first name that appeared on my mind.

UPDATE: – Obama campaign’s first reaction was to say that Palin lacks experience. It is now being echoed by Obama campaign surrogates such as Chuck Schumer. Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama is and they want to knock her for lack of experience. I think we have just discovered an all new definition of chutzpah. A governor makes more decisions in a month than a senator makes in a year. Executive experience is vastly different than making decisions as a tiny voice in a legislature. Early indicators are that the Obama campaign’s strategy will be to attack the girl…rest assured Palin will hit back.

Update II:– Palin’s nickname in school was “Sarah Barracuda” because of her athletic prowess. She led her high school basketball team to victory while playing with a stress bone fracture.

Update III: – Media Pundit, “Hurricane Sarah just hit the Democrats and it’s a cat. 10!”

UPDATE IV: VIDEO – Local Candidate for Congress Luke Puckett with Sarah. Be sure to look at Luke Puckett’s other Alaska Video’s here.

UPDATE V:Palin Addressed an Independent Party Convention in Alaska, to heck with bi-partisanship, can you say TRI-partisanship?

Update VI:Late Night CBS host Craig Fergusson on Sarah Palin:

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APSA Resolution Against Canadian Censorship

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

American Political Science Association has a resolution and petition that all members should sign. It is being promoted at their annual conference which is going on now.

The resolution is against increasing violations of freedom of speech, religion and conscience that is going on in Canada. Recently political journalist and scholar Mark Steyn was put on trial for offending Islam…with the truth. You see in these Canadian “civil rights” tribunals they state very clearly that the truth is no defense.

Here is what the ASPA flier promoting the resolution has to say:

What’s the Matter with Canada?

“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” – Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator Dean Steacy1

Canadian Human Rights Commissions have repeatedly used complaints by “offended” parties to initiate legal proceedings against Canadian citizens who have engaged in political speech. As a result, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has found it necessary to speak out against Human Rights Commissions getting into “the business of restricting free expression of opinion.”2 While such proceedings have not yet been initiated against any scholar, Canada‟s Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship has raised the concern that “current HRC practice is a danger to the academic freedom of both faculty and students.”3

Canadian human rights commissions have carried out proceedings against:

  • MacLean’s, Canada‟s leading periodical, and Mark Steyn, one of Canada‟s most prominent political journalists, for publishing excerpts from Steyn‟s book critical of radical Islam.4
  • Ezra Levant, publisher of the Western Standard, for re-publishing Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.5
  • The Catholic Bishop of Calgary, for publishing a pastoral letter against gay marriage.6
  • The Rev. Stephen Boissoin, for criticizing homosexuality in letters to the editor of a local newspaper.7 Rev. Boissoin has been “ordered to desist from communicating his views on this subject „in newspapers, by email, on the radio, in public speeches, or on the Internet‟ so long as he should live. He has been ordered to pay compensation to” the person offended by his views and “further to make a public recantation of beliefs he still holds.”8

According to David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen: “Before Canada’s „human rights‟ tribunals, a respondent has none of the defences formerly guaranteed in common law. The truth is no defence, reasonable intention is no defence, nor material harmlessness, there are no rules of evidence, no precedents, nor case law of any kind.”9

The nature of radical Islamism and the relationship of public morality and homosexual conduct are issues of vital public importance to which the scholarship of many political scientists is addressed; and all political scientists have a professional interest in a full and open scholarly debate on such topics. It would be unseemly for the APSA to turn a blind eye to these attacks on freedom of speech, and it is unacceptable for it to risk exposing its own members to them. In Canada‟s legal environment, how can the APSA ensure “protection of academic freedom” and “a reasonable basis for feeling welcome” – two key principles of its siting policy10 – for all of its members, regardless of the scholarly opinions they plan to express at the convention?


The resolution itself can be viewed here. A partial list of signatories can be found here. The web site of those promoting the petition and resolution can be found here. FIRE has a nice post on this here.

As far as I know, Leslie Lenkowsky is the only IU professor who has signed the petition. If your political science or public affairs professor hasn’t signed on, perhaps you should ask them to.

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It’s Back On Again – New Ad from McCain Camp

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

The title is “Remote Control” and it features what Democrats have had to say about Obama throughout the campaign. As far as ads go, this one hits pretty hard.

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University of Delaware to Implement Coercive Thought Program Again?

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Adam Kissel at FIRE has a post outlining his concerns over the new residence life program at the University of Delaware. Their last program was frightening display of Soviet style brainwashing and pressure that seriously violated the privacy and freedom of conscience of the students. Young people are very susceptible to this nonsense so it was fortunate that a few students, faculty and parents sounded the alarm on this program.

This program was so egregious that evil is the only single word description that seems to fit.

After a battle in which University of Delaware begrudgingly backed down it seems that the new program is being implemented by the same people as the last one.

Be sure to go and read Adam Kissel’s entire post here. Below is an excerpt to give you an idea of what they were doing to students. Like I said, evil:

As I have stated before, it seems crazy to trust ResLife to act responsibly after what happened last year . The ResLife directors are the same people who pressed students (1) to reveal the origins of their sexual awakenings in private one-on-one sessions with resident assistants (RAs); (2) thought it was right to ask students to ask students, in surveys, whether they were willing to be close friends with or date people of various races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities; (3) thought it was necessary for “strong male RAs” to break the “resistance” of males with “traditional” views; (4) called their re-education battery a “treatment” for students’ allegedly incorrect thoughts, values, attitudes, and beliefs; (5) thought it was valuable to coerce students to reveal their political beliefs and then shame students with the “incorrect” views in front of their peers; (6) thought it was good practice to encourage RAs to record the names and room numbers of students with whom they had the “best” and “worst” one-on-one sessions; (7) thought they should coerce students to act out the worst possible stereotypes they could think of in a bizarre attempt to force students to show their own alleged bigotry; (8) pressed to make students aware the program was mandatory, while claiming to their superiors it was not; and (9) repeatedly rebuffed all serious concerns brought to their attention-from parents, students, faculty, and others-about their “curriculum.”

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A Lesson in Political Rhetoric

Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008


Barack Obama said in his speech that John McCain has voted with George Bush 90% of the time.

1. George Bush does not vote in the Senate.

2. Most of the votes in the Senate are unanimous. Perhaps over 80%. They are votes such as honoring Albert Einstein, honoring the student who wins the national spelling bee, commemorating Plymouth Rock, or unanimous resolutions etc etc. So by that regard Barack Obama has voted with John McCain over 80% of the time.

3. But on policy votes, those are the votes where there is a difference in policy, Obama is listed as the most partisan and ideologically left of all in the Senate. The bi-partisanship he talks about has never been reflected in his record.

Obama says that he will debate John McCain anywhere anytime or words to that immediate effect. Yet McCain has offered to appear with Obama in debates and a series of townhall meetings and the Obama campaign refused. Obama also refused to appear in front of McCain in front of military vets.

Obama talks of getting rid of government programs that don’t work. Great. Would someone please show me a bill he proposed to eliminate a redundant or failing government program.

Campaign speeches may be stirring, but it is wise to keep mindful about them inspite of the emotionalism they often contain.

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Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008

I have never been a McCainiac, but I must say I found this rather refreshing.

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More Proof: Obama Lied About His Work with Marxist Revolutionary Terrorist Professor Ayers

Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008

Stanley Kurtz, who is featured in the previous post below, worked to get these papers released and they show that once again Obama just didn’t tell us the truth during the campaign. Investors Business Daily tells of what they have learned from these new documents so far:

When Obama’s association with William Ayers was raised at a Democratic debate this year, Obama replied: “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood. . . . He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.”

Tuesday’s release of papers from a Chicago school reform project known as the Annenberg Challenge shows once again Barack Obama has a problem with the truth.

The long-sought records that were kept under wraps at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC), show that Obama and Ayers attended board meetings, retreats and at least one news conference as the education project got under way. The records also show the two continued to attend meetings together during the 1995-2001 operation of the program.

Clearly the relationship between Ayers and Obama is much deeper and longer than Obama admits. They in fact were partners in various entities and regularly exchanged ideas, including on how to turn Chicago schools into re-education camps to create a generation of social revolutionaries.

Tuesday’s release of the papers of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge were sought by the National Review’s Stanley Kurtz, who had met a stone wall erected by Obama’s UIC friends. UIC temporarily closed the supposedly public archives after Kurtz inquired. Ayers, who has long taught there, may have had a hand in suppressing the documents showing Obama to be a liar.

The UIC records show that in the 1990s, Ayers was instrumental in starting the Annenberg Challenge, securing a $50 million grant to reform the Chicago Public Schools, part of a national initiative funded by Ambassador Walter Annenberg, who died in 2002.

Obama was given the Annenberg board chairmanship only months before his first run for office. He ran the fiscal arm that distributed grants to schools and raised matching funds. Ayers participated in a second entity known as the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, the operational arm that worked with grant recipients. They met and talked often.

When Obama first ran for office, articles in the Chicago Defender and the local Hyde Park Herald mentioned his Annenberg chairmanship among his qualifications.

During Obama’s tenure as Annenberg chairman, Ayers’ own education projects received substantial funding. As we’ve noted in our series, “The Audacity of Socialism,” Ayers, now a tenured distinguished professor of education at UIC, works to educate teachers in socialist revolutionary ideology, urging that it be passed on to impressionable students.

One of Ayer’s descriptions for a course called “Improving Learning Environments” says prospective K-12 teachers need to “be aware of the social and moral universe we inhabit and . . . be a teacher capable of hope and struggle, outrage and action, teaching for social justice and liberation.”

The Annenberg papers are quite extensive – 132 boxes containing 947 file folders with 70 linear feet of material. They undoubtedly contain more surprises regarding Obama’s relationship with Ayers, one of many relationships Obama has sought to hide.

Limbaugh – this new information discovered in the “Chicago Papers” and the thuggery used to attack Stanley Kurtz (see previous post below) “is a window as to how Obama would govern.”

I don’t always agree with Limbaugh, but when I ponder the incredible number of incidents of Stalinist behavior by far leftist academics that have been documented on this site as well as on FIRE’s and ADF’s sites, and I compare it to what Obama and Ayres tried to accomplish with millions of dollars in funding in order to undermine academic standards and turn schools into indoctrination centers, it shows that Limbaugh’s concerns are not without merit.

If Obama were able to nominate people to the court with views shown in the “Chicago Papers” the threat to student freedom, civil rights and academic freedom would be difficult to understate.

Related Post HERE.

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Obama Campaign Smearing Media Critics

Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008

From the Chicago’s Tribune’s Washington Politics Blog:

by John McCormick and Steve Schmadeke, updated

DENVER — Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign organized its supporters Wednesday night to confront Tribune-owned WGN-AM in Chicago for having a critic of the Illinois Democrat on its air.

“WGN radio is giving right-wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fear-mongering terrorist smears,” Obama’s campaign wrote in an e-mail to supporters. “He’s currently scheduled to spend a solid two-hour block from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions, and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers.”

Kurtz, a conservative writer, recently wrote an article for the National Review that looked at Obama’s ties to Ayers, a former 1960s radical who later emerged as a school reform advocate in Chicago.

The magazine had been blocked in its initial attempts to obtain records from the University of Illinois at Chicago regarding a school reform initiative called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Obama chaired and Ayers co-founded.

Obama critics were quick to suggest that political clout could be involved in seeking to protect Obama from embarrassment. The school later reserved its position and made the records available Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening, Obama’s campaign urged supporters to call the radio station to complain.

“Tell WGN that by providing Kurtz with airtime, they are legitimizing baseless attacks from a smear-merchant and lowering the standards of political discourse,” the note said.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that WGN would give a slimy character assassin like Kurtz time for his divisive, destructive ranting on our public airwaves,” the note continued. “At the very least, they should offer sane, honest rebuttal to every one of Kurtz’s lies.”

Of course the biggest problem the Obama campaign has, is that Kurtz’s statements about Obama’s early political supporters are not lies or distortions at all. This information has been reported since Obama ran for state office years ago and is very well documented.

The Obama campaign says that his long term partnership with Ayers, a Marxist terrorist who planted bombs to overthrow the US Government, is unfair to criticize because Ayers did these crimes when Obama was eight years old. However Obama was not eight years old when Ayers wrote on September 11, 2001 that not only did he not regret setting those bombs, he wished he could have done more. Obama was not eight years old when Ayers sponsored meet the candidate nights at his home for Obama.  He was not eight years old when they worked to give money they raised to antisemitic groups.

The list of seedy characters that Obama used to launch his political career is very long and goes way beyond casual associations with a few people who later turned out to be a little nutty. I wrote an extensive article about this last May. Take a read and you will have a better idea of what Kurtz is talking about.

Says one of Kurtz’s radio show producers:

“And, if at all possible, we wanted to get the Obama campaign, to get their side of the story,” Christenson said. “That’s why the uproar is kind of amazing, because we wanted the Obama campaign’s take as well.”

By the way Stanley Kurtz is not just a radio show host. Here is a part of his BIO from National review:

He received his Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard University and later taught at Harvard, winning several teaching awards for his work in a “Great Books” program. Kurtz was also Dewey Prize Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Chicago. Kurtz has published extensively on family life, child rearing, religion, and psychology in various parts of the world – particularly India, where he did his field research.

Related Post HERE.

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Introducing Cinnamon Stillwell

Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008

Today the Vision is adding Cinnamon Stillwell to our blog roll. Here is an example of her work:

When Speech Becomes a Crime

by Cinnamon Stillwell

June 28, 2006

San Francisco Chronicle

  • Roman Catholic Robert Smith is fired from an appointment on the Washington Metro transit authority board by Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich for the crime of saying that he doesn’t approve of homosexuality.
  • Journalist and author Oriana Fallaci cannot visit her native country of Italy for fear of being thrown in prison because of a lawsuit brought against her by the Italian Muslim Union for the crime of “defaming Islam.”
  • British neo-Nazi David Irving is sentenced to three years in prison in Austria for a 1989 speech in which he committed the crime of Holocaust denial.
  • College Republican Steve Hinkle is found guilty by California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) for “disruption” for the crime of putting up a flyer advertising a black conservative speaker.

What do the above examples have in common? They are the logical outgrowth of a dangerous trend sweeping the Western world: the criminalization and censorship of speech.

Outright censorship and draconian speech codes have long been a staple of Third World authoritarian regimes. But Western democracies and in particular the United States (where the First Amendment is supposed to reign supreme) have always prided themselves on protecting free speech. Yet because of the creeping reach of political correctness, one can now be put in prison, lose a job, be kicked out of school or be otherwise censored simply for uttering an unpopular opinion.

It’s called hate speech. If there ever were a more Orwellian concept, it would be difficult to find. For much like the concept of “thought crimes” in George Orwell’s novel “1984,” hate crimes and hate speech suppose intent on the part of the “perpetrator” that may or may not have any basis in reality. What is often mere criticism or disapproval is labeled “hatred” and thus made worthy of punishment. Such a perspective demands that one think only nice thoughts about others. But when it did it become law that we have to like everyone?

Cinnamon has been a champion of free speech rights and has also been a champion at exposing the flavor of antisemitism known as anti-Israelism. Anti-Israelism is often used by antisemitic activists, academics and propagandists to cloak their antisemitism in bogus scholarship. It is more than just being against Israel or opposing their policies. It is the systematic use of bad scholarship, one sided and exaggerated claims and other clearly deceptive propaganda techniques in order to demonize Jews. The US Commission on Civil Rights has recognized this flavor of antisemitism for what it is.

There are some academics on our campus who have engaged in this behavior from time to time. I am not saying that such people should be censored. This activity should be exposed when it does take place. Sometimes this version of antisemitism crosses the line into unlawful discrimination and unlawful harassment. Hopefully we will see none of that in IUSB’s future.

Cinnamon is the Northern California Representative for Campus Watch, an organization that monitors and combats antisemitism on campus. Here is Cinnamon’s blog site!

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St. Joe County Republican Women Chapter Holding Charity Food Drive

Posted by iusbvision on August 28, 2008

Getting back to some more local news. The St. Joe County Republican Women are holding a charity food drive. Here is their web site! This is a very active group as you can see by their calendar for August and September. For any ladies looking to plug into the local community or who wish to learn more about politics and community events in a fun social environment, groups like this are hard to beat.

UPDATE: St Joe County GOP has two open internship opportunities, a part time political director and a part time administrator. Both postions require 10-15 hours a week. If interested please call Chris Riley at 299-1388.

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Denver Police Thuggery? ABC News Needs to Lawyer Up.

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2008

This is currently being reported by ABC News.

ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors

Asa Eslocker Was Investigating the Role of Lobbyists and Top Donors at the Convention


Aug. 27, 2008—

DENVER–Police in Denver arrested an ABC News producer today as he and a camera crew were attempting to take pictures on a public sidewalk of Democratic Senators and VIP donors leaving a private meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.

Police on the scene refused to tell ABC lawyers the charges against the producer, Asa Eslocker, who works with the ABC News investigative unit.

(Click here to watch video of the arrest.)

A cigar-smoking Denver police sergeant, accompanied by a team of five other officers, first put his hands on Eslocker’s neck, then twisted the producers arm behind him to put on handcuffs.

A police official later told lawyers for ABC News that Eslocker is being charged with trespass, interference, and failure to follow a lawful order. He also said the arrest followed a signed complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel.

Eslocker was put in handcuffs and loaded in the back of a police van which headed for a nearby police station.

Video taken at the scene shows a man, wearing the uniform of a Boulder County sheriff, ordering Eslocker off the sidewalk in front of the hotel, to the side of the entrance.

The sheriff’s officer is seen telling Eslocker the sidewalk is owned by the hotel. Later he is seen pushing Eslocker off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic, forcing him to the other side of the street.

It was two hours later when Denver police arrived to place Eslocker under arrest, apparently based on a complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel, a central location for Democratic officials.

During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard saying to Eslocker, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.”

Eslocker was released late today after posting $500 bond.

Eslocker and his ABC News colleagues are spending the week investigating the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention for a series of Money Trail reports on ABC World News with Charles Gibson.

A retired NY Police Officer has this to say about the incident:

As a retired cop (25 years NYPD) I usually bristle when I see people screaming about police state tactics. Unfortunately – in this case there is merit to the argument. This bald headed “Sheriff”, or whatever he was, had no business grabbing the reporter around the throat prior to attempting to handcuff him – he was not resisting and no force (least of all a choke hold) was warranted. He then endangered the reporter by pushing him into the street off a public sidewalk. Sorry – sidewalks are public property by nature and law – a business does NOT “own” a sidewalk. I don’t know if the thin oxygen out there in Denver affects these cops, but something is definitely screwed up when a reporter standing on public property is arrested.

My take:

IF and notice I said IF, the facts of this story turn out as they appear in this story ABC needs to lawyer up and bring the Denver PD to its knees with a massive lawsuit. The officers, if this story is at it appears, need to have their names and faces broadcast everywhere for conspiring to and violating the rights of the public and the press. Officers take an oath to uphold the law. When someone in the public trust violates that trust there needs to be consequences. ABC, a threat to the First Amendment anywhere is a threat to our freedoms everywhere. Do not take this lying down. We are all counting on you. Those who are reporting this story – you had better be right. This is important.

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Black Democratic Delegate in Tears: What Company Would Take Someone Right Out of Harvard and Make Him CEO? – Obama Lacks Experience.

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2008

Another delegate tells Jim Angle, “If you cant stand up with the Clinton’s, how can you stand up to the terrorists?”

UPDATE: Hillary released her delegates to vote for Obama so that the floor vote will not be so close. Obama owes Hillary big time.

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Vets for Freedom – Hey Obama, I am the Surge

Posted by iusbvision on August 27, 2008

Senator Obama has steadfastly refused to give proper acknowledgment and credit for the success of the surge plan in Iraq. The left said that there wasn’t enough troops to get the job done way early. When it looked like Bush was going to do it they all turned against it. IUSB lefties even had “stop the surge” gatherings.

Why did the left start saying that there weren’t enough troops so long ago? Because John McCain was the very first to call for an increase in troops and a new strategy and a new commander in Iraq. McCain did so while it even upset some in his own party. McCain was right, but it showed that the left piled on just so they could criticize the President and the war effort. When it came down to actually doing, the left abandoned the effort and Obama still denies its success today. (Hat Tip

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Senator Obama – Explain How You Have Let Your Brother Live Like This

Posted by iusbvision on August 26, 2008

While Senator Obama has criticized John McCain for not knowing how many homes his wealthy wife Cindy owns, some Republicans have stated that Obama has no room to talk because the multi-million dollar home Obama has was obtained with the assistance of Tony Rezco, a political power broker who is now a convicted felon.

What concerns me is the house that Obama’s brother George lives in.

During the televised sit down with Pastor Rick Warren Senator Obama mentioned a Bible verse that was important to him. The verse is Mathew 25 where Jesus said, “What you have done for the least of thee you have done for me.” The wording is a little different from translation to translation from the original text but the message is the same.

Here is a picture of the shack that George Obama lives in. George Obama says he has learned how to defend himself well because it is dangerous where he lives.

George Obama - Courtesy Vanity Fair

George Obama - Courtesy Vanity Fair

George was mentioned in Barack Obama’s book and the last time they met was in 2006. Barack Obama is a millionaire and a success in every sense of the word so how can he explain why he has let his own brother live like this. If Barack Obama is elected president the risk of George’s abduction becomes a real national security problem.

This situation should have been taken care of and George should have gotten some help from his brother.

Below is an advertisement from the Texas GOP. While I disagree with the near flippant nature of the ad, the point it makes is hard to deny.

The tragedy of George Obama is not something that should be treated flippantly. It is a genuine tragedy. For the life of me I cannot imagine how Barack Obama allowed this situation get to this point, both on political, scriptural and moral grounds.

By contrast, in 1993 the McCain’s adopted a baby girl from Bangladesh who suffered from some birth defects.

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Hillary’s Voters Dis’ed Again: Democrats Pushing for Hotel Roll Call Vote at Convention

Posted by iusbvision on August 26, 2008

Amazing. The call of the delegates votes during prime time has been a staple of political conventions for as long as I can remember. This time however, since Senator Obama was selected by the super-delegates whereas Hillary won the popular vote in the primary, they fear that the large number of votes for Hillary Clinton would either embarrass Obama and show party disunity.

If the Democrats want to see a party that is not unified, disrespect Hillary’s voters by this action.

There have been times when members of both parties have done actions that have alienated their base, but this is pretty huge. The Democrats have been driving old style liberals like Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman out of the party. Sam Nunn’s name was bandied about for a possible VP pick for Obama but he is also an old style Democrat in the JFK/Zell Miller tradition. If Nunn tried to seek high office today the party wouldn’t have it.

While the Clinton wing of the party is left of center, Joe Lieberman says that Obama is much further to the left.

The following is all over the blogosphere:

On the Brian and the Judge radio, Fox News’ senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano asked Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT):

NAPITALIANO: Hey Sen. Lieberman, you know Barack Obama, is he a Marxist as Bill Kristol says might be the case in today’s New York Times? Is he an elitist like your colleague Hillary Clinton says he is?

LIEBERMAN: Well, you know, I must say that’s a good question. I’ve known him now for a little more than three years since he came into the Senate and he’s obviously very smart and he’s a good guy. I will tell ya that during this campaign, I’ve learned some things about him, about the kind of environment from which he came ideologically. And I wouldn’t…I’d hesitate to say he’s a Marxist, but he’s got some positions that are far to the left of me and I think mainstream America.

Is it just a matter of time before more and more of the traditional Democrat base learns that its leadership has left it behind as it has moved farther to the left than traditional American Democrats are willing to go?

Obama, Clinton camps working on hotel roll-call vote

By Chuck Plunkett and Allison Sherry and Kimberly Johnson
The Denver Post

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More Issues at Ivy Tech

Posted by iusbvision on August 26, 2008

Since the Vision published this article about some highly publicized cases of faculty abuse at Ivy Tech ( expect another post with an update to the Prof. Norasteh firing soon) I have received several communications from the Ivy Tech community. They have sent information about what the faculty has to deal with.

Too many chief’s syndrome?

Snafu about pay turns into an accusation:

I was supposed to be hired at Ivy Tech for the fall 2007. My second phone interview was in mid July and I was told at the end of the interview that the fall semester would start in mid August as it did. My final (face-to-face) interview was on September XXX and the job was offered to me on September XXX.

As the result, since I would have to move from XXXX (far away), and I was in the middle of my classes for the fall semester in XXXX, I was given the start date on December 10th.

On the offer letter, they mentioned my annual salary but they did not mentioned how it works for the month of December. When I inquired about it, The HR people asked me to talk to the secretary of the Vice Chancellor of the Academic Affairs.

The Secretary of the Vice Chancellor of the Academic Affairs told me that, according to her calendar, Faculty would be paid until Friday December 15th for the fall semester.

Since I would have to move from XXXX (far away), it would not make any sense to me to start working on December 10th and be paid only for 5 days for the month of December. When I expressed my concern to the secretary, She advised me that, I should ask the math program chair to bring it to the attention of the Vice Chancellor of the Academic Affairs, so upon the approval of the Vice President, I could be present for the other days in December and be paid.

So I talked to the Chair and she said she would likely not be there when the break starts (Monday December 17th) but will talk to the Division Chair and let me know about the outcome.

After about one month, she sent an e-mail to me ‘to assign the courses for the spring’.
I talked to her on the phone and brought it up, and she said she had not talked, about the number of the days I would be paid in December, to any one, but mentioned that she thinks all full time faculty would be paid until December 31st.

I felt being in a loop.The people at the HR asked me to talk to the office of the VP of the Academic Affairs and she asked me to talk to the Program Chair and she did not pass it. So I went to Indianapolis in December, confused about the number of the days I would be paid in December and hoping that as the Chair mentioned, there would be a proper compensation for the month of December until December 31st. But surprisingly, when I started working there in December and was signing the contract, I was told I would be paid just for the weekdays ending December 15th!

When I brought it up to the Chair, she told me that after talking to the Division Chair, they believed that: ‘You tend to misinterpret every thing’. I guess she wanted to cover her mistake of not taking care of talking about the rest of the days in December to her supervisor. That was the beginning of the insulting comments from her.

Do you think an organization should have an employee moving from another state, and paid five days for the first month?

13 Hour days? A professor taught a class that went to 8:30 at night He posted his office hours on his door to start at noon on that day but often came in early:

The Program Chair asked me why I was not in my office from the beginning of the day. I explained to her that on Wednesdays I have classes and office hours starting from noon but I still attended my office at around 11 am. She said that full time faculty must be present from the beginning of the day in the morning, at least for the first couple of the weeks in each semester. I apologized that I had not been aware of that since I had not been told and I told her I wish that she had told me but she responded that, “It is just the Common Sense” and she does “not have to tell me every thing” (Not to mention that she was officially my mentor and apparently being paid for that). I felt bad about her insulting comments.

Later on I asked two other full time faculty members from other departments about it; one of them was also a Program Chair and the other one used to be a Program Chair and they both told me that was wrong. Full time faculty, even on the first couple of days of the semester are not supposed to be there more than their required office hours. One of them said it ‘might’ be true for the Programs Chairs, that they should be in their office, but definitely not for the full time faculty. How could it be a ‘common sense’ when it is not even done in the other departments?

I have received other emails about constant contradictions from the administration about exam policies, course policies, commencement policies, etc. and when called on these snafu’s the response is often abusive and/or insulting treatment.

While some of these issues may be passed off as typical bureaucratic snafu’s or a few isolated incidents; the abusive and adversarial attitude displayed by the administration in case after case indicates a dysfunctional bureaucratic culture at Ivy Tech. In the long run this situation is bad for students and the taxpayers and I am not alone in believing so.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has this to say about Ivy tech:

As a general rule, academic freedom requires tenure for the core faculty of a university or college, and such is the norm in American higher education, including almost all community colleges. As the Becky Meadows Wilson case indicates, academic freedom is non-existent throughout that institution. Many Ivy Tech faculty members have expressed great fear of publicly airing any controversial views.

Faculty members are afraid even to hold a meeting of the AAUP-the major professional association of faculty in this country-on campus.

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Obama Colleague Speaks Out on Working with Obama and the Biden Pick.

Posted by iusbvision on August 24, 2008

Dr. John Lott is a famed author, educator, scholar and blogger. He has also been a friend of this blog and has always displayed an academic open mindedness that I have always admired and that many professors should try to emulate. Lott worked with Senator Obama at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Lott penned an editorial praising Senator Biden’s refusal to let his partisanship exceed his sense of decency. According to Dr. Lott, this has caused Biden to come into conflict with the leadership of his party on several occasions. It has been my experience that dedicated leftist ideologues often display “situational ethics” and a certain ruthlessness. If Senator Biden is a man who exercises some restraint in how he conducts himself, if there are lines he will not cross, my respect for him just went up.

Lott includes this story as an example:

Back in late May 2001, when the Senate was evenly divided with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, every vote counted in trying to pass President Bush’s tax bill. Senator James Jeffords hadn’t yet officially become an independent. Democrats were putting up amendment after amendment to try to defeat the tax bill, and the debate was lasting late into the evening.

Senator Joseph Biden noticed that 98-year-old Republican Senator Strom Thurmond was looking quite ill. But Thurmond couldn’t leave because the Republicans needed his vote. Biden, seeing the predicament, offered a solution. He offered to “pair” his votes with Thurmond. Biden promised not to vote while Thurmond left the floor so that the passage of amendments would remain unchanged. It was the decent thing to do.

But Biden’s offer created a scene on the Senate floor where Senators Tom Daschle and Hillary Clinton talked to Biden and convinced him not to go through with his offer. Possibly only those involved in the conversation know what happened, but it seemed like a lively discussion, so I can only assume that Biden did not back down that easily, and I have no idea what arguments were made against his proposal.

Presumably, the other Democrats felt that if the vote simply lasted long enough into the evening Thurmond would collapse or simply be unable to go on, giving the Democrats the majority on the floor. This was an opportunity too good to miss.

Even though they could hardly have been more different politically, Thurmond genuinely liked Biden and requested that Biden give one of the the eulogies at his funeral.

I have watched Senator Biden for many years as I have followed politics. He is often called “the gaffmaster” by the press because he has a habit of making highly in-artful and insensitive comments; this also includes a habit of using racially insensitive humor and self praising, condescending, rhetoric. This has all been well reported and now that Biden is the VP pick, expect the youtube clips of Biden’s gaffe’s to become a staple of this campaign.

While Senator Biden maybe many things, I have never known him to be a liar. While Obama’s flip-flops and reversals crossed the line into rank dishonesty some time ago as we have cataloged in detail on this blog, perhaps Biden’s presence will bring a much needed, maturing influence on Obama’s campaign.

Lott also commented on Barack Obama and the years they spent together at the University of Chicago:

Hopefully, Biden will balance off Barack Obama’s partisan tendencies. The Obama that I knew while we were both at the University of Chicago Law School during the 1990s was someone who disliked talking to people with whom he disagreed. Possibly it was just his extreme dislike of gun ownership, but I had more than one occasion when my attempts to talk to him ended in him turning his back and walking away.

The media’s portrayal of Obama as willing to work with those who disagree with him is not the person that I remember from a decade ago.

Obama’s voting record also displays this pattern. It has been often reported that Obama has the most left wing and partisan voting record in the Senate. Bipartisanship, while a major theme for Obama’s campaign, has never been a “virtue” displayed in his political career.  While Obama was a state senator in Illinois, he voted to not allow people to defend themselves with a firearm in their own home. He also voted to protect late term abortions that, according to polls, most pro-choice voters believe should be restricted.

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Union Uses Identity Theft as Weapon to Harass Workers

Posted by iusbvision on August 24, 2008

More union thuggary.

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Southern Illinois University: Another Outrageous Case of Faculty Abuse and Denial of Due Process

Posted by iusbvision on August 23, 2008

Multiple Nobel Prize nominee for chemistry Professor Cal Meyers made a 2.5 million dollar research grant to Southern Illinois University (SIU). The grant was conditional in that Meyers would direct the program until he resigned or died. Meyers is a retired chemistry professor from SIU. He retired with the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

According court documents and media accounts Meyers is an old man who wished to continue his work. Meyers obtained his PhD. in 1951. It appears that SIU was all too willing to take his 2.5 million, but wanted to get rid of him.

The university declared him guilty of unspecified allegations against him including inappropriate racial comments, sexual harassment, smoking in university buildings and retaliation. All without any proper notification, due process, a hearing or even any opportunity to defend himself. A rather long and varied list of charges to apply to an aged career professor who had retired with honor wouldn’t you say?

Professor Meyers was told that if he returned to campus he would be promptly arrested.

It gets better, according to court documents, “As part of Plaintiff’s on-going work, he is working on cutting edge and patentable scientific research relating to breast and prostate cancer that is valuable for both monetary and lifesaving purposes.” Meyers has been nominated for the Nobel Prize multiple times for his research, so it would seem likely that this statement has merit.

Smell a rat anyone?

What is also of interest to me is Count IV in the court documents, “Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights”. If this charge does stick and is not thrown out by the court I would be very interested to see Keith Sampson at IUPUI and others file under this section of the code (42 U.S.C. § 1985(3)).

Section 3 of 42 U.S.C. § 1985 states:

If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire or go in disguise
on the highway or on the premises of another, for the purpose of depriving, either
directly or indirectly, any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the
laws, or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws . . . whereby another is
injured in his person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right
or privilege of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may
have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or
deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

Meyers is also suing for defamation and intentional affliction of emotional distress; charges that apply to what was done to Keith Sampson by IUPUI.

The SIU court documents are here. Information on the Keith Sampson case at IUPUI can be found here, here and here. The Sampson case has another similarity  with this one. The New EEO of IUPUI Kim Kirkland also has a record of charging faculty without due process resulting in termination according to court documents and an attorney involved ion the case. Kirkland’s victim obtained a lawyer and won back his rights. The court documents regarding Kirkland are in the second Sampson link in this paragraph.

FIRE has a terrific post on this SIU scandal here and the following is an exerpt:

To this point, Meyers still had been provided with no details whatsoever about the allegations against him. Moreover, from the complaint it appears rather undeniable that official SIUC policy and procedures for the investigation and adjudication of sexual harassment claims were not followed-not followed at all, it seems. The complaint quotes some of the provisions that were violated.

No hearing, no chance to respond to the evidence, no statement of evidence, no chance to respond to the accuser, no notification of a right to appeal. Nothing. Just two letters with unspecified allegations.

Finally, on April 28, 2008-months later-Meyers’ attorney, Rebecca Whittington, received a list of “some” examples (“[t]his list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the potential allegations”) from SIUC’s General Counsel, Jerry Blakemore (emphasis added). Blakemore alleged that Meyers was in trouble for, among other things, making “inappropriate racial comments” and “smoking within buildings,” plus a list of allegations that were more closely related to the original, unspecified allegations of sexual harassment-but all of this was entirely new to Meyers. These were completely new charges in an investigation which had gone on for months, still with no hearing, and still with no attempt to get Meyers’ account of any of the alleged incidents.

This is not the first time UIC has used this tactic against an aged professor:

Cal Meyers is fortunate in one respect, at least. He is not SIUC Professor John Simon, who passed away after SIUC similarly charged him with sexual harassment. The due process elements of the case were, in my opinion, rather poor as well.

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Lott – “American Psychological Association proposes using tricks to change views on environmental issues”

Posted by iusbvision on August 23, 2008

Dr. John Lott – “American Psychological Association proposes using tricks to change views on environmental issues.  The American Psychological Association seriously proposes that:”

Armed with new research into what makes some people environmentally conscious and others less so, the 148,000-member American Psychological Association is stepping up efforts to foster a broader sense of eco-sensitivity that the group believes will translate into more public action to protect the planet.

We know how to change behavior and attitudes. That is what we do,” says Yale University psychologist Alan Kazdin, association president. “We know what messages will work and what will not.” . . .

In two studies, psychologist Amara Brook of California’s Santa Clara University and colleague Jennifer Crocker of the University of Michigan asked 212 undergraduates about their ecological footprint. For those not heavily invested in the environment, negative feedback about their ecological footprint actually undermines their environmental behavior, they found.

“Rather than changing their ways to protect the environment, the results of this study suggest that these (people) may give up on their efforts to protect the environment,” they report.

But negative feedback for those more invested in the environment promotes more sustainable behavior, they found.

This is not the first time the American Psychological Association (APA) has saught to change the culture with social/political activism. The APA has supported the goals of the homosexual lobby, has come out against abstinence programs, but the area that they got in the most trouble for was when they moved to normalize pedophilia. I followed that scandal with great interest. Dr. Laura, who was at the top of her radio career at the time, rallied people against the APA. Pedophile groups praised it and promised to use the APA’s statements in court. States passed resolutions against it and even Congress was starting to take notice when the APA reversed itself and went into super spin mode denying that they ever tried to move to normalize it. Even now APA members aggressively deny this history.

Does it seem like science organizations spend too little time on science instead pf cloaking social/political goals in phony scholarship?

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Democrat Web Advertisement – Eric Cantor is a JEW!!@!@!

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

UPDATE – scrubbed the site of several of the jewish references.

Hat Tip

Growing antisemitism among the left just had another piece of evidence added to the stack today. The statements below come from a single web advertisement against possible Vice Presidential candidate Eric Cantor.

“the party’s most visible liaison to Jewish groups”

“money from the Jewish community”

“Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish”

“the only Jewish Republican”

“a deli special that exudes Jewish power”

Sickening. My upcoming book will feature a chapter – a large chapter – on antisemitism among leftist academics. Maybe they will be happy to find out that among the left they are not alone.

UPDATE: Random Thought – How people can engage in such filthy bigotry and call themselves Americans is something I can never fully understand. It literally makes me sick to my stomach when I attempt to fathom it.

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Video – Education Bureaucrats in Action!!

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

From Dr. John Lott who says, “Finally a convincing explanation for why we need government education bureaucrats.”

WARNING – This is hilarious, yet so true.

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Georgian President Interviewed on CNN – VIDEO

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

MsUnderestimated has a CNN video of Glenn Beck’s interview with Georgian President Saakkashvili.

Please download and watch the video and share it with your friends. It is in three parts. Follow the link and pay close attention to video number two.

What will be amazing to some of you, which is no surprise to me, is that Gorbechev is spouting Putin’s propaganda line from stem to stern in his NYT Op-Ed. Leftist academia and many new college text books portray Gorby as a visionary for peace who single single-handedly ended the evil Soviet Union.  Once again, nothing could be further from the truth. I was a part of the cold war and I was paying very close attention during that time. Here is a link to what Gorby had to say. I could post a detailed refutation, but many  pundits have done so already.

Master historian Victor Davis Hanson has a view of the conflict based on reality and history. His column on the issue tells it like it is.

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Brilliant Black Conservative Web Site

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

Watch these video’s and learn something. This man is not bashful. He may offend you. Here is the link:

Here is another site with videos by young conservatives:

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FIRE and SAF Dispute Over Terrorism Awareness Project – UPDATE: Dispute Resolved.

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

(Updated 11:15 AM)

Update II – Good News, See Below.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Education (FIRE) and Students for Academic Freedom (SAF) butted heads in recent days on the internet. I think both sides make good points and should open a dialogue.

SAF called for the defunding of Muslim Students Associations that fall under the criteria mentioned on its web site and FIRE retorted saying that even if these allegations are true it doesn’t matter and FIRE will defend them no matter what.

With all due respect to both organizations who have been allies and dear friends of mine; to a degree you are both right and are also both wrong. As with so many issues the devil is in the details.

The courts have set very limited criteria for what kind of censorship is allowed in a campus environment. Schools do not have to subsidize the speech of those who advocate criminal behavior, it does not have to subsidize those who engage in hate and intimidation that crosses the legal standard. Does this mean that a certain degree of hate is allowed by the courts? The answer is yes. The most offensive subjects can be studied in a scholarly manner and even reasonably advocated.

FIRE is spot on when it said,

Let’s take a look at two examples of expression for which TAP is calling on universities to defund MSA chapters. In the “Defunding the Muslim Student Association” document, TAP claims, among other things, that “[t]he University of Southern California chapter brazenly displays the Islamic hadith (‘holy teaching’) calling for the murder of all Jews on its website,” and that “[t]he MSA national headquarters recently sent Islamic bigot Sheikh Khalid Yasin to Penn State, Ohio State, the University of Minnesota and other major campuses…Sheik Yasin has said that the U.S. government was behind 9/11; that homosexuals should be put to death; that AIDS was invented in U.S. government laboratories; and that Jews are ‘filth’ deserving of death.”

While many people might strongly object to these opinions, there is no room under the First Amendment to punish a group simply for presenting or sponsoring expression that angers, offends, or even “incites hatred” of someone else.

While FIRE is quite correct in it’s legal analysis, I must also point out for example, that hate and intimidation can cross the legal line when such hate and intimidation creates a repetitive, ongoing, very hostile or threatening environment for Jewish students to the level that it jeopardizes the educational mission. Obviously if you are frightened to go to class or feel threatened in ways that are justified and rational it would certainly interfere with the university’s mission to educate you. The courts have made it clear that such hate and intimidation has to go beyond scholarly exploration, mere offensiveness, and the limits mentioned above to lose free speech protections on campus.

It is no secret that I am authoring a book on declining campus culture. My book has a chapter on campus antisemitism. I know that FIRE and SAF are well aware of cases and incidents where Jewish students and faculty have suffered illegal discrimination and hostility.

If an MSA advocates genocide or ethnic cleansing should they be denied student funds? According to my reading of case law it depends on how they say it and how it is advocated, once again the devil is in the details. One can always call the US Commission on Civil Rights, which as of 2006 is taking antisemitism and anti-Israelism on campus more seriously. One can also call the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights as well. It is possible that these government agencies can give guidelines or advice as to what in their view crosses the legal line.

SAF alleges that some Muslim Student Associations have ties to terror groups or illegal terrorist charities. If this is the case the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI should be brought in to verify these claims on a case by case basis. Colleges are under no obligation to subsidize criminal activity with student funds.

Another line that should not be crossed in my view is the advocating of the violent overthrow of the United States Government. There are some people from CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) who have said that the US Constitution should be replaced with Sharia Law as the highest law in the land. Saying it should is one thing, but advocating the government’s overthrow by means of force crosses the line when I am forced to subsidize it with my tax dollars and student fees.

SAF alleges that MSA’s have intimidated college press and torn down fliers and other communications of student groups they oppose. Once again the details are important here. How was the college press intimidated? There is currently a pro-Muslim political correctness on many college campuses that attempts to shame those who criticize Islam. Intimidation by political correctness is not enough. Student press must have the spine to stand up to politically correct pressures and contact FIRE and SAF if faculty and administration put that pressure on. Intimidation, as explained above, has to cross a legal standard. Attempts to censor student press by college faculty and administration should not be tolerated. If MSA’s tear down the fliers of other student groups, colleges can punish those students by expelling them, fining them, putting them on probation or even suspending their funding for a period of time that is reasonable to the offense. If college administrations are unwilling to do the right thing when there are violations, FIRE and SAF need to be called.

In my view SAF should clarify and narrow its policy on the defunding of MSA’s to bring it in line with federal law and case law. If you don’t you will be setting yourself up for a defeat. There is no question that SAF’s defunding policy statement is overly broad.

FIRE also stated:

FIRE has no way of determining whether TAP’s claims about the MSA are true, false, or somewhere in between, and for our purposes it doesn’t matter. However, we do know how to tell when someone is calling for a group to be punished for its expressiondefunding a campus group is certainly punishmentand TAP appears to be doing just that.

This statement is for the most part true; is also overly broad, but is made with the right spirit. If some MSA’s have funding or other illegal ties with terrorist organizations and/or illegal terrorist supporting charities and it can be reasonably demonstrated; colleges should not fund such an MSA and Homeland Security and the FBI should be called. Some of SAF’s allegations, if true may cross some of the legal standards written above and for example, I know FIRE does not want to see Jewish students illegally intimidated.

I am confident that FIRE does not want MSA’s, or anyone else for that matter, to break the law, tear down other student group fliers, intimidate other students or student press etc. So if some of SAF’s claims are true and violate the law, it may indeed matter.

I am aware that SAF and FIRE have good lines of communications available to them. In my view both groups should have a dialogue. A healthy dialogue about when the legal lines are crossed and what constitutes legal grey areas can be a a real benefit to those interested in such issues.

Update II – Good News

SAF is amending its defunding policy to bring it into compliance with the law and FIRE has sent me a clarification on their statement as well. FIRE and SAF had the dialogue that I was hoping for and it looks like the dispute has been settled.

When people who really care about right and wrong make mistakes, there is a dialogue and such people act quickly to resolve those mistakes. FIRE and SAF worked together to resolve the problem in such a way that everyone wins and they accomplished this in a remarkably short period of time. Now if only university administrators who make six figure salaries could be so responsive in such a positive way imagine how much better our education institutions would be.

FIRE and SAF are both dedicated organizations that are worthy of your donations. Please consider donating to them today.

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University of Maryland Claimed Dominion Over the First Amendment to Protect “Emotional Safety”

Posted by iusbvision on August 20, 2008

…Until they got sued.

Here are excerpts from the Maryland Daily Record (Hat Tip FIRE):

UMBC to change policy on student displays
Pro-life student group will withdraw lawsuit if new policy followed
Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer, August 10, 2008 6:15 PM

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County will change its facilities-use policies after a student pro-life group claimed its First Amendment rights were violated when its display featuring graphic images of aborted fetuses was moved away from a prominent public area on campus.

Members of Rock for Life, a registered student organization at UMBC, were given permission by university officials in mid-April 2007 to put up a display outside one of the university’s main buildings on April 30, 2007, according to Rock for Life’s complaint filed in April 2008.

But, according to the complaint, the group was told to move its display two times – once on April 25 and again on April 30 before the display was set up – to progressively “more deserted” areas on campus.

Aden said the university moved Rock for Life because of its message, noting larger events and other student groups have used the space Rock for Life originally requested.

“The purpose of the display was substantially thwarted that day,” Aden said, noting it was not a demonstration or a protest. “This particular display is designed to provoke discussion with the students who see it.”

But Sally L. Swann, an assistant attorney general representing UMBC, said the display was moved because the proposed 24 large posters would obstruct building exits and posed a fire hazard.

Lawyers for both sides met during several lengthy recesses to hammer out the details of the newly worded facilities-use policy, with the university removing the phrases “emotional safety” and “emotional harassment” from the list of reasons officials could move a display without notice.


A fire hazard… when I read that I admit that I laughed out loud. I can just see Federal Judge Motz asking, “Ok University of Maryland, please provide a list of progressive secular events you moved from that spot because it was a fire hazard. Oh..what was that.. you cant find any..” and it would have gone downhill form there. I asked a teenager what she would do if there she were in charge of this situation and she told me, “Well what I would do is have a policeman (or campus safety director) look at the display after it was set up to make any adjustments needed to insure that there was no real danger.”

Amazing logic wouldn’t you say? Perhaps the University of Maryland should find the nearest teenager and appoint him/her to be the new chancellor.

I must yield further analysis to FIRE’s Bob Shibley, whose blog post about this case was a home run:

Now, I don’t know what kind of protests UMBC administrators had in mind with this policy, but it’s hard to believe that they actually think that “emotional harassment” or a lack of “emotional safety” are unacceptable aspects of a protest. Are Tibetan protestors outside the Chinese embassy to be held liable for the “emotional safety” of the pro-government embassy employees inside? When a group of antiwar protestors covers itself in fake blood and lies all over the steps of a government building, are they unlawfully “emotionally harassing” those inside who might support the war or work with the military? Protests are not designed to make their targets comfortable. If a university is willing to silence anti-abortion protestors because they make the targets of campus protests (presumably, young women) uncomfortable, they have effectively declared that all protests are unacceptable–a stunning violation of the Constitution on a public campus. While it is good that UMBC is willing to negotiate to get rid of these absurd rules, it should have known better than to institute them in the first place. Lessons commonly learned in junior-high social studies classes should not come as surprising news to college and university administrators.

Exactly. At this point I have to ask, how is it that so many universities find people stupid (not a word I use lightly) enough to make a policy like the one at UMBC? Anyone with a residue of good sense and education would have to ask, “How painfully dumb must they be to write such a policy and why are people like this allowed near our children and why are they paid six figure salaries?” Or is it that today’s universities have become radicalized so far out of touch with the American way and common sense that they have become Hegelian dinosaurs in an enlightened age that recognizes the moral superiority of liberty.

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Congress Amends Higher Education Act to Secure Students Free Speech Rights

Posted by iusbvision on August 19, 2008

A heads up from our friends at The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

President Bush signed the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act into law yesterday. Referred to by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as a bipartisan effort, the new law recognizes the importance of free speech and due process rights for college students across the nation.

Congress amended the law to include provisions stating that it was the sense of the Congress that “an institution of higher education should facilitate the free and open exchange of ideas” and that “students should not be intimidated, harassed, discouraged from speaking out, or discriminated against.” In defense of due process, Congress added that college “students should be treated equally and fairly” and any sanctions of students should be imposed “objectively and fairly.”

Combine this with dozens of court rulings and the latest statements from the US Commission on Civil Rights and the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and it amounts to a warning to abusive college administrators and faculty. Abuse students rights at you and your institutions legal peril. While for years it was only the courts taking these abuses seriously. The states and the feds are now taking notice. That is why I suggest to all students and to my friends at FIRE that any abuses of these rights result in a complaint with the US Commission on Civil Rights and the US Department of Education. University EEO and AAO officers have all but abdicated all responsibility in enforcing civil rights laws and more and more often are participants in violating them. We need to take charge and get the enforcement for ourselves.

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Just How Nutty are Far Secular Leftist Academics? …

Posted by iusbvision on August 19, 2008

…This op-ed in the Chronicle of Higher education shows us just how nutty. Marshall Sahlins’ hateful screed against Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Milton Friedman, whose work is a staple of economic study, compares Friedman to Louis Farrakhan, and blames Friedman for the tyrannical excesses of Pinochet.

This screed contains such ideological silliness that anyone with access to a search engine and a couple of hours to spend could deconstruct it and rightly call it out as the neo-Marxist propaganda that it is. [What I am saying here is that his argument is so silly that it hardly merits serious refutation – however a reader asked me to tackle some of the arguments in detail so be sure to read the comments section below.]

What I find most interesting is that Marshall Sahlins believes that this will be the “extra-academic, partisan interests” that will be passed for Academics. Sahlins, who hails from the school of social work science, (some online sources said Sahlins was in social work but after firing up the peer reviewed material and examining one of his books its clear that he is in social science) big shocker there isn’t it, should take a close look at this field where many students are forced into partisan activity often against their will (and this link is one example of many).

Most parents would find it unacceptable that radicalized, out of touch, neo-Marxist propagandists like Sahlins were/are able to get in front of a classroom filled with their children in the first place. Most parents are not aware that a large number of liberal arts academics hold similar view and gobble up nonsense such as this and work every day to convince our children of it.

Sahlins treats words such as “capitalist” and “free market” as if they are terms of sheer horror. To a Marxist [and many assorted leftists] they are. Such academics tremble at the thought that American prosperity and exceptionalism came not from the government ran by his elitist friends, but rather the common man, who holds Marxist views in contempt, whose genius and creativity was unleashed in greater amounts by the American system than any other that had come before it.

Here is how the article starts off. Follow the link for more:

Institute Will Give the U. of Chicago a Bad Name


The University of Chicago has announced the establishment of a multimillion-dollar Milton Friedman Institute for the study of economy and society on prime real estate it has acquired for that purpose adjacent to the central campus. The projected cost of the institute is $140- to $200-million, to be financed largely and directly by private donations – indeed, donors who contribute a million or more will thereby be qualified to participate in its academic deliberations. Why not also a Louis Farrakhan Center for Religious Studies? Or a Friedrich Engels Institute for Political Science?

Friedman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who died in 2006 after a long career at the university, was known for his radical laissez-faire approach to society and the economy. Of course, to many observers at home and abroad, the establishment of a monumental institute named after Friedman and directly subsidized by private funds, will brand the University of Chicago as an academic instrument of a certain ideology. It will make the university party to an extremist version of liberal capitalism that has proven to serve the welfare of the ruling elite in a number of countries at the cost of whom it may concern – notably the society in general and the poor in particular.

When I have the financial resources, provided that Marxist academics are not allowed to invade it for the purpose of destroying it (remember the Hamilton Center), I intend to make a large donation to the Milton Friedman Center for the Study of Economics at the University of Chicago, in Marshall Sahlins’ name.

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University of Florida Sued for Refusing to Recognize Christian Student Group – Court Grants Preliminary Injunction

Posted by iusbvision on August 18, 2008

Here we go again – yet another in a long list of lawsuits against universities for illegal discrimination against Christian student groups. These lawsuits have one thing in common; the university loses and wastes piles of YOUR tax dollars in the process. This case is such a no brainer that the Court has already granted an injuction forcing Florida University into recognizing the student group in the meantime.

The lawsuit looks like so many of the others. The university violates the Christian student group’s freedom of expressive association, freedom of intimate association, freedom of speech, equal protection under law and the free exercise of religion in a manner they see fit.

Before you read any furtherstop and read Brandon Stewart’s piece at FIRE’s blog. It is such a good piece I could not hope to improve upon it.

– Assuming you have read Brandon Stewart’s piece linked above – you have taken a look at the University of Florida’s student newspaper The Alligator, siding with the university because the Christian student group does not allow women or non-Christians as its officers. It’s no brainer time again; how many sororities and fraternities are single sex only? If you don’t know the answer is a great deal of them, including many at UF. How many fratermities and sororities have a mission? Most do.

Think about it, if I started McCain Fraternity how effective would its mission be if members of the College Socialist Workers for Obama tried to join and take over its officer positions? This is exactly why the First Amendment enumerates the freedom of association.

Why would students at The Alligator engage in such obvious hypocritical discrimination against a Christian group? Why the hostility against Christians? Why is it that they have no understanding whatever of freedom of association? How can UF claim that it is graduating well rounded, educated and enlightened minds when they have no effective understanding of something as simple as the First Amendment? I will tell you why. Students display such profound ignorance because public schools and college faculty are not teaching them. Students do not leave high school with such a hypocritical discrimination against Christians; that is taught to them by secular leftist college faculty. Author David Kupelian wrote in his book “The Marketing of Evil”, that college education at many universities has become subversive. This case is another example, along with countless others, of just how correct he is.

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California Bill to Outlaw Retaliation Against Faculty and Staff Over Free Speech Passes Legislature

Posted by iusbvision on August 18, 2008

Legislation follows 2006 law that protects students to also protect teachers

(Hat Tip FIRE – Link Below)

SACRAMENTO – The California State Senate today sent Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Los Angeles) legislation designed to protect high school and college teachers and other employees from retaliation by administrators as a result of student speech, which most often happens when a journalism advisor or professor is disciplined for content in a student newspaper. The bill, authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo), passed the Senate on a 31-2 vote (passed the Assembly last month on a 72-1 vote).

Senate Bill 1370 follows a 2006 law also authored by Yee which prohibits censorship of student press by administrators and protects students from being disciplined for engaging in speech or press activities.

There have been a number of documented cases throughout the state of journalism advisors being dismissed or reassigned due to student speech. In fact, Senator Yee’s office has learned of cases in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Claremont, Fremont, Novato, Oxnard, Rialto, and Garden Grove, among others. In the past two months, there have been cases documented in Redding and Fallbrook as well.

“I expect the Governor to sign this bill into law, as has consistently supported our efforts to make sure true freedom of the press is alive and well on our campuses,” said Yee. “Allowing a school administration to censor in any way is contrary to the democratic process and the ability of a student newspaper to serve as the watchdog and bring sunshine to the actions of school administrators. It is quite disheartening to hear, that after we specifically prohibited prior restraint by administrators, that some are engaging in this type of nefarious activity and even firing quality teachers because of content in the student newspaper.”

Specifically, SB 1370 would prohibit an employee from being dismissed, suspended, disciplined, reassigned, transferred, or otherwise retaliated against for acting to protect a student’s speech.

A Los Angeles Unified School District case is one of many where a highly respected and successful newspaper advisor was removed from his position. In November 2006, the student newspaper published an editorial criticizing random searches conducted on campus. The newspaper advisor, Darryl Adams, was immediately removed after refusing to eliminate the editorial at the principal’s request. Adams was later removed as basketball coach and even as announcer for the football games.

“In a span of four months, they all but stripped me of my professional existence,” said Adams.

Another case involved Janet Ewell, a Garden Grove tenured teacher and certified journalism educator, who was removed as newspaper advisor in 2002 despite her students winning numerous journalism awards. The school’s principal admitted to student reporters that he had removed Ewell as a result of editorials that ran in the school newspaper. The editorials focused on such issues as the school bathrooms, cafeteria food and a teacher who was unavailable to help students.

Ronnie Campagna, a journalism teacher of 18 years at San Marin High School in Novato, was removed in 2003 and replaced by a new teacher with no previous journalism experience after the student paper published stories critical of the administration. For example, one story criticized the school administration for not letting students stand up in the bleachers during varsity basketball games. The school board went so far as to attempt dissolving the entire program until parents protested and even offered to fund the class themselves.

In San Francisco, journalism and English teacher Katharine Swan was told that she must find a different school in which to teach after her students covered a first-year principal’s attempts to effect prior restraint and influence coverage of events occurring at the school.

“Since administrators are unable by law to exercise prior restraint with regard to a student publication, they lean on advisers to do what they legally cannot,” said Jim Ewert, Legal Counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA). “When advisers refuse, they are punished because administrators know they will face no legal consequences. SB 1370 is necessary to close this gaping loophole in the law.”

Recently, the Newspaper Association of America Foundation released a study that found students who work on high school newspapers and yearbooks are more likely to receive better grades in high school and college as well as score higher on college entrance exams.

In addition to support from CNPA, SB 1370 is endorsed by the California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, California School Employees Association, California State Student Association, Associated Students of the University of California (Davis), California School Employees Association, California State University Employees Union, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), State Employees Trades Council, Council of University of California Faculty Associations, Service Employees International Union, California Faculty Association, California Nurses Association, American Civil Liberties Union, and California Labor Federation.

Once the bill is received by the Governor, he will have twelve days to sign or veto the measure.

Can you imagine that some people actually objected to me using the word “Stalinist” to describe the behavior that happens on campuses?

California has an epidemic of illegal civil rights violations committed by university administrations and employees. This is a list of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s case load in California. Keep in mind that FIRE’s resources are limited and cannot take on all of the cases submitted to it so this by no means is a complete list of the total civil rights infractions in the California university system. It is only a fraction of it.

This behavior is so entrenched on campus that the University of California has stated that it has no intention of following this law. Let us hope that this new law is enforced aggressively.

Our friends at FIRE have a great post on this news here so be sure to click and check it out!

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Washington Post Ombudsman: Media Coverage Favors Obama, Even Our Own

Posted by iusbvision on August 18, 2008

Obama’s Edge in the Coverage Race

By Deborah Howell

Washington Post
Sunday, August 17, 2008; Page B06

Democrat Barack Obama has had about a 3 to 1 advantage over Republican John McCain in Post Page 1 stories since Obama became his party’s presumptive nominee June 4. Obama has generated a lot of news by being the first African American nominee, and he is less well known than McCain — and therefore there’s more to report on. But the disparity is so wide that it doesn’t look good.

In overall political stories from June 4 to Friday, Obama dominated by 142 to 96. Obama has been featured in 35 stories on Page 1; McCain has been featured in 13, with three Page 1 references with photos to stories on inside pages. Fifteen stories featured both candidates and were about polls or issues such as terrorism, Social Security and the candidates’ agreement on what should be done in Afghanistan.

This dovetails with Obama’s dominance in photos, which I pointed out two weeks ago. At that time, it was 122 for Obama and 78 for McCain. Two weeks later, it’s 143 to 100, almost the same gap, because editors have run almost the same number of photos — 21 of Obama and 22 of McCain — since they realized the disparity. McCain is almost even with Obama in Page 1 photos — 10 to 9.

This is not just a Post phenomenon. The Project for Excellence in Journalism has been monitoring campaign coverage at an assortment of large and medium-circulation newspapers, broadcast evening and morning news shows, five news Web sites, three major cable news networks, and public radio and other radio outlets. Its latest report, for the week of Aug. 4-10, shows that for the eighth time in nine weeks, Obama received significantly more coverage than McCain.

Speaks for itself.

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If I Had a Nickel for Each Time…

Posted by iusbvision on August 18, 2008

…I have been told In college: “Don’t You Know that Communism is Dead” or “The Red Scare was Just Imaginary”, I would never need another student loan again.

Click HERE – I dare ya.

Condi – NATO won’t let Russia succeed in Georgia

Russia Has Short Range Missiles in South Ossetia

Russia is not pulling out as it has agreed to in two agreements. Russian soldiers are telling civilians that Putin ordered them to tell people to get out or be killed. Russia is putting short range missiles in occupied parts of Georgia.

This is the Russia I grew up with and that leftist academics sang the praises of all through the cold war.

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