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Citadel Student Uses Handgun in Self Defense

Posted by iusbvision on August 12, 2008

(Hat Tip Dr. John Lott)

Pistol trumps baseball bat in island driving confrontation
Published Saturday, August 9, 2008

Glock 23

Glock 23

Slow driving led to a confrontation between a 22-year-old Citadel student and an unidentified man involving a baseball bat and a pistol on Hilton Head Island on Thursday afternoon, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The student, who was lost, had been driving slowly on Beach City Road looking for a doctor’s office when he pulled into a parking lot to look at a map, according to the report.

A man driving a Porsche pulled in behind him and approached him carrying a baseball bat. The man was yelling about the student’s driving.

The student pulled a Glock 23 pistol from his glove box and got out of his car, the report stated.

The man with the bat put his hands up, returned to the Porsche and drove away.

The student called the sheriff’s office from his parents’ Hilton Head home. He was not charged in the incident.

The Citadel is a military college in South Carolina. Perhaps there is a reason that school shootings and armed robberies happen at so called ‘gun free’ zones and not at places like the Citadel and Virginia Military Institute. This is good publicity for Citadel. One thing is for certain, a nutcase looking for an easy mark is much less likely to choose The Citadel to go out in some hate induced rampage.

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