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Stay Tuned – More Info from IUPUI and Ivy Tech Scandals on the Way

Posted by iusbvision on August 13, 2008

The latest from IUPUI will be coming in detail in the next two weeks. Lately IUPUI has refused to cooperate with records requests in regards to the Sampson scandal. IUPUI set out on a slander campaign against one of it’s students. More details about the slander campaign have been discovered but we are holding that information with us until this next phase of the story becomes more clear. It will be soon.

Also, The Vision has been getting favorable correspondence from Ivy Tech faculty about our recent article about abuse of the faculty by the administration. The article is linked here.

Normally we write about how faculty and administration have abused students. However there are faculty out there who are just doing their best to be good educators. Those faculty will be defended here at The Vision when they have the facts on their side. We expect to have a follow up article on this situation within the coming weeks.

Chuck Norton

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Our Own Congressman Joe Donnelly Helped Rob Indiana Out of a 3 Billion Dollar Investment to Keep Gas Prices High

Posted by iusbvision on August 13, 2008

Our Own Congressman Joe Donnelly Helped Rob Indiana Out of a 3.8 Billion Dollar Investment to Make Sure that our Oil Refining Capacity Remained Low and Gas Prices Stayed High.

Sad, but true. Here are the details.

It is no secret that the United States is low on refinery capacity which is one of the primary reasons gas prices are so high. British Petroleum offered to put up a 3.8 billion dollar investment for a refinery here in Northern Indiana. The plan followed all federal clean air and water safety standards and would have actually returned water to the lake that was cleaner than much of the water that is pumped into it, but that wasn’t good enough for Joe Donnelly and his friends in Washington.

British Petroleum even agreed to lower its emissions to below that of the current legal standard imposed by the state –

Still not good enough…

Donnelly worked with the Democratic Leadership in the Congress to pass a resolution to condemn Indiana for trying to get more refining capacity and said that we are trying to pollute Lake Michigan.

You all will just love the way they worded it – “Final Vote Results for Roll Call 719 Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the dumping of industrial waste into the Great Lakes.” Don’t believe it – well here is the vote on the resolution right here –

Haw many jobs has this one cost Indiana Joe?

It has been all over the news and cataloged on this very site; the Democratic Leadership will not even allow votes for bills or amendments that would expand our domestic energy production. For decades the Democratic Leadership has stated that gas prices need to be higher and they have passed energy policy to guarantee it. Senator Obama has stated that he has no problem with current gas prices, he just wished that the change in price had been more gradual. Here he is on Youtube:

Thanks to fellow blogger Brian Sikma for the heads up on this issue. Brian just doesn’t talk the talk, he walks the walk. Sikma grew so tired of this Washington DC created mess that he took a job with the Luke Puckett campaign to replace Donnelly with someone who has some common sense. Way to go Brian.

Here is what Luke Puckett has to say:

British Petroleum is still trying to do the project but road blocks are in the way. This November we have an opportunity to do something about one of those roadblocks. Follow the link to the project summary and FAQ.

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