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Democrat Web Advertisement – Eric Cantor is a JEW!!@!@!

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2008

UPDATE – scrubbed the site of several of the jewish references.

Hat Tip

Growing antisemitism among the left just had another piece of evidence added to the stack today. The statements below come from a single web advertisement against possible Vice Presidential candidate Eric Cantor.

“the party’s most visible liaison to Jewish groups”

“money from the Jewish community”

“Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish”

“the only Jewish Republican”

“a deli special that exudes Jewish power”

Sickening. My upcoming book will feature a chapter – a large chapter – on antisemitism among leftist academics. Maybe they will be happy to find out that among the left they are not alone.

UPDATE: Random Thought – How people can engage in such filthy bigotry and call themselves Americans is something I can never fully understand. It literally makes me sick to my stomach when I attempt to fathom it.

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