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Senator Obama – Explain How You Have Let Your Brother Live Like This

Posted by iusbvision on August 26, 2008

While Senator Obama has criticized John McCain for not knowing how many homes his wealthy wife Cindy owns, some Republicans have stated that Obama has no room to talk because the multi-million dollar home Obama has was obtained with the assistance of Tony Rezco, a political power broker who is now a convicted felon.

What concerns me is the house that Obama’s brother George lives in.

During the televised sit down with Pastor Rick Warren Senator Obama mentioned a Bible verse that was important to him. The verse is Mathew 25 where Jesus said, “What you have done for the least of thee you have done for me.” The wording is a little different from translation to translation from the original text but the message is the same.

Here is a picture of the shack that George Obama lives in. George Obama says he has learned how to defend himself well because it is dangerous where he lives.

George Obama - Courtesy Vanity Fair

George Obama - Courtesy Vanity Fair

George was mentioned in Barack Obama’s book and the last time they met was in 2006. Barack Obama is a millionaire and a success in every sense of the word so how can he explain why he has let his own brother live like this. If Barack Obama is elected president the risk of George’s abduction becomes a real national security problem.

This situation should have been taken care of and George should have gotten some help from his brother.

Below is an advertisement from the Texas GOP. While I disagree with the near flippant nature of the ad, the point it makes is hard to deny.

The tragedy of George Obama is not something that should be treated flippantly. It is a genuine tragedy. For the life of me I cannot imagine how Barack Obama allowed this situation get to this point, both on political, scriptural and moral grounds.

By contrast, in 1993 the McCain’s adopted a baby girl from Bangladesh who suffered from some birth defects.

2 Responses to “Senator Obama – Explain How You Have Let Your Brother Live Like This”

  1. Greg said

    You have forced me to have “sympathy for the devil” in this case. This isn’t an appropriate line of attack.

    Obama’s deadbeat dad left Obama when he was only two. Didn’t have much contact with him afterwards.

    So, why should he feel any family loyalty to any of his father’s offspring after his father left him. Yeah, his father went around having child after child but if I was Barak, I would have no feeling once so ever for those offspring. If I had any feeling it would be one of antipathy.

    hear this commonly happens, although in this case yeah, there were some unique factors. But I have heard that it is often the case where a father (sometimes a mother) abandons his “Starter family” and indeed becomes a very good father to his new family, but for the children of his first marriage he just for the most part cuts off relations with them.

    No wonder that the “starter children” would have so much resentment towards the “new children”. The new children have the father that he should have been for for the starter children but wasn’t.

    By making fun of this situation in the case of Barak you are alienating all the “starter children” out there who have found themselves in a similar situation.

    One thing I do find interesting about the whole “George Obama” thing is that his father named him Barak (an Arab name) and this guy George (an American name). Or is this just a nickname, like say Barry?

    But again, don’t blame Barak for not not helping a guy who really isn’t his brother except genetically. First we don’t even know if he knew about George, and even if he did why should he care? I honestly wouldn’t care if some offspring of my deadbeat dad who left my mother and I as a child lived or died. He would be like a stranger.

    Although, I am am just speculating on how I would feel as my dad never left my mother and I.

  2. […] 29, 2008 — iusbvision It was reported, but not widely that Barack Obama’s brother George lives in a small shack and survives on just a few dollars a year. I asked how could a millionaire such as Barack Obama allow such a thing. George Obama wants to go […]

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