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Obama Campaign Already Lying About Palin’s Previous Statements

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Hotair beat me to the post but they are wrong when they say that it is the first lie about Palin. It is the second lie. The first lie about no experience is explained in the two posts below. The next lie is that “Palin did not even know what the vice-president’s job was a few weeks ago – her own words” as the clip was just on the O’Reilly Factor.

You can watch Palin’s statement in the youtube clip for yourself. She is saying that any interest in the VP would depend on what role the VP would play in an administration. The role the VP has during an administration is what ever the President says it is. Palin made it clear that she still has goals for national policy and Alaska and she wants to make sure she can help Alaska and the policies she cares about as VP. Palin wasn’t saying that she doesn’t know what the job of the VP is, she was stating what her conditions would be to consider the job.

Here is the video Skip ahead to 2:50:

Palin – [A]s for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration. We want to make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the U.S. before I can even start addressing that question.

Here is what had to say about it:

First lie about Palin: She dissed the VP job

posted at 2:25 pm on August 29, 2008

Well, no, she didn’t, and I should know: I’m the one who uploaded the YouTube clip back in June that people are circulating today as evidence. Politico accuses her of “distaste for the office” but at least provides the full quote of what she said; Taegan Goddard, who was last seen hyperventilating over Obama’s speech, goes the full Think Progress route and excises the part that proves the lie. Skip ahead to 2:50 [into the video].

She’s making a point that should appeal to feminists especially: It’s not that she has distaste for the job, it’s that she’d have distaste for the job if it meant nothing more than serving as window dressing for McCain. A job with “fruitful,” meaningful responsibilities, especially with respect to energy policy, is a different ballgame. Stand by for plenty of distortions of what she actually said, though, starting no doubt with the “Worst Person in the World Segment” of tonight’s episode of “Keith’s Enemies List.”

UPDATE:  – Melanie Morgan on Obama Campaign attacks on Palin:

Just my two cents:

-Dems are focusing in on “heartbeat away” “inexperienced” “no foreign policy cred” “shows desperation” and “the next Quayle”

-As always, our best counterpunch is with the facts: “executive experience” “courageous leadership” “fought corruption in her own party” and “proven record”

Palin is no lightwieght, she has a real record that can standup to scrutiny. While Obama made friends with Rezko, Ayers and Wright, Palin was rooting out corruption and blowing the whistle on her own Party. While Biden and Obama are waist deep in earmarks and taxpayer handouts to family and friends, Palin refused the Bridge to nowhere and is helping to end earmarks in the porkiest of states.

I am still watching the pundits on TV late Friday night. The attacks on Palin by the Obama camp are relentless. My hunch that I mentioned earlier is that their plan is going to be attack the girl is proving to be correct. First it was “get Clearance Thomas”, than democrats said in their own Senate Judiciary Committee momo’s that Miquel Estrada’s judge nomination should be blocked “because he is Latino” in spite of the fact that his record was similar to our current Chief Justice John Roberts, and now its get the girl because they cant have minorities in politics be a member of another party who won’t be under their thumbs.

Update II: Leftist bloggers already making gender attacks against Palin and insulting small town America.

To such bloggers (the link goes to my comment on his post) I have a question for you. You claim that Palin has no experience, a lie that we have already put to rest on previous posts below, but have you looked at your own guy Barack Obama??

Well lets see Obama ran for state senate 5 years after Palin was already holding elected office. Palin fought her own party bring down corruption rings and making a real difference while Obama voted “present” 133 times. One of the times he did not vote “present” was when Obama voted AGAINST a bill allowing citizens to defend themselves with a firearm IN THEIR OWN HOME. Obama had no significant legislative accomplishments while he served.

Obama ran for United States Senate from Illinois where he held office for just over 140 days and started running for President. Obama chairs a foreign policy sub-committee in which he called all of ZERO POLICY HEARINGS. Obama has the most partisan and ideologically leftist voting record in the Senate. He has no significant legislative accomplishments. Well I guess they can say he kept the seat warm.

Why do I find it so amusing that Alaska’s most noted left wing blogger is a transplanted Ivy East Coaster who is already dripping with elitist insults towards Wasilla, Alaska and small town America? He already is making gender attacks against Palin and he isn’t the only one doing so:

When you’re hand-picked by a man to win votes simply because you are a woman, that doesn’t count, and it doesn’t break any kind of ceiling. Would we have had a Stan Palin as our VP pick? No. So choosing a woman because you think her gender will get votes is insulting.

Ladies, how many times have you been made to feel insulted because people thought that you got a job only because of the anatomy between your legs? I have news for insulting leftists attacking Palin because of her gender; if Palin did not have a courageous record of fighting corruption and even her own party when needed she would not be the VP nominee.

Why else would famed author, scholar, and educator Dr. John R. Lott have endorsed Palin all the way back on June 4th?

And why else would famed feminist author and thinker Tammy Bruce have endorsed her candidacy as well?

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Meet Sarah Palin

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Perhaps the best way to get to know Sarah Palin is through the eyes or ordinary citizens who have admired her and through some who have been running “Draft Palin for VP” sites on the internet.

CNN’s Glenn Beck on Sarah Palin

UPDATE: Governor Palin’s pre-gubernatorial experience (wiki):

Palin served two terms on the Wasilla City Council from 1992 to 1996. In 1996, she challenged and defeated the incumbent mayor, criticizing wasteful spending and high taxes.[5] The ex-mayor and sheriff tried to organize a recall campaign, but failed.[5] Palin followed through on her campaign promises to reduce her own salary, and to reduce property taxes by 60%.[5] She ran for reelection against the former mayor in 1999, winning by an even larger margin.[5][9] Palin was also elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors.[10]

In 2002, Palin made an unsuccessful bid for Lieutenant Governor, coming in second to Loren Leman in a four-way race. After Frank Murkowski resigned from his long-held U.S. Senate seat in mid-term to become governor, Palin interviewed to be his possible successor. Instead, Murkowski appointed his daughter, then-Alaska State Representative Lisa Murkowski.[5]

Governor Murkowski appointed Palin Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission,[11] where she served from 2003 to 2004 until resigning in protest over what she called the “lack of ethics” of fellow Alaskan Republican leaders, who ignored her whistleblowing complaints of legal violations and conflicts of interest.[12][5] After she resigned, she exposed the state Republican Party’s chairman, Randy Ruedrich, one of her fellow Oil & Gas commissioners, who was accused of doing work for the party on public time, and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail.[13] Palin filed formal complaints against both Ruedrich and former Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renkes, who both resigned; Ruedrich paid a record $12,000 fine.[5]

The experience card that Obama’s campaign has the audacity to throw at Palin has little merit. Palin held elected office for 5 years before Obama ran for any office and has held elected office for 13 years. They are now saying that Palin lacks foreign policy experience. Alaska borders Russia and Canada. Japan is to the southwest of the Alaskan Aleutian Island chain and the waters there are shared for fishing rights. Palin has exposed and put an end to corruption rings, faced adversity from the former “good ole boy network” that she brought down. She took the entire old Republican machine out of power in Alaska, and she did so as a Republican. Obama talks about reform and change, Palin did it with results. She knows how to deal with energy companies in a tough manner.

Executive experience is much more intensive and valuable than legislative experience. Former Arkansas Mike Huckabee in reference to Palin’s nomination said that being a governor is like running a microcosm of the federal government and executive experience from a state’s perspective is something that no one on either ticket had a clue about until now.

This is important, not just to Alaskans and not just to women. The effort is already underway to distort and lie about Palin’s record. The severity of the Obama campaign attacks on Palin so early indicates that they are worried about her nomination, in fairness, they should be.

UPDATE II: Palin on Biden, Energy and National Security (hat tip

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Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

“Well, it’s always, though, safer in politics, to avoid risk; to just kind of go along with the status quo. But I didn’t get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why the ship is built. Politics isn’t just a game of competing interests and clashing parties. The people of America expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reasons.” – Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Maverick meets Maverick. Sarah Palin the blue collar conservative populist governor of Alaska has agreed to join the McCain ticket as Vice President.

Here is a link to her acceptance speech some are calling the “Sarah vs. the “good ole boy network” speech.

While I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to politics, I have always been an admirer of Gov. Palin. She has very high approval ratings (80+%), she is as tough as nails, she has fought corruption, fought wasteful spending (instead of just talking about fighting it), she has Democrats and Independents in her administration, she is a former mayor, she says what she means and means what she says, she is very lovely, she comes from a union family, she is well spoken, she knows energy, labor and environmental policy better than almost anyone, she used to be a journalist, she has shown a willingness to take on her own party when needed.

There is another very personal reason that I admire Governor Palin. When she learned that her baby had Down Syndrome, she did not even consider getting an abortion. Whether you are pro-life or not, one must admire Palin who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk even in very painful and difficult circumstances.

Walking the walk is an ideal that she has passed on to her family. On September 11, Palin’s eldest son, who enlisted in the United States Army, is being deployed to Iraq.

Don’t for a minute think that Palin was picked just because she is a “cute chick”. Palin used to hunt big game such as moose; she is anything but timid. Early in the primary when no one new who the GOP nominee would be, when I thought of who would be the ideal vice-presidential candidate for any of the GOP presidential candidates, Sarah Palin was the first name that appeared on my mind.

UPDATE: – Obama campaign’s first reaction was to say that Palin lacks experience. It is now being echoed by Obama campaign surrogates such as Chuck Schumer. Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama is and they want to knock her for lack of experience. I think we have just discovered an all new definition of chutzpah. A governor makes more decisions in a month than a senator makes in a year. Executive experience is vastly different than making decisions as a tiny voice in a legislature. Early indicators are that the Obama campaign’s strategy will be to attack the girl…rest assured Palin will hit back.

Update II:– Palin’s nickname in school was “Sarah Barracuda” because of her athletic prowess. She led her high school basketball team to victory while playing with a stress bone fracture.

Update III: – Media Pundit, “Hurricane Sarah just hit the Democrats and it’s a cat. 10!”

UPDATE IV: VIDEO – Local Candidate for Congress Luke Puckett with Sarah. Be sure to look at Luke Puckett’s other Alaska Video’s here.

UPDATE V:Palin Addressed an Independent Party Convention in Alaska, to heck with bi-partisanship, can you say TRI-partisanship?

Update VI:Late Night CBS host Craig Fergusson on Sarah Palin:

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APSA Resolution Against Canadian Censorship

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

American Political Science Association has a resolution and petition that all members should sign. It is being promoted at their annual conference which is going on now.

The resolution is against increasing violations of freedom of speech, religion and conscience that is going on in Canada. Recently political journalist and scholar Mark Steyn was put on trial for offending Islam…with the truth. You see in these Canadian “civil rights” tribunals they state very clearly that the truth is no defense.

Here is what the ASPA flier promoting the resolution has to say:

What’s the Matter with Canada?

“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” – Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator Dean Steacy1

Canadian Human Rights Commissions have repeatedly used complaints by “offended” parties to initiate legal proceedings against Canadian citizens who have engaged in political speech. As a result, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has found it necessary to speak out against Human Rights Commissions getting into “the business of restricting free expression of opinion.”2 While such proceedings have not yet been initiated against any scholar, Canada‟s Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship has raised the concern that “current HRC practice is a danger to the academic freedom of both faculty and students.”3

Canadian human rights commissions have carried out proceedings against:

  • MacLean’s, Canada‟s leading periodical, and Mark Steyn, one of Canada‟s most prominent political journalists, for publishing excerpts from Steyn‟s book critical of radical Islam.4
  • Ezra Levant, publisher of the Western Standard, for re-publishing Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.5
  • The Catholic Bishop of Calgary, for publishing a pastoral letter against gay marriage.6
  • The Rev. Stephen Boissoin, for criticizing homosexuality in letters to the editor of a local newspaper.7 Rev. Boissoin has been “ordered to desist from communicating his views on this subject „in newspapers, by email, on the radio, in public speeches, or on the Internet‟ so long as he should live. He has been ordered to pay compensation to” the person offended by his views and “further to make a public recantation of beliefs he still holds.”8

According to David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen: “Before Canada’s „human rights‟ tribunals, a respondent has none of the defences formerly guaranteed in common law. The truth is no defence, reasonable intention is no defence, nor material harmlessness, there are no rules of evidence, no precedents, nor case law of any kind.”9

The nature of radical Islamism and the relationship of public morality and homosexual conduct are issues of vital public importance to which the scholarship of many political scientists is addressed; and all political scientists have a professional interest in a full and open scholarly debate on such topics. It would be unseemly for the APSA to turn a blind eye to these attacks on freedom of speech, and it is unacceptable for it to risk exposing its own members to them. In Canada‟s legal environment, how can the APSA ensure “protection of academic freedom” and “a reasonable basis for feeling welcome” – two key principles of its siting policy10 – for all of its members, regardless of the scholarly opinions they plan to express at the convention?


The resolution itself can be viewed here. A partial list of signatories can be found here. The web site of those promoting the petition and resolution can be found here. FIRE has a nice post on this here.

As far as I know, Leslie Lenkowsky is the only IU professor who has signed the petition. If your political science or public affairs professor hasn’t signed on, perhaps you should ask them to.

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It’s Back On Again – New Ad from McCain Camp

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

The title is “Remote Control” and it features what Democrats have had to say about Obama throughout the campaign. As far as ads go, this one hits pretty hard.

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University of Delaware to Implement Coercive Thought Program Again?

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Adam Kissel at FIRE has a post outlining his concerns over the new residence life program at the University of Delaware. Their last program was frightening display of Soviet style brainwashing and pressure that seriously violated the privacy and freedom of conscience of the students. Young people are very susceptible to this nonsense so it was fortunate that a few students, faculty and parents sounded the alarm on this program.

This program was so egregious that evil is the only single word description that seems to fit.

After a battle in which University of Delaware begrudgingly backed down it seems that the new program is being implemented by the same people as the last one.

Be sure to go and read Adam Kissel’s entire post here. Below is an excerpt to give you an idea of what they were doing to students. Like I said, evil:

As I have stated before, it seems crazy to trust ResLife to act responsibly after what happened last year . The ResLife directors are the same people who pressed students (1) to reveal the origins of their sexual awakenings in private one-on-one sessions with resident assistants (RAs); (2) thought it was right to ask students to ask students, in surveys, whether they were willing to be close friends with or date people of various races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities; (3) thought it was necessary for “strong male RAs” to break the “resistance” of males with “traditional” views; (4) called their re-education battery a “treatment” for students’ allegedly incorrect thoughts, values, attitudes, and beliefs; (5) thought it was valuable to coerce students to reveal their political beliefs and then shame students with the “incorrect” views in front of their peers; (6) thought it was good practice to encourage RAs to record the names and room numbers of students with whom they had the “best” and “worst” one-on-one sessions; (7) thought they should coerce students to act out the worst possible stereotypes they could think of in a bizarre attempt to force students to show their own alleged bigotry; (8) pressed to make students aware the program was mandatory, while claiming to their superiors it was not; and (9) repeatedly rebuffed all serious concerns brought to their attention-from parents, students, faculty, and others-about their “curriculum.”

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