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University of Delaware to Implement Coercive Thought Program Again?

Posted by iusbvision on August 29, 2008

Adam Kissel at FIRE has a post outlining his concerns over the new residence life program at the University of Delaware. Their last program was frightening display of Soviet style brainwashing and pressure that seriously violated the privacy and freedom of conscience of the students. Young people are very susceptible to this nonsense so it was fortunate that a few students, faculty and parents sounded the alarm on this program.

This program was so egregious that evil is the only single word description that seems to fit.

After a battle in which University of Delaware begrudgingly backed down it seems that the new program is being implemented by the same people as the last one.

Be sure to go and read Adam Kissel’s entire post here. Below is an excerpt to give you an idea of what they were doing to students. Like I said, evil:

As I have stated before, it seems crazy to trust ResLife to act responsibly after what happened last year . The ResLife directors are the same people who pressed students (1) to reveal the origins of their sexual awakenings in private one-on-one sessions with resident assistants (RAs); (2) thought it was right to ask students to ask students, in surveys, whether they were willing to be close friends with or date people of various races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities; (3) thought it was necessary for “strong male RAs” to break the “resistance” of males with “traditional” views; (4) called their re-education battery a “treatment” for students’ allegedly incorrect thoughts, values, attitudes, and beliefs; (5) thought it was valuable to coerce students to reveal their political beliefs and then shame students with the “incorrect” views in front of their peers; (6) thought it was good practice to encourage RAs to record the names and room numbers of students with whom they had the “best” and “worst” one-on-one sessions; (7) thought they should coerce students to act out the worst possible stereotypes they could think of in a bizarre attempt to force students to show their own alleged bigotry; (8) pressed to make students aware the program was mandatory, while claiming to their superiors it was not; and (9) repeatedly rebuffed all serious concerns brought to their attention-from parents, students, faculty, and others-about their “curriculum.”

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