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SLEAZE POLITICS: Democrats Accuse Palin of Faking Her Pregnancy

Posted by iusbvision on August 31, 2008

The DailyKOS, which is the number one unofficial Democratic Party web site on the internet, started saying this and now it is on the Democrat Underground site.×6842975

Democrats are accusing Governor Palin of faking her own pregnancy and claim it was her daughter who got pregnant so the family faked it to make it look like it was the Governor’s baby and not her daughter’s.

Welcome to what is going to be the sleaziest trash campaign in my lifetime. They trashed Geraldine Ferraro when she came out for Hillary Clinton, they gamed the super delegate system to keep Hillary out even though she won the popular vote in the primary elections and now its get the girl again with the most awful personal gender attacks possible.

Why are they doing this? The Zogby Poll shows us why According to Zogby, “Palin neutralizes historic Obama speech, stunts the Dems’ convention bounce” and states that Palin is a “reformer” and “is not to be underestimated.”

UPDATE: More Proof that it’s all a lie and they know it.

Update II: IT has just been announced that Bristol Palin getting married to her long time boyfriend Levi. Bristol is 5 months pregnant. So much for Governor Palin faking her recent child birth to “protect” Bristol as she has been accused of by the left. The left is eating crow over this one, lets hope that the elite media follows up on this, but don’t hold your breath.

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