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Latest Leftist Attack on Palin – She Doesn’t Criticize Shock Jocks for Being “Shocking”

Posted by iusbvision on September 2, 2008

I would say that this is ridiculous but these attacks went beyond ridiculous three days ago. Today’s attack is from the Huffington Post, a far left web site that has gotten famous for posting hateful smears about those who disagree with them. In fairness, the Huffpost has cleaned up its act some since Bill O’Relly launched a crusade against them by repeatedly airing the hate that has appeared there. This time the Huntington Post has taken a big foray back into the sleaze.

Today the Huffpost put out a highly edited clip of a conversation that Gov. Palin had on the Bob and Mark show. Bob and Mark are morning shock jocks like we have all heard a million times. Bob and Mark however occasionally comment on serious political issues and the news, albeit in the usual edgy shock jock way that we have all become familiar with.

The Huffpost condemns Palin for not condemning the shock jocks who called Republican Senate Leader Lyda Green a b*tch and a cancer on the State of Alaska. The clip is edited in such a way to make it seem most damning. I have the entire clip that you can download below so you can see for yourself.

Here is the context that Huffpost left out. It is no secret that Palin had to take on and bring down many people in her own party when she exposed the corruption that was infecting the political system. Lyda Green has opposed Palins ethics reforms since her days in Wasilla, Alaska city government. Eventually when Palin brought down the “good ole boy network” Green took it personally as these people were her Republican friends.

One of Palin’s biggest reforms was when Palin passed a new corruption free tax system for the energy companies and when the cost of crude oil went up and Alaska got a windfall in tax revenue as a result, Palin returned that money to the people of Alaska. Many in her own party opposed these reforms even though they have been immensely popular.

Green Was the Republican leader in the Alaska State Senate and Green opposed Palin at almost every turn, at almost every detail, even on scheduling of events such as speaking engagements and the State of the State address. The audio clip is talking about Lyda Green’s obstructionism and how, for Green, it became personal. In this case, Green was trying to change the time of the State of the State Address so that Palin would not be able to attend her son’s high school graduation. That is the level of obstruction Palin faced day to day as the price of fighting corruption and the party machine.

Why would a Governor go on such a morning show? It is the most popular morning show in Alaska, and Alaska has a very open political culture and it is not uncommon for people to walk up to a state Senator’s or even the governors office to ask for an appointment and get it. Media have come to expect this kind of openness and when members told Bob and Mark they would not come on the radio and answer for the blatant obstructionism of Palin and her reforms, they asked the governor herself to come on the program.

After Green’s obstructionism was defeated, Green decided not to run for reelection stating that the majority of her constituents favored Palin’s reforms.

Here is the entire audio clip. Bob and Mark With Gov. Palin on Lyda Green’s Obstructionism.

I hope someone on O’Reilly’s staff picks up on this.


UPDATE – National Review picked up this story on September 5th – LINK.

One Response to “Latest Leftist Attack on Palin – She Doesn’t Criticize Shock Jocks for Being “Shocking””

  1. Linda Hansen said

    I admire your candid reporting. It sheds light on a subject that won’t be probed by the mainstream media. Retailiation by corrupt people is as hard to fight as a pack of wild dogs! Unfortunately you usually wind up with wounds. Thank You Linda

    [Thanks to you as well! Palin will fight corruption wherever she finds it, so expect Republicans, Democrats and the elite media to attack her. – Editor]

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