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SLEAZE: Democrats Release Palin’s Social Security Number, Home Phone, Home Addresses in Press Opposition Research Kit Given to the Media

Posted by iusbvision on September 2, 2008

The last time the Democrats did this it was against Senate Candidate and GOPAC Chairman Micheal Steele. With Steele they also illegally released his credit history. Network traffic at the site is off the scale, if the link doesn’t load try again later.

Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele

UPDATE: Oh you guys are going to love this – Politico says that its fine because the last 4 of Palin’s social security number were redacted. Many documents just use the last 4 as an identifier. With the rest of the personal information released, finding the last four digits is not difficult.

2 Responses to “SLEAZE: Democrats Release Palin’s Social Security Number, Home Phone, Home Addresses in Press Opposition Research Kit Given to the Media”

  1. cooper said

    I live in Maryland and Steele has some shady dealings himself especially during the last election, but that is still under investigation isn’t it?

    Politico also did not say where the document came from.
    The blogs made up where it came from without having facts.

    There are so many Republicans in Alaska who do not like her, as if you had read about her in detail you would know, that this little leak could have come from any side.

    I really hate to say anything about calling the Kettle black but the jails are full of corrupt politicians from both sides but putting out information before the facts are there, or adding information which is not verified is just….what. Lying?

    if you have factual information as to who gave Politico the document please bring it forth.

  2. Cooper – perhaps you should go to redstate’s site and see what they have to say about it as they have already answered this. I am reporting that they are reporting it and lets not forget that this is a tactic that we have seen many times before. 900 FBI Files, Linda Tripp’s personal info leaked illegally, “bimbo eruptions” personal info leaked illegally, Michael Steele’s private information leaked illegally, phone calls of Republican Congressional Leadership illegally recorded and released illegally, Jim McDermott, IRS used to harass Clinton’s enemies, the list goes on…

    So let me get this straight, you claim Michael Steele has “shady dealings” so that means its ok for Democrats to release his private information and his credit report?

    Of course many Republicans in Alaska don’t like her, but they aren’t voters, they are a part of the “good ole boy” network that she destroyed. If Redstate ends up being wrong about this, we will be happy to report it.

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