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What Sleaze to Expect Next …

Posted by iusbvision on September 2, 2008

Remember that Sarah Palin fought a bitter war against many in her own party to get the ethics and tax and other reforms that have been so popular in Alaska. In the process she put an end to the careers of many a corrupt and/or obstructionist politician. The energy industry also lost its stranglehold on Alaska’s state government. It has been widely quoted that the Alaska landscape is littered with the bodies of those who have crossed her.

Now is when I expect those people, including many out of office Republicans, to try and exact their revenge. Expect smears from unnamed Alaskan sources to appear in the National Enquirer. Expect people in Alaska, tied to those she helped bring down, to accuse her of thievery and all sorts of ethics violations. In other words, expect them to trash her and avoid talking about her real record.

Lets see how right I am, I was certainly spot on when I wrote in this blog minutes after McCain selected her that the strategy from the left will be to “get the girl”.


UPDATE – In the mean time

McCain’s Palin introductory Video – its powerful and worth the watch.

The New Republic Warns – “Palin is a political savant” and explains her political triumphs.

The Weekly Standard

McCain aides whose judgment I trust are impressed by Sarah Palin. One was particularly amused by this exchange: A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she’d be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she’d be facing, etc.:

Palin: “Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull?”

McCain aide: “No, Governor.”

Palin: “A hockey mom wears lipstick.”

Senator Fred Thompson of Law and Order fame: Video – the media is in a panic over Palin.

Newt rips reporter to pieces – Video – “You tell me what Obama has done to compare” (hat tip

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