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Ending the Biggest Lie Against Palin – Called Troopergate: Hey Ladies How Would You Deal With a Violent, Reckless, Out of Control Rogue Cop Who Threatened Your Family’s Life and Stalks Your Relatives – All While His Fellow Cops are Covering for Him.

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2008

You see it everywhere in the press, they accuse Sarah Palin of abusing her power in trying to use illegal methods to get her former brother-in-law fired from the police force. What they don’t tell you are any of the important details.

Read this post carefully, as it may be the most important post I make during the campaign.

Before I continue, when I was the afternoon drive host on AM 1580, domestic violence was my chosen charity issue. I interviewed people from the local women’s shelter from time to time to keep the issue in the minds of the audience. The most moving story was from a women who we will call Julie. Julie was a battered wife and I mean beaten senseless repeatedly. Her husband was a cop. She tried to file police reports, other cops would either refuse to take the reports or testify. After many years of this abuse, she finally managed to get out and start a new life. Julie remarried and then it started again; an ongoing harassment from her cop ex-husband. Report after report filed and would the police administration do anything? Nope. There are many women out there who have lived this very nightmare.

Sarah Palin’s sister has gone through an ordeal not all that dissimilar.

Mike Wooten is a State Police Officer in Alaska. According to court documents he is a mess of trouble. Wooten’s troubles include drinking beer in his patrol car, illegally shooting a moose, and he even tasered an 11-year-old child. Sarah Palin’s sister filed for divorce, due to abuse and threats she filed for a protection order. Wooten said that he would shoot Palin’s father in the head if he hired a lawyer for his daughter.

The threats continued. Palin’s family filed complaints using the normal channels. The police refused to investigate their peer seriously; including refusing to take statements from several witnesses. The Palin’s even had to hire a private investigator to take statements from witnesses in an effort to get those statements entered into the record.

As far as the Palin’s knew Wooten had gotten away with it all. Wooten even bragged to them that nothing had happened to him. What the Palin’s didn’t know is that the police union intervened and got Wooten’s punishment reduced to a five-day suspension. It was the good old boy network all over again.

Later Palin had a policy dispute with the state public safety official who has oversight of the state police. Since that office serves at the pleasure of the governor, Palin asked him to take a new position in the administration.

Frank Bailey, a friend of the governor who works for the administration, asked about Wooten because no one knew till much later that Wooten was punished at all even with the 5 day suspension. Everyone in the administration thought nothing was being done at all. Palin said that Frank was just being a friend but acceded his authority in making the phone call.

That is the big so-called “scandal”. The press knows it and decided you didn’t need to know the details. There are few examples that demonstrate the depth of media corruption and partisan sliminess more than this.

Here are the court documents which have been posted at Read for yourself, the details are a bit disturbing.

UPDATE: Here is Video of the ABC News Hit Piece that aired last night just before McCain spoke. As you can see it contains none of the issues contained in the official documents and what is on this very blog. It was posted on Politico so there is no way ABC News could say that they weren’t aware of it. All they mention in the video is a “custody issue”.

2 Responses to “Ending the Biggest Lie Against Palin – Called Troopergate: Hey Ladies How Would You Deal With a Violent, Reckless, Out of Control Rogue Cop Who Threatened Your Family’s Life and Stalks Your Relatives – All While His Fellow Cops are Covering for Him.”

  1. Mark said

    As a supporter of McCain and Palin, I’d like to ask whether these allegations have been substantiated in court or by the appropriate authorities. If not, what is Wooten’s position? Protective orders are granted based on false allegations all the time.

    Elaine Epstein, president of the Massachusetts Bar Association (1999), has said “the facts have become irrelevant… restraining orders are granted to virtually all who apply. Regarding divorce cases, she states “allegations of abuse are now used for tactical advantage”. According to Epstein, who is also a former president of the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association, restraining orders are doled out “like candy” and “in virtually all cases, no notice, meaningful hearing, or impartial weighing of evidence is to be had.” Cathy Young reports on the Elaine Epstein quote and the broader issue at here:

  2. iusbvision said

    Mark – Thanks for your question. If you read the official documents we linked to, you would see that the State Police internal investigation, as shoddy as it was, found him guilty of these violations and suspended him for 10 days, which the police union got reduced to 5 days.

    While there is restraining order abuse in some cases, there are so many witnesses in this case that the odds of it being all made up in this case are remote. This stuff about Wooten has been reported in the Alaska press, and you don’t see Wooten threatening to sue over “lies” or such.

    These are official under oath documents.

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