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Governor Palin Has Shocked the World

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2008

UPDATE: Holy Cow! Palin and Rudy did it with a broken teleprompter – they winged it!

Local Reaction –

GOP Congressional Candidate Luke Puckett – I can tell you that what the American people saw last night in public is the same person that she is in private.

Indiana State Representative Jackie Walorski – I was in a meeting in a restaurant this morning in South Bend and several people stopped me, either walking in or as I was walking out, to high five me and they couldn’t contain their excitement either.


Palin to media – I am not going to Washington to seek your good opinion…

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director – Palin was very, very, very good. She took the knife and stuck it in Barack Obama and twisted it with a smile on her face. The Democrats have cause to be concerned…

Stately News Anchor Chris Wallace – A star is born tonight. That is the single most compelling Republican argument I have ever heard.

The New Republic -Who’s the Celebrity Now? Something rather astounding is happening in this campaign. Sarah Palin may single-handedly be giving John McCain another chance at a victory which seemed a distant hope after Obama’s night at Invesco (which now feels like a month ago).

NPR’s Juan Williams – I am surprised at the power she has. She is like an expert knife fighter, cutting and parrying perfectly and with good humor. She performed like a champ. She can play in this game.

Matt Drudge – She Did It Her Way – Wonder Woman!

Democrat Pundit, Editor of Roll Call Magazine, Mort Kondrake – Simply Brilliant! Sophisticated and effective.

Alaskan business owner in Anchorage Daily News– Our mama beats your Obama

Rich Lowry – Barack, Meet Your Nightmare

Nina Easton, Fortune Magazine – Palin ate it up! Her speech was a home run.

Fred Barnes – Its a gift, she is a natural.

Brit Hume – Palin has proven that she is no rookie politician.

POW who served with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton in a comment to Laura Ingraham – Conservatism is back!

Chuck Norton – Ronald Reagan is back, and she’s the Governor of Alaska.

IUSBVISION – flipping through the channels – the elite media are VISIBLY shaken and depressed, they are in shock and it is glaringly obvious. I hope I can find this clip of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on youtube – I say with all seriousness that she looks like someone just told her a parent died. Palin went after the elite media with both barrels and with a joyous tone and face looked the elite media dead square in the eye and blew them away….and turned them into moose stew.

more soon…

NBC’s Maria Bartiromo with Tom Brokaw – Energy Policy is her comfort zone – Msunderestimated has video of Maria’s Bartiromo’s interview with Palin.

UK Times – Like a moose going after a cabbage

UK The Sun – Palin was stunning

Chicago Sun Times – She has the heart of a street fighter

Ann Coulter – The best man turned out to be a woman. Palin will appeal to the narrow 59 percent of Americans who voted for another former small-market sportscaster: Ronald Reagan.

Halperin – Grade A+. The Alaska Governor was poised, stirring, charming, confident, snarky, cozy, well-rehearsed, biting, utterly fearless, unflappable, and self-assured.

Sen. Olympia Snowe– It elevates all women

Democrat Strategist Kirsten Powers – A feminist dream at the GOP. Alaska girls kick as*… Last night, “Sarah Barracuda” more than lived up to that slogan… Turns out old feminism is really just a bunch of good ‘ole girls telling you what to think.


Ed Morrissey – Palin delivers a knockout

Senator Orrin Hatch – It’s exciting! I became teary eyed, Republicans are going to put the first woman in the Whitehouse! My constituents are calling me and telling me “she is one of us.”

Gender attacks continue: Please tell me why McCain picked a girl that is on the rag to take over if he is incapacitated? – John Frank Henry

2 Responses to “Governor Palin Has Shocked the World”

  1. Marcus said

    This was great!
    I love “Chuck Norton – Ronald Reagan is back, and she’s the Governor of Alaska.”

  2. […] What the media also didn’t tell you, is the tremendous speech that Sarah Palin gave at the Republican National Convention, which veteran journalist Chris Wallace said was the most compelling Republican argument he had ever seen, was done by Governor Palin with a broken teleprompter. […]

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