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September 3rd Politics Roundup

Posted by iusbvision on September 3, 2008

This will be updated during the day.

And now the woman of the hour – Governor Sarah Palin

There is a time for politics and there is a time for leadership – a time to campaign and a time to put our country first.

Children with special needs inspire a very special kind of love. To the families of those with special needs across the country I have a message for you. For years we have struggled to make a world more accepting of your sons and daughters and if elected you will have an advocate in the Whitehouse.

This is America and every women can walk through every door of opportunity.

Comment – the tone and style and grit of her delivery is very effective. I am just too caught up in this speech to live blog worth a darn – she is gripping…

Joe Biden – I would not want to be you…..

About our opponent – he has authored two self memoirs and no significant legislation or reforms.

There are those who use “change” to promote their careers and there are those who use their careers to promote change.

Comment – she is ripping Obama’s economic plan apart. I cant wait to post this video. To say she has come out swinging is an understatement.

My fellow Americans, the campaign for the presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery. [wow]

Comment – Palin has got the personal flaws and strategy flaws of Obama pegged – she is going to tear their campaign to pieces.

For a season a gifted speaker can inspire people by his words, for a lifetime a man can inspire a nation by his deeds.

Comment – Sarah Palin has shocked the world.

Brit Hume says – Palin has proven that she is no rookie politician. She loved every minute of it.

Democrat Mort Kondrake – Simply Brilliant! Sophisticated and effective.

Nina Easton Fortune Magazine – Palin ate it up! Her speech was a home run.

Fred Barnes – Its a gift, she is a natural.

News Anchor Chris Wallace – A star is born tonight. That is the single most compelling Republican argument I have ever heard.

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director – Palin was very, very, very good. She took the knife and stuck it in Barack Obama and twisted it with a smile on her face. The Democrats have cause to be concerned.

Comment – I am flipping through the channels – the elite media are VISIBLY shaken and depressed, they are in shock and it is glaringly obvious. I hope I can find this clip of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on youtube – I say with all seriousness that she looks like someone just told her a parent died.

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani is speaking

Imagine that you have two job applications in your hand with the names and party affiliations blacked out…

On one resume – He worked as a community organizer..WHAT?!? … He immersed himself in Chicago machine politics, he ran for state senate and got elected where he voted “present” 130 times. That’s funny, when I was Mayor I never got the choice to vote “present”. Obama was faced with a decision and he couldn’t make up his mind. As mayor and as governor Sarah Palin never had the chance to vote “present”.

Obama has never lead people in crisis. No one can look at John McCain and say he is not ready.

There is good change and bad change. Because “change” is not a destination … just as “hope” is not a strategy.

For 4 days in Denver the Democrats were afraid to use the words “Islamic Terrorism.” Who are they afraid that they are going to offend with those words? Democrats just a short time ago said “this war is lost”. John McCain got it right and Barack Obama got it wrong.

Senator McCain was the candidate most associated with the surge. And it was unpopular.

What do you think most other candidates would have done in that situation? They would have acted in their own self-interest by changing their position. How many times have we seen Barack Obama do this? Obama was going to take public financing for his campaign, until he didn’t.

Obama was against wiretapping before he voted for it.

When speaking to a pro-Israel group, Obama favored an undivided Jerusalem. Until the very next day when he changed his mind.

I have some advice for Joe Biden, if I were you I would get that VP thing in writing.

John McCain said, ‘I’d rather lose an election than a war.’ Because that’s John McCain.

When Russia rolled over Georgia, John McCain knew exactly how to respond.

Having been to that part of the world many times and having developed a clear worldview over many years, John knew where he stood. Within hours, he established a very strong, informed position that let the world know exactly how he’ll respond as President. At exactly the right time, John McCain said, “We’re all Georgians.”

Obama’s first instinct was to create a moral equivalency – that “both sides” should “show restraint.” The same moral equivalency that he has displayed in discussing the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel.

Later, after discussing it with his 300 foreign policy advisors, he changed his position and suggested that the “the UN Security Council,” could find a solution. Apparently, none of his 300 advisors told him that Russia has a veto in the UN Security Council. Finally Obama put out a statement that looked …well, it looked a lot like John McCain’s.

I have advice for Barack Obama. Next time call John McCain.

The Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, had a few things to say tonight. The first was a quote from President Johnson:

When the burdens of the presidency seem unusually heavy, I always remind myself it could be worse. I could be a mayor. – Lyndon B. Johnson

Palin has executive experience; as a mayor, as a governor, [and as a business owner] no one of the Democratic ticket has.

They say that Alaska is a tiny state, well last time I checked Alaska and Delaware [where Joe Biden holds office] have the same number of electoral votes and you can fit 250 Delaware’s within Alaska’s borders.

I am watching Mike Huckabee speak right now – all I can say is WOW. This is one of the greatest convention speeches in history. I had no idea Huckabee had this in him.

Dick Morris to Sarah Palin: In your speech tonight, “Don’t be a victim, be the President.” I suspect she is going to deliver.

Famed author, educator and economist Dr. John Lott had a comment about the campaign:

Obama contends that he has more executive experience than Palin. Obama compares his heading his presidential campaign to Palin being the mayor of Wasilla? Is this serious? The state of Alaska [of which Palin is governor] has a $10 billion budget and employees 25,000 people.

Youtube goodies.

Joe Lieberman’s Speech – It has his usual kindly Mr. Rogers way Senator Lieberman goes about things. Lieberman toward the end took Obama’s record apart. Lieberman ran with Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

Senator Fred Thompson – yes that guy from Law & Order –  gave a barn burner of a speech last night at the RNC. NBC would not air Thompson’ speech. No surprise there. If you want a synopsis of what this election boils down to, this is the speech that you want to see.

Thompson -Now our opponents tell you not to worry about their tax increases.

They tell you they are not going to tax your family.

No, they’re just going to tax “businesses”! So unless you buy something from a “business”, like groceries or clothes or gasoline … or unless you get a paycheck from a big or a small “business”, don’t worry … it’s not going to affect you.

They say they are not going to take any water out of your side of the bucket, just the “other” side of the bucket! That’s their idea of tax reform.

Newt shreds a media hack spouting the lies from the leftist attack machine

Sarah Palin with our very own Luke Puckett

Rudy Giuliani takes Diane Sawyers Bias Apart, VIDEO –

UPDATE – New York Post Columnist Defends Palin from the Sexist Media Onslaught:

HOLY hoop skirts: When did the clock tick back to 1958?

By Andrea Peyser

When Joe Biden tragically lost his wife and infant daughter in a car wreck in 1972, not a single colleague, friend or competitor advised him to quit his newly won Senate seat to raise his two little surviving sons.

Rather, he was sworn into office from the injured boys’ bedside, and took to commuting an hour and a half each way from Delaware to Washington. And when Biden’s second wife gave birth to a daughter, no one thought to ask him to step aside and stay home.

They all do it. John Kennedy did it; so did Barack Obama: Men run for office and serve in elected positions while creating small children without ever being patronized as “super dads” or “multi-taskers.”

Nor are they penalized, ridiculed or dismissed for ignoring their kids. They’re good dads.

If Sarah Palin, tapped as John McCain’s running mate, were a man, it’s unlikely we’d even be having this conversation. (A man, or a Democrat.)

Palin is a mother five times over. She also hunts, fishes, coaches hockey, has a day job as the governor of the state of Alaska – and is known to commute home from the state capital of Juneau daily during session. Just like Biden.

But women on the left, who fought long and hard for the ability to raise children simultaneously with election cash, are in spasms. (Some have simply kept silent. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton – where are you?)

The same lefty media that studiously ignored the adolescence of Chelsea Clinton can’t wait to dig into Bristol Palin.


Remember how the Democrats went after Dick Cheney for having a student deferment during Vietnam?  Well so did Joe Biden. The AP story is here and thanks to for their post on the subject. Here is the attack on Cheney from liberal mainstay calling him a draft dodger. The New York Times and the Kerry Campaign attacked Vice-President Cheney for getting a student deferment here, here and here…but that’s different because they were Republicans and Biden is a Democrat.

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