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McCain Convention Speech: Serious, Methodical, Real…”I Won’t Let You Down”

Posted by iusbvision on September 4, 2008

I just finished watching John McCain’s speech to the convention and the country.

It wasn’t pretty or slick or fancy or Hollywood.

It was serious, methodical in explanation and policy, it was personal, real, ambitious, optimistic. He did not mince words. Lots of promises made by other politicians are platitudinous and unspecific. McCain’s promises were direct and specific. When promises are unspecific, as they are with so many politicians, it allows them to duck accountability. This was not the case with McCain. He was specific and direct about what he plans to do and how he intends to do it. McCain has set himself up to be held accountable if he doesn’t deliver and it seems McCain wouldn’t have it any other way.

McCain talked about how both parties have lost the public trust, how too many put self first and country second, it is time to change that now. He trashed the parties for their behavior and to be honest rank and file voters of both parties feel the same way.

McCain said that when Congress tries to send him pork laden bills and violate the public trust I will use my VETO pen and I will make them famous because I will name names (to the politics as usual crowd I think it is fair to say that was a threat to straighten up or else).

“I don’t work for parties. I don’t work for special interests. I work for you.”

Brit Hume: A meat and potatoes speech of what he is going to do.

Bill Kristol: The fighter, the reformer, the patriot.

NPR’s Juan Williams – I loved what he said about schools, that it is the civil rights issue of our time. That is the straight talk that I have come to appreciate about McCain. When McCain said he bears the scars of bipartisanship he spoke the truth. John McCain was as real as I have ever seen him.

Karl Rove: McCain connected with ‘kitchen table’ issues.

Charles Krauthammer – McCain is going after independent minded voters and he was successful tonight.

Nina Easton: If this ticket wins, we will have a moose hunting vice president and Cindy McCain, the First Lady who builds race cars.

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