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Posted by iusbvision on September 5, 2008

Via Scott Rasmussen Polling Company

A week ago, most Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now, following a Vice Presidential acceptance speech viewed live by more than 40 million people, Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% hold an unfavorable view of the self-described hockey mom.

The figures include 40% with a Very Favorable opinion of Palin and 18% with a Very Unfavorable view (full demographic crosstabs are available for Premium Members). Before her acceptance speech, Palin was viewed favorably by 52%. A week ago, 67% had never heard of her.

The new data also shows significant increases in the number who say McCain made the right choice and the number who say Palin is ready to be President. Generally, John McCain’s choice of Palin earns slightly better reviews than Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden.

Perhaps most stunning is the fact that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. As of Friday morning, Obama and McCain are each viewed favorably by 57% of voters. Biden is viewed favorably by 48%.

There is a strong partisan gap when it comes to perceptions of Palin. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Republicans give her favorable reviews along with 33% of Democrats and 59% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

She earns positive reviews from 65% of men and 52% of women. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that Obama continues to lead McCain among women voters while McCain leads among men. The Friday morning update-the first to include interviews conducted after Palin’s speech–showed the beginning of a Republican convention bounce that may match Obama’s bounce from last week.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans believe that most reporters are trying to hurt Palin’s campaign, a fact that may enhance her own ratings.

The Palin pick has also improved perceptions of John McCain. A week ago, just before he introduced his running mate, just 42% of Republicans had a Very Favorable opinion of their party’s nominee. That figure jumped to 54% by this Friday morning. Among unaffiliated voters, favorable opinions of McCain have increased by eleven percentage points in a week-from 54% before the Palin announcement to 65% today.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all voters now believe that McCain made the right choice when he picked Palin to be his running mate while 32% disagree. By way of comparison, on the night after Biden gave his acceptance speech, 47% said that Obama made the right choice.

Eighty-one percent (81%) of Republicans say that McCain made the right choice while just 69% of Democrats said the same about Obama.


In spite of a media onslaught packed with lies and attacks the Republicans were able to turn the public perception of Palin around in six days, or perhaps it can be said that Palin turned that perception around.

1. They said she wanted Alaska to leave the Union

2. They painted her to be trailer trash while “journalists” such as Hanna Rosin attacked her for being Christian and said she has a wreck of a home life.

3. They said she had no experience even though she sat in elected office for 5 years before Obama ran for anything and not once has Palin ever voted “present” even though Obama has over 130 times. Palin also forced the passage of many significant pieces of legislation and brought down corruption rings, Obama has not. Palin has ran a business Obama has not – yet its SHE who lacks experience.

4. They trashed her daughter Bristol for getting pregnant while not telling you that the family had plans for them to marry before she had gotten pregnant. How many people still do not knwo that Barack Obama was bornb to an unwed mother?

5. They said that you cant be a mom and be in politics at the same time, and when they weren’t saying it they implied it in the narrative; all the while leaving out many other politicians who have 4 or more children and leaving out why Joe Biden took office after his remaining family was hospitalized for months after a devestating car accident. Barack Obama has young children at home, so did JFK etc etc…

6. They said that Palin cut spending for a teenage pregnancy shelter and program when in fact she increased that funding 225%.

7. They said that she abused her power to get people fired – also now shown to be untrue.

8. The latest attacks are trying to paint her as fiscally irresponsible – as this blog will show this weekend, these attacks are based on lies and half truths.

51% polled said that the press is trying to hurt Palin. The dispicable Chris Mathews of MSNBC is challenging people to show him how the media has been unfair. Even though this blog has cataloged such stories already, over the weekend I will be posting at least three more stories from so called “Journalists” and showing you just how filled with elitist condesention and contempt and half truths they are.

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