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USA Today/Gallup Poll: Among Likely Voters McCain Leads Obama by 10% – This Changes Everything!

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/— 3 points for both samples.

Thats likely voters folks, not just registered voters – AND – weekend polls tend to favor Democrats. Obama is in trouble and if Palin just does well in her October 2nd debate vs. Biden it may be a wrap (and having seen Palin debate in her election against two former governors Biden had better bring his A-Game with zero gaffes).

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Anchorage Daily News: “Palin is the only major political figure in the past 20 years who regularly comes to Daily News editorial board meetings by herself, with no flunkies or handlers.”

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

The Anchorage Daily News had this editorial about Palin today. It was the typical editorial stuff, filled with compliments, lies, and backhanded compliments designed to veil what they really think.

Yup I said lies – they repeated the lie that Palin said that she didn’t know what the vice president does. The video is all over youtube, the transcript is all over the place, and the blogosphere went ape correcting this lie started by the DailyKOS Democrat blog; so the odds that the Achorage Daily News wasn’t aware of this is basically nil.

The Anchorage Daily News told Alaskan’s what they already knew when it came to the compliments they had for her, but they did say something that I didn’t know, “Palin is the only major political figure in the past 20 years who regularly comes to Daily News editorial board meetings by herself, with no flunkies or handlers.” Folk’s, anyone who has been involved with politics for a good length of time will tell you this is highly impressive.

As governor, she has focused almost exclusively on a handful of high-priority issues — ethics, oil tax reform and state incentives for building a natural gas pipeline. And she has had dramatic success. With Gov. Palin leading the way, the Legislature passed strong legislation on all three fronts. On two of those issues, she had to take on Alaska’s previously all-powerful oil industry. Twice she easily defeated them.

Palin has a knack for the populist gesture, and Alaskans know it’s sincere, not just for show. She pledged to sell Gov. Murkowski’s state jet — and she did. She drives herself to work. She found other duties for the chef at the governor’s mansion. Palin is the only major political figure in the past 20 years who regularly comes to Daily News editorial board meetings by herself, with no flunkies or handlers.

One big surprise about Palin’s term as governor: She has been thoroughly bipartisan. Her most reliable supporters on her big three accomplishments have been Democrats. The partisan side that Palin showed in her acceptance speech Thursday is something Alaskans haven’t seen in her time as governor.

With this said, it seems more and more clear that the Anchorage Daily News is no friend to Governor Palin. Journalists tend to write more for each other than for the customer who picks up the paper so we will see more and more articles that present the North Eastern elite media spin rather than just the facts. With the ADN becoming high profile with the election coming up the ADN’s coverage will become more and more ridiculous and slanted so as to curry favor with the larger papers. Newspaper writers work at smaller papers and get plucked by larger ones often depending on what they write at the smaller paper. This means that the ADN will be doing Alaskans a disservice, but that is the furthest thing from their minds right now.

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Obama Had a Bad Day on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

It started with the worst possible slip of the tongue Obama could ever make:

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Sen. Barack Obama’s foes seized Sunday upon a brief slip of the tongue, when the Democratic presidential nominee was outlining his Christianity but accidentally said, “my Muslim faith.”

Ouch – that one is going to haunt him.

Next is what is very likely a transparent attempt to appeal to veterans and middle America…you know those people who he says cling to their religion and guns in a crisis because they just don’t know better..?… yup those people.

Telegraph UK:

Barack Obama has said he considered joining the United States military when he left school but decided not to because the Vietnam war was over and “we weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point”.

The statement is thought to be the first time during the 19-month-long presidential campaign that the Democratic nominee for the White House has indicated he once wanted to serve in uniform. The aspiration was not mentioned in either of his two volumes of memoirs.

Mr Obama was asked by George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s “This Week” programme whether he’d ever thought about military service and replied: “You know, I actually did. I had to sign up for Selective Service [a means of conscription in case of war] when I graduated from high school.

“And I was growing up in Hawaii. And I have friends whose parents were in the military. There are a lot of Army, military bases there.

“And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honourable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”

The UK Telegraph isnt buying it and I dont think I am either. Especially after cracks by several in the Democrat leadership about how if you dont study hard you will end up in Iraq and other comments of elitist condescention.

Come on, the “I didn’t join the military because we were no wars to fight” – is laying it on pretty thick.

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the media and the Kerry Campaign in 2004 went ape in 2004 trashing Dick Cheney because he had 5 student deferments that kept him out of Vietnam. But what has been left almost totally unreported is that Joe Biden got 5 deferments as well. … Don’t worry no media bias there as I am sure they will tell you…just ask them. commented on this article here.

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More Foreign Press Appalled by the Sexual Attacks Against Palin and Conduct of the American Media Elite

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

Here is yet another posting with reaction by the foreign press. American press outfits like CNN are claiming that all this reaction is just evil Republicans trying to keep them from asking questions. The foreign press, for the most part, have seen this exactly as most of the American people have seen it.

This time it is The Observer from the UK:

But instead of protecting their precious advantage, they succumbed to a spasm of hatred and threw the vase, the crockery, the cutlery and the kitchen sink at an obscure politician from Alaska.

For once, the postmodern theories so many of them were taught at university are a help to the rest of us. As a Christian, conservative anti-abortionist who proved her support for the Iraq War by sending her son to fight in it, Sarah Palin was ‘the other’ – the threatening alien presence they defined themselves against. They might have soberly examined her reputation as an opponent of political corruption to see if she was truly the reformer she claimed to be. They might have gently mocked her idiotic creationism, while carefully avoiding all discussion of the racist conspiracy theories of Barack Obama’s church.

But instead of following a measured strategy, they went berserk. On the one hand, the media treated her as a sex object. The New York Times led the way in painting Palin as a glamour-puss in go-go boots you were more likely to find in an Anchorage lap-dancing club than the Alaska governor’s office.

On the other, liberal journalists turned her family into an object of sexual disgust: inbred rednecks who had stumbled out of Deliverance. Palin was meant to be pretending that a handicapped baby girl was her child when really it was her wanton teenage daughter’s. When that turned out to be a lie, the media replaced it with prurient coverage of her teenage daughter, who was, after all, pregnant, even though her mother was not going to do a quick handover at the maternity ward and act as if the child was hers.

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The Boston Herald Took A Poll About Media Bias and Palin – Radio Host Howie Carr Explains

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

Boston Herald Poll

Howie Carr:

Media loves to hate Sarah Palin

Why do the pampered poodles of the elite media loathe Sarah so much? Let’s go down the list.

She’s only 44 years old. She’s just not seasoned enough – and if you don’t believe me, just ask Gloria Steinem, age 74, or Barbara Walters, age 78, or Sally Quinn, age 67, or Eleanor Clift, age 68, or Andrea Mitchell, age 61, or Gail Collins, age 62.

Why, up on the stage, it has been noted that you can distinguish Sarah’s ankles from her calves. She’s never had a Botox injection. The hags of the Hamptons speak as one on this issue. Snow White Palin must be stopped. Anybody got a poisoned apple?

How can she be qualified when she doesn’t have a single $1.2-million-a-year lobbyist in her family? How can she relate to “lunch-bucket” Americans the way lunch-bucket blowhard Joe Biden can?

She admits smoking pot as a teenager, which sets a terrible example for the youth of America, unlike Barack Obama, who admits smoking pot as a teenager, and whose “refreshing candor” is a breath of fresh air after eight years of Cheney-Bush.

She went to multiple colleges as an undergraduate, which shows how flighty and immature she is, unlike Barack Obama, who went to multiple colleges as an undergraduate, which shows the inquisitive nature of his intelligence, which has been such an inspiration, at least to everyone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

She has been known to put out a flag – an American flag, of all things – on the Fourth of July.

The pregnancy and impending shotgun marriage of her teen daughter, Bristol, sets a terrible example for the youth of America, unlike the pregnancy of the teen movie character “Juno,” who sets a wonderful example for the youth of America by refusing to marry.

Sarah Palin is so stupid that on Friday she called the Penn State football team the “Nittaly Lions” – oh wait, scratch that, that was Barack Obama, who again proved his intellect by showing he has much weightier issues on his mind than college football. And who even cares about Penn State anyway, it’s not an Ivy League school.

She’s a member of the Alaska Independence Party – correction, she isn’t, it was The New York Times [NYT] that printed the flat-out lie that she was, in a story that, so said the Times, “called into question how thoroughly Mr. McCain had examined her background.”

You must understand printing lies about Republican candidates is OK. It’s called “vetting.” Printing the truth about liberals – that’s called “swift-boating.” From career MSNBC jock sniffer Keith Olbermann to Barney Frank’s favorite publisher Jann Wenner, the verdict on Palin is unanimous.

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Speaking of NBC-Washington Post-Newsweek’s That Published Lies About Palin Days After They Were Debunked…They Made This Video to Tell the World Exactly What They Think About Palin and You.

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

By all means click the link and watch this video, packed with proven lies and dripping with elitist contempt and condescention. The elite media has shown us time and time again that this is how they view small town America. Remember now this is supposed to be journalism. As I have often said, journalists often write for their peers to consume.

 – By the way Here is an example of what Slate writer Hanna Rosin has to say.

What’s missing from the conservative reaction is still remarkable. Just 15 years ago, a different Republican vice president was ripping into the creators of Murphy Brown for flaunting a working woman who chose to become a single mother. This time around, there’s no stigma, no shame, no sin attached to what Dan Quayle would once have mockingly called Bristol Palin’s “lifestyle” choices. In fact, so cavalier are conservatives about Sarah Palin’s wreck of a home life that they make the rest of us look stuffy and slow-witted by comparison.

Rosin goes on to call Governor Palin “a tool”. The title of the article is called, “What Scarlet Letter”. In many writings and in her book, Rosin paints Christian’s as these, hyper prudish, dim witted, little tyrants who take puritanism to some radical extreme….in other words she uses all of the bogus cliche’s that most in the elite media use.

Murphy Brown decided to have a baby with a purpose of leaving the father out of the child’s life deliberately. The AP/Yahoo News wire reported that Bristol Palin and her long time boyfriend had already planned to marry when she got pregnant, but hey, all the good stuff is left on the wires any more and not printed. Quayle was right and Rosin thinks that readers like you are too stupid to understand the difference, or maybe Rosin is like so many journalists who only really writes to impresss their peers, in which case her readers really are too stupid to understand the difference.

Expect to see more of this, the media has realized that all of these sexist attacks have backfired; so now they are going to roll out leftist women to make the same attacks as if to give them credibility. This is what they are passing off as journalism folks. Rosin has written for the Washington Post, The New Yorker, GQ and The New Republic.

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Obama Criticizes Palin on Asking for Federal Earmarks Money When She Was Mayor – So Readers Lets Take a Look At Wasilla

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008


The attack went like this:

The comments were his harshest attack yet on Palin, who sought millions of dollars in earmarks as mayor of Wasilla but later began criticizing them as governor. The Obama campaign has been searching for an effective line of attack against Palin since she burst onto the national scene a week ago as John McCain’s running mate.

Now before we dive into Wasilla something needs to be said. Most federal earmarks are just pork for votes and influence, but some are very necessary and completely appropriate inrastucture projects. My best guess is that approximately 15-20% of federal earmark spending is genuinely legit. Over the weekend I have read all of the City of Wasilla’s budgets which include tax revenue, expenditures, grants, the city’s expectation for growth, forseeable problems, debt and infrastructure projects.

As I have stated in previous posts, the media and the Obama campaign have taken accusations from Palin’s die-hard political enemies and published them as true without checking the publically available facts.

The allegations are that Palin spent too much money, spent recklessly and was not fiscally conservative, put Wasilla in excessive debt, she spent too much on city hall, a sports complex, hypocritically asking for federal earmark funds, and preparing infrastructure to bring in some box stores such as Target, all of which Palin’s opponents object to. One opponent complains that Palin and is “regressive” when she lowered “progressive property taxes” and passed a higher “regressive city sales tax”.

Here is what the media such as [NBC-Washington Post’s-Newsweek’s] the Obama Campaign didn’t tell you:

The City of Wasilla is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Alaska and the United States. The City of Wasilla’s population has grown by approximately 82 percent since 1992. Along with this population growth has come dramatic economic expansion. An indication of this expansion is the growth in sales tax revenue over the last eleven years. It is projected that sales tax revenue has grown by over 238 percent since fiscal year 1994. Based on projections from state and local sources, these population and economic trends are predicted to continue into the foreseeable future.

Along with this expansion have come unique challenges for the City of Wasilla. It is the commitment of the City of Wasilla to ensure that the City meets these challenges and to ensure that the necessary services will be available when the citizens and businesses need them in the future to meet the dynamic growth that the City of Wasilla will continue to experience.

The 2007 Census Estimate gives Wasilla a population of 9,780 which makes it the 4th largest city in Alaska. Wasilla was just a blip of a town a few years ago but has seen monumental growth in the last 15 years for several reasons.

Wasilla is located at the junction of Highway 1 and Highway 3 which has became a major traffic thoroughfare. People who live in Anchorage who wish to travel North, West, or East must go through Wasilla. Those coming from East like the Yukon to Anchorage or traveling from Anchorage to Fairbanks are going through that junction. For local readers, imagine what Osceola would do if it became the location of two of the states major road routes in a state with growing population and became the crossroads of most travel between major cities in the state.

Wasilla faced a fast growing population, tourist industry, and attractions including a hockey team, the Alaska Avalanche. The city lacked enough shopping, motel, tourist services and other facilities. One of those projects to meet this need was the sports facility that so many have read about.

Wasilla has seen continued growth in service industries that maintained Wasilla’s position as the trade center of the Matanuska-Sistina Valley.

In 1994 a statewide referendum to move the capital of Alaska to Wasilla lost by only 10,000 votes.

So what does this mean?

It means that you have a city that is exploding and did not at the time have the tax base to prepare the infrastructure for this level of growth. So what did Mayor Palin do, she did what ALL cities do when they need major expenditures in a hurry. She floated a bond to finance infrastructure projects and city services. With the growth of the city and the exponential growth of city revenue paying this bond over time has proven to not be a problem. This is what almost all cities do for expenditures like this. It is debt but it is debt that is very intelligently managed and will be paid off.

The city could not afford these infrastruycture improvements alone. Palin hired a lobbiest to lobby the federal government for help. With the growing travel infrastructure needed, Wasilla got federal funds to begin to build that infrastructure.

Think about it, if you were mayor of a small city and found out that population, traffic and travel to and through your town was about to grow by exponential levels with almost no end in sight, your city government would ask for federal help too. Wasilla did not have storm water treatment, proper sidewalks and pedestrian ways, needed major road improvements, waste water treatment, an adequate septic system and had a small local airport that needed work. While many federal expenditures and earmarks are just pork projects to buy votes and influence, Wasilla needed help and Palin got the job done.

As far as lowering property taxes and raising the sales tax, since a great deal of sales tax revenue came from travelers and tourism from those who live outside the city, this was a wise course of action. It brought in “out of city money” to the city. The “regressive” & “progressive” ideological nonsense from Palin’s opponents is just that. Remember that Palin got this done in spite of contstant harassment form local political opponents and the city’s former mayor, however, Palin did enjoy near landslide popular support.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Mayor Palin left office due to term limits in 2002. The candidate she endorsed, Diane Keller, has continued to run Wasilla with the same vision as her friend Sarah Palin.

Wasilla Won on Award for Superior Financial Reporting and as of FY 2005 carried an undesignated cash surplus of $5.5 million and carries a long term debt of $21.4 million and with the city’s income and continued increases in revenue this is very manageable. Major capital asset improvements include Storm drain additions, road and intersection construction, water reservoir construction, water and sewer line extensions and an airport apron expansion.

The city made an investment bond guarantee fund that by ordinance is untouchable except for the purpose of paying the bonds they have floated to pay for capital improvements.

Wasilla is a fast growing city that is enjoying fast growing revenue. That growth shows no sign of stopping any time soon, but nothing lasts forever so Wasilla government should stay vigilant.

Here is the clincher.

Imagine the bind Wasilla would have been into if Sarah Palin had not been so forward thinking, if she had not seen the growth that was coming and prepare the city financially for it. If her opponents, who she trounced in the elections, had gotten their way in opposing her agenda, Wasilla would have been caught flat footed without the services and infrastructure to handle the growth.

The evidence is overwhelming. Sarah Palin was a very good Mayor whose insight was nimble and had vision. It is no surprise that she enjoys such a high approval rating and that Mayor Keller has continued to govern with that same vision.

Here is the document that the media and the Obama Campaign is using to call Palin a hypocrite. All it shows is that Palin was successful at getting some federal help for the situation Wasilla was in, but think about the bogus narrative that they have created around this document.

Now that you understand the situation Wasilla found itself in, it makes perfect sense that Palin, while having a legitimate need for improvments caused by a situation that was not Wasilla’s fault in any way, would ask for federal help, and then as governor veto millions in wasteful spending and criticize the wasteful federal spending that is just pork. Anyone who spends a few hours just reading the public documents can see this. It tells you a great deal about the press and the Obama campaign to attack this part of Palin’s record in the manner they have.

Palin seems to take the same view on earmarks as I do. Much of it is pork, but some are needed and legit; and Congress and the states need to start weening themselves off of this bad system of federal spending. This is exactly the message Palin delivered in a March 5th newspaper column HERE. Click and learn. Here is an excerpt:

I recognize that Congress, which exercises the power of the purse, has the constitutional responsibility to put its mark on the federal budget, including adding funds that the president has not proposed.

Accordingly, my administration has recommended funding for specific projects and programs when there is an important federal purpose and strong citizen support.

This year, we have requested 31 earmarks, down from 54 in 2007. Of these, 27 involve continuing or previous appropriations and four are new requests. The total dollar amount of these requests has been reduced from approximately $550 million in the previous year to just less than $200 million.

Of course, if you want to talk about hypocrisy, Obama and Biden have actively participated in the earmark abuse pork spending system and that little fact is not in serious dispute. Obama is responsible for generating $935.7 MILLION in earmarks himself (link for proof HERE). McCain has always been opposed to all earmarks because he is not in favor if this system of spending.

Update: This new $27 million number is floating around the net and being pushed by the Washington Post and Alan Colmes. Well it’s just not true; click HERE.

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Chris Wallace to Obama Campaign Chief: When did Obama stand up to his own party?

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

David Axelrod, who is Obama’s chief political hired gun, was on with Chris Wallace this morning. I don’t call Axelrod a hired gun as a pejorative. Many campaigns hire professional spin meisters like Axelrod because they are masters of propaganda and media manipulation.

Axelrod talks about Obama’s “bipartisan accomplishments”. I have examined Obama’s entire legislative record and Wallace’s response said exactly what I am preparing to say in an upcoming article, that these “accomplishments” were a couple of minor tweaks in laws that were passed by unanimous consent. Senator’s get these minor tweaks to laws passed by unanimous consent every day. 90% of the Senate’s business done by unanimous consent just like this, which is why the Obama campaign is ridiculous when they say that McCain votes with “Bush” 90% of the time in the Senate, well every Senator does including Obama because about 90% of all Senate votes are unanimous.

For example, the law with Republican Dick Lugar was a tweak to the older Dick Lugar/Sam Nunn law that authorized the United States to buy nuclear weapons from Russia so they would not be tempted to sell them on the black market (we would pay to have them destroyed properly). The tweak came after a Senate junket overseas that both Lugar and Obama attended. Lugar wanted to tweak the law to buy up conventional weapons too so they would not end up in terrorist hands. The change in the law was passed by unanimous consent.

Does anyone really believe that Lugar would not have gotten this done without Obama? The other “big bi-partisan bill” that the Obama campaign talks about is a bill with Chuck Hagel asking the Bush Administration for a report. This sort of thing is done regularly and it was done by unanimous consent.

As far as David Axelrod’s other statements on ethics reform and Palin. McCain and Palin have both gotten ethics reform passed against hostile legislatures and Obama “pushed for it”. To say that Palin was the top pick for McCain’s own party. Palin was my favorite and was Bill Kristol’s but almost all else believed it would be Romney (and it almost was Romney). Palin decimated the old guard of the Alaska Republican Party so no one can say that Palin has their support. People who have not studied Palin’s record in detail as I have cannot truly understand how much she shook things up there. The states party, bureaucratic and legislative leadership has all been replaced directly because of Palin.

The media scandal mongers and fear mongers Palin because if the American people truly understood what she accomplished there, Obama would lose the election; so they avoid talking about her record honestly. The media avoids Obama’s history with radical groups such as ACORN, his activity with the Annenburg Project and the Woods Foundation because if the American people knew what was going on there, again Obama would lose the election. Special thanks to for finding this youtube clip so fast.

The rest of the leite media doesn’t ask these tough questions.

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Newsweek Publishes Lies About Palin Already Debunked Three Days Ago.

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

Newsweek says that Palin cut funding to unwed teenage moms. I guess it was too yummy to fact check – and obviously they missed the press release that the program called Covenant House put out saying it wasn’t true. Palin actually got its funding increased.

Get all the details and the documents right HERE. Click and learn.

I wrote the editor of Newsweek but I won’t hold my breath. The Washington Post – who originated this lie – its comment section has been on fire from readers for days spamming them with this evidence and still no retraction.

UPDATE: The LA Times from two STAFF WRITERS – wrote this total hit piece today. They are doing what much of the rest of the media has been doing, finding all of the partisans they can, and people who they know will give them this stuff, and publish it with an attitude that speaks the following unspoken narrative, “if you dont share the same opinion, you must be an idiot”. It is called attitude change propaganda theory and it is what most of the elite media engages in daily.

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