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Chris Wallace to Obama Campaign Chief: When did Obama stand up to his own party?

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

David Axelrod, who is Obama’s chief political hired gun, was on with Chris Wallace this morning. I don’t call Axelrod a hired gun as a pejorative. Many campaigns hire professional spin meisters like Axelrod because they are masters of propaganda and media manipulation.

Axelrod talks about Obama’s “bipartisan accomplishments”. I have examined Obama’s entire legislative record and Wallace’s response said exactly what I am preparing to say in an upcoming article, that these “accomplishments” were a couple of minor tweaks in laws that were passed by unanimous consent. Senator’s get these minor tweaks to laws passed by unanimous consent every day. 90% of the Senate’s business done by unanimous consent just like this, which is why the Obama campaign is ridiculous when they say that McCain votes with “Bush” 90% of the time in the Senate, well every Senator does including Obama because about 90% of all Senate votes are unanimous.

For example, the law with Republican Dick Lugar was a tweak to the older Dick Lugar/Sam Nunn law that authorized the United States to buy nuclear weapons from Russia so they would not be tempted to sell them on the black market (we would pay to have them destroyed properly). The tweak came after a Senate junket overseas that both Lugar and Obama attended. Lugar wanted to tweak the law to buy up conventional weapons too so they would not end up in terrorist hands. The change in the law was passed by unanimous consent.

Does anyone really believe that Lugar would not have gotten this done without Obama? The other “big bi-partisan bill” that the Obama campaign talks about is a bill with Chuck Hagel asking the Bush Administration for a report. This sort of thing is done regularly and it was done by unanimous consent.

As far as David Axelrod’s other statements on ethics reform and Palin. McCain and Palin have both gotten ethics reform passed against hostile legislatures and Obama “pushed for it”. To say that Palin was the top pick for McCain’s own party. Palin was my favorite and was Bill Kristol’s but almost all else believed it would be Romney (and it almost was Romney). Palin decimated the old guard of the Alaska Republican Party so no one can say that Palin has their support. People who have not studied Palin’s record in detail as I have cannot truly understand how much she shook things up there. The states party, bureaucratic and legislative leadership has all been replaced directly because of Palin.

The media scandal mongers and fear mongers Palin because if the American people truly understood what she accomplished there, Obama would lose the election; so they avoid talking about her record honestly. The media avoids Obama’s history with radical groups such as ACORN, his activity with the Annenburg Project and the Woods Foundation because if the American people knew what was going on there, again Obama would lose the election. Special thanks to for finding this youtube clip so fast.

The rest of the leite media doesn’t ask these tough questions.

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