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Newsweek Publishes Lies About Palin Already Debunked Three Days Ago.

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

Newsweek says that Palin cut funding to unwed teenage moms. I guess it was too yummy to fact check – and obviously they missed the press release that the program called Covenant House put out saying it wasn’t true. Palin actually got its funding increased.

Get all the details and the documents right HERE. Click and learn.

I wrote the editor of Newsweek but I won’t hold my breath. The Washington Post – who originated this lie – its comment section has been on fire from readers for days spamming them with this evidence and still no retraction.

UPDATE: The LA Times from two STAFF WRITERS – wrote this total hit piece today. They are doing what much of the rest of the media has been doing, finding all of the partisans they can, and people who they know will give them this stuff, and publish it with an attitude that speaks the following unspoken narrative, “if you dont share the same opinion, you must be an idiot”. It is called attitude change propaganda theory and it is what most of the elite media engages in daily.

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