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Speaking of NBC-Washington Post-Newsweek’s That Published Lies About Palin Days After They Were Debunked…They Made This Video to Tell the World Exactly What They Think About Palin and You.

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

By all means click the link and watch this video, packed with proven lies and dripping with elitist contempt and condescention. The elite media has shown us time and time again that this is how they view small town America. Remember now this is supposed to be journalism. As I have often said, journalists often write for their peers to consume.

 – By the way Here is an example of what Slate writer Hanna Rosin has to say.

What’s missing from the conservative reaction is still remarkable. Just 15 years ago, a different Republican vice president was ripping into the creators of Murphy Brown for flaunting a working woman who chose to become a single mother. This time around, there’s no stigma, no shame, no sin attached to what Dan Quayle would once have mockingly called Bristol Palin’s “lifestyle” choices. In fact, so cavalier are conservatives about Sarah Palin’s wreck of a home life that they make the rest of us look stuffy and slow-witted by comparison.

Rosin goes on to call Governor Palin “a tool”. The title of the article is called, “What Scarlet Letter”. In many writings and in her book, Rosin paints Christian’s as these, hyper prudish, dim witted, little tyrants who take puritanism to some radical extreme….in other words she uses all of the bogus cliche’s that most in the elite media use.

Murphy Brown decided to have a baby with a purpose of leaving the father out of the child’s life deliberately. The AP/Yahoo News wire reported that Bristol Palin and her long time boyfriend had already planned to marry when she got pregnant, but hey, all the good stuff is left on the wires any more and not printed. Quayle was right and Rosin thinks that readers like you are too stupid to understand the difference, or maybe Rosin is like so many journalists who only really writes to impresss their peers, in which case her readers really are too stupid to understand the difference.

Expect to see more of this, the media has realized that all of these sexist attacks have backfired; so now they are going to roll out leftist women to make the same attacks as if to give them credibility. This is what they are passing off as journalism folks. Rosin has written for the Washington Post, The New Yorker, GQ and The New Republic.

2 Responses to “Speaking of NBC-Washington Post-Newsweek’s That Published Lies About Palin Days After They Were Debunked…They Made This Video to Tell the World Exactly What They Think About Palin and You.”

  1. LTCPMax said

    What a condescending, snippy, rude, high school film class project. I am shocked and ashamed that it was sponsored by Holiday Inn express… the commercials that are all about how remarkably smart and incisive their guests become… Guess I am booking at Marriott again!

    Waste of bandwidth, waste of time… except to get a handle on the mentality of those learned folks that are so carefully analyzing Sarah Palin. What drivel.

  2. Rebekah said

    My Vote: I put a parental control lock on all NBC channels on every TV in my house! I encourage others to do the same until NBC can clean up its extreme bias reporting. Since this miracle will never occur, NBC will never be a guest in my house every again.

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