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The Boston Herald Took A Poll About Media Bias and Palin – Radio Host Howie Carr Explains

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2008

Boston Herald Poll

Howie Carr:

Media loves to hate Sarah Palin

Why do the pampered poodles of the elite media loathe Sarah so much? Let’s go down the list.

She’s only 44 years old. She’s just not seasoned enough – and if you don’t believe me, just ask Gloria Steinem, age 74, or Barbara Walters, age 78, or Sally Quinn, age 67, or Eleanor Clift, age 68, or Andrea Mitchell, age 61, or Gail Collins, age 62.

Why, up on the stage, it has been noted that you can distinguish Sarah’s ankles from her calves. She’s never had a Botox injection. The hags of the Hamptons speak as one on this issue. Snow White Palin must be stopped. Anybody got a poisoned apple?

How can she be qualified when she doesn’t have a single $1.2-million-a-year lobbyist in her family? How can she relate to “lunch-bucket” Americans the way lunch-bucket blowhard Joe Biden can?

She admits smoking pot as a teenager, which sets a terrible example for the youth of America, unlike Barack Obama, who admits smoking pot as a teenager, and whose “refreshing candor” is a breath of fresh air after eight years of Cheney-Bush.

She went to multiple colleges as an undergraduate, which shows how flighty and immature she is, unlike Barack Obama, who went to multiple colleges as an undergraduate, which shows the inquisitive nature of his intelligence, which has been such an inspiration, at least to everyone who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

She has been known to put out a flag – an American flag, of all things – on the Fourth of July.

The pregnancy and impending shotgun marriage of her teen daughter, Bristol, sets a terrible example for the youth of America, unlike the pregnancy of the teen movie character “Juno,” who sets a wonderful example for the youth of America by refusing to marry.

Sarah Palin is so stupid that on Friday she called the Penn State football team the “Nittaly Lions” – oh wait, scratch that, that was Barack Obama, who again proved his intellect by showing he has much weightier issues on his mind than college football. And who even cares about Penn State anyway, it’s not an Ivy League school.

She’s a member of the Alaska Independence Party – correction, she isn’t, it was The New York Times [NYT] that printed the flat-out lie that she was, in a story that, so said the Times, “called into question how thoroughly Mr. McCain had examined her background.”

You must understand printing lies about Republican candidates is OK. It’s called “vetting.” Printing the truth about liberals – that’s called “swift-boating.” From career MSNBC jock sniffer Keith Olbermann to Barney Frank’s favorite publisher Jann Wenner, the verdict on Palin is unanimous.


One Response to “The Boston Herald Took A Poll About Media Bias and Palin – Radio Host Howie Carr Explains”

  1. […] In the Real World, there are two things that are correct in that statement by Carol. The rest is moose manure. Palin is indeed on the environmental community’s hit list, and Alaska’s liberal newspapers, as well as environmentalists are without a doubt anti-Palin. In the Real World, Alaska’s newspapers are part of the same drive-by media that most Americans recognize as being biased against Palin. In the Real World, the media hates Sarah Palin. […]

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