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More Hillary Backers Come to Defense of Palin

Posted by iusbvision on September 10, 2008

Jonathan Martin at Politico has a short column about WomenCount – a feminist group that supports Hillary Clinton and has been intellectually honest enough to defend Sarah Palin from the elite media and Obama campaign’s unacceptable sexist attacks on Palin.

Our take: These aren’t the first Hillary backers to do so, but intellectual honesty should be praised where ever it is found.

Politico often gets it wrong, but don’t worry we fact checked this one. It’s true.


Hillary backers come to defense of PalinThe leaders of a women’s political organization that launched earlier this year to support Hillary Clinton are speaking out against what they say are examples of media sexism toward Sarah Palin and urging members to tell the press corps “to back off.”

WomenCount, a group co-founded by top Hillary fundraiser Susie Tompkins Buell, posted a lengthy item on their blog decrying questions over whether Palin can, as a mother of five, juggle her family responsibilities and still be vice president.

“The very notion that Sarah Palin should not have accepted this nomination because she is a mother with demanding challenges underscores just how far we have to go,” wrote Rosemary Camposano, the group’s communications director.

She added: “It will be good for America to watch Sarah Palin on the campaign trail – bouncing from parenting to politics. That’s how most women function – multi-tasking, leaning on friends and family, and waking up each morning and doing it all again.”

Here is a video from one very ticked former Hillary supporter. It’s called “Too Late To Apologize”.

Our Take: Is the video maybe a tad unfair, maybe. Does it express how many Hillary voters feel about how sexism was used in the campaign against Hillary, definitely. Don’t forget Hillary voters that Bill Clinton was using the thinly veiled race card against Obama towards the end of the primary, but in fairness we think it was in response to the sexism stuff. The Democratic Party elite is so mired in identity politics that it is hard for them to avoid this kinda stuff; as we have seen with the Palin attacks and attacks on McCain’s age.

The video expresses concerns about how it’s too late for Obama to apologize for all of the radical or seedy characters who were instrumental in launching and carrying his political career, to which he is still trying to distance himself, but the documentation is so overwhelming and part of that documentation comes from his own memiors and his paper work from the University of Chicago where he worked. Obama was not honest about these being “tangential relationships” as he claimed on O’Reilly. 

If the McCain camp has a lick of brains (and they have proven that they do), they will let Obama keep saying this and than start lowering the boom with the readily available evidence about three weeks before the election.

McCain had a relationship with Charles Keating of influence peddling and bank fraud fame. When McCain realized what Keating was up to and when he realized that keating was trying to use him and manipulate him, did McCain deny the relationship or try to distance hmself from it? No. McCain apologized and then turned on keating like a rabid dog. Bob Bennet, the Democrats lawyer in the Keating investigation, known affectionately among the Democrat power elite as “Uncle Bob”, has repeatedly said that McCain never acted unethically. That is how you handle a bad association and an error in judgement.

Republican and Democrat regular voters do have one thing in common, we are tired of being lied to.

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