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ABC News Get’s It Wrong In Palin Interview

Posted by iusbvision on September 11, 2008

We are going to go through ABC’s reporting tomorrow with a fine toothed comb and show just how fraudulent much of ABC’s reporting has been, but for now Michelle Malkin and her team at are all over some of the misquotes and rumors that ABC is still trying to apply to Palin.

ABC is trying to make Palin out to be some kind of zealot, in fact she is stating the very same message that Reagan, JFK, FDR, Eike, Lincoln and Washington have all made; and that is to not be so prideful as to think that God is on our side as if we can dictate what is the mind of God, but rather that we try to do what is right and just and pray that we are on God’s side.  

Click HERE and take a look. Here is an excerpt:

Charlie Gibson had a chance to show that he could be fair, balanced, and P.D.S.-free with Sarah Palin’s first major MSM interview.

Looks like he blew it.

Taking quotes out of context.

Getting basic facts wrong.

Engaging in distortionary hype.

And the reason we should watch the rest of this hatchet job is…what exactly?

Also: Guess this is good preparation for the kind of neutral, objective questions we’ll get during the debates.

UPDATE: I am watching Brit Hume on Fox News and Fox is all over how ABC got this wrong. If only ABC had spent a few minutes doing some fact checking…. more tomarrow.

One Response to “ABC News Get’s It Wrong In Palin Interview”

  1. Michelle said

    The thing that really made it worse was the editing of the video that is out there. Every time she starts to answer she gets cut off and ALL OF A SUDDEN it’s a different question and it changes the entire meaning of what she was originally replying to. ABC is deleberatly trying to make her answers different than what they actually are.

    What is with these hacks over at ABC?? I wish Brit Hume would have been able to do the interview, At least he is honest and not some condecending jerk.

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