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Wendy Doniger, Far Left Professor at University of Chicago, Spreading Lies About Palin that have been Debunked for Days…

Posted by iusbvision on September 11, 2008

UPDATE – Doniger’s piece was posted at the Washington Post in September of 2008 and STILL no correction or apology has been posted as of March 6, 2010.


…And of course she writes for Newsweek and the Washington Post who have been the two worst offenders when it comes to publishing these lies.

We have almost the whole list of debunked lies, that Palin tries to enforce her religion on others, that she is a book banner and the rest of it. All debunked with information easily available and the good professor seems to have decided that the mass emails she was getting from her left wing co-workers had to be true and why? Because they went along with the assumptions that she has about anyone who isn’t a leftist.

Take some advice from s simple undergrad professor, the assumptions one should always challenge first are your own. As many of the readers of the IUSB Vision are well aware, I am writing a book about declining academic culture and I would like to congratulate Professor Doniger because she just earned an entry in it.

Here is an excerpt of Professor Doniger’s lies and half truths:

Sarah Palin’s views make me fear that the Republican party has finally lost its mind.

I’d love to know precisely how the Good Lord conveyed to her so clearly his intention to destroy the environment (global warming, she thinks, is not the work of human hands, so it must be the work of You Know Who), the lives of untold thousands of soldiers and innocent bystanders (He is apparently rooting for this, too, she says), and, incidentally, a lot of polar bears and wolves, not to mention all the people who will be shot with the guns that she thinks other people ought to have. An even wider and more sinister will to impose her religious views on other people surfaced in her determination to legislate against abortion even in cases of rape and in her attempts to ban books, including books on evolution, and to fire the librarian who stood against her.

The librarian was just one of many employees who Palin fired that served at the pleasure of the mayor. That librarian actively campaigned against Palin by the way so Palin did what any new Mayor often does, she fires anyone who may offer bureaucratic resistance. The librarian gave Mayor Palin her word that she would have her support and Palin rehired the librarian, but this has been covered a million times already.

It is interesting to see what Professor Doniger thinks about citizens who own guns. I really don’t like name calling, but I need to be blunt here, If this idiot Doniger would take five minutes to get out of the classroom and try to see passed a world that ends at the tip of her own elitist nose, she would realize that for many Alaskans having guns is a matter of survival, often for either sustenance hunting and protection from four-legged predators. Joggers in Alaska often have to carry weapons to protect themselves from wolf packs, even near a large city like Anchorage.

Unfortunately, there are a great many professors who think just like this, which is why I encourage all parents to prepare their children to resist the neo-marxist propaganda rammed down their throats at college.

I am not the only one that is pointing out Professor Doniger’s foolishness. People from her own community are ravaging her in the comments section:

1) This article is full of the standard half-truths about Palin (see

2) It’s sad but not surprising that the writer teaches at a “school of divinity”.


John Lewandowski:

Why are you LYING about Sarah Palin, “professor”?

Sarah Palin TRIPLED, not slashed, funding for teen mothers:

The list of books which Sarah Palin supposedly tried to ban? It’s FAKE:

Sarah Palin is the REAL woman – you’re the fraud.


Valerie Alexander:

Oh, good grief.

Get facts first, write article later. The order of those actions IS important.


You are simply another of the haters that, in your case, is hiding behind your credentialed “ethos” as you hurl your invective at Mrs. Palin.

You are simply another establishment feminist, to use the recent words of Camille Paglia, who can’t come to grips with the reality of a non-liberal feminist. And you choose to beat her over the head using your “absolute moral authority” as a professor of religious history;…

Well I have a news flash for you madam. The kernel of true feminism lies in the personal freedom and individuality we ALL have under the US constitution. Where it definitely DOES NOT lie is in ideological lockstep to any one political outlook, party, or single issue!


That’s a very sad and pathetic article you’ve written there. It shows a lack of serious knowledge about religion and makes one wonder exactly what you are teaching. Most likely postmodern moral relativism which is the religion of the left.


Good lord, you hypocritical harpie.

“Outing her daughter?” You mean the daughter that your fellow leftists had just accused of bearing Palin’s five-month old?

“Her pretense that she’s a woman?” Of course she doesn’t speak for women! Isn’t it obvious that you, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem are the only ones allowed to do that? News flash: you’re not allowed to revoke someone’s gender because her (yes, her!) politics don’t coincide with yours.


This obnoxious, partisan hack is a professor at University of Chicago?

I’m guessing Chicago’s excellent academic reputation is due more to its economics department. Whoever hired and tenured this “pretense of a woman” should be ashamed.


Beware! Wendy Doniger is a Ward Churchill-level fraud. She’s anti-religion, which is why she’s a Divinity professor at a liberal university.


Chuck Norton

One Response to “Wendy Doniger, Far Left Professor at University of Chicago, Spreading Lies About Palin that have been Debunked for Days…”

  1. T.R. N. Rao, Ph.D. said

    Giti Thadani (the author Moebiustrip, Penguin, India) wrote about Wendy Doniger “There is nothing like the arrogance of ignorance veiled by scholastic garb.” Ignorance and arrogance seem to predominate over scholarship in University of Chicago School of Divinity. How else they can have a named Distinguished professor like Doniger in their ranks?

    T.R. N. Rao, Ph.D., Professor-Emeritus, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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