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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words. Here are your “Troopergate” Investigators…

Posted by iusbvision on September 12, 2008

Update III: Our analysis of the Branchflower Report is HERE.

UPDATE II: See Below – Palin’s lawyer whips out the evidence – looks like “Troopergate” is partisan nonsense and Hollis French lied.

Look It's Our Two "Investigators" Kim Eden (D-Juneau) circled on the far left and Hollis French (D-Anchorage)

Kim Elton (D-Juneau)(circled left) and Hollis French (D-Anchorage)

The man circled in red on the left is Kim Elton. He is a Democrat from Juneau who is the head of the legislative committee that authorized this investigation. Elton appointed Hollis French (D-Anchorage) to be the investigator. Now what is so amusing is that French has been telling the press since almost the beginning about how likely it will be that this investigation will damage the Governor. Hollis French said that this will result in an “October Surprise”.

“If they [ McCain Campaign] had done their job they never would have picked her,” said French. “Now they may have to deal with an October surprise,” he said, referring to the scheduled release Oct. 31 of the committee’s final report.

Sounds like a really objective investigator doesn’t he? Think maybe they had a conclusion in mind before they started? I report, you decide.

If you want every last detail of the simple facts of the case just click the link below. When the American people learn the details of this story, Governor Palin’s approval ratings will likely go up another five points… but the press has a habit of leaving out certain details and after you read the link below you will understand why.

Click & learn.


Amanda Carpenter did the digging on this story and deserves tremendous credit for this truly outstanding piece of journalism (Amanda is a Ball State grad).

HERE is the link to Amanda’s story and HERE is the link to the audio clip that goes with it.

Here is a key excerpt from Amanda’s story:

Lawmakers approved 13 of Branchflower’s subpoena requests that day, which included one for Palin’s husband, Todd. Four other subpoenas were approved for aides Branchflower believes participated in a meeting called by Palin’s former chief of staff Mike Tibbles where Wooten’s firing was allegedly discussed.

Rep. David Guttenberg (D.) asked Branchflower why he was requesting subpoenas for only those people attending the meeting and not Tibbles himself.

Branchflower said he would “have to defer that question to Mr. French.”

“I put the list together with, talking to Mr. French,” Branchflower added.

Sen. Gene Therriault (R.) told Branchflower, “I don’t understand why you would have to defer that question to Sen. French. If it’s your list you’re in complete control of the list, then why can’t you answer the question?”

Branchflower had no explanation. He only offered, “I’m not sure why his name was removed. My initial request was to have him on the list.” At that point, French interjected. “It appeared to me there wasn’t the political will to subpoena Tibbles.”

“Something’s fishy here,” Therriault replied. “I mean either Mr. Branchflower conducts his investigation without direction, and now we know he’s been directed on the date and changing what he’s doing and how he’s doing it because of the time pressure he is feeling. And now we’re hearing that people that he’s trying to get information from, there’s direction going on on that, too.”

French and the Democrats are trying to keep Palin’s Chief of Staff off the witness list. has a very good analysis HERE. Excerpt:

Branchflower then explained that he had submitted Tibbles’ name for a subpoena, only to have it removed by French. He could provide no explanation why French, who has endorsed Barack Obama, would have denied him a subpoena to interview the man who conducted the meeting in question. As both Democrats and Republicans pressed Branchflower to explain this omission, French himself interjected that he didn’t see a “political will” for the subpoena.

Clearly, this interference demonstrates the partisan nature of this inquiry. Why would the state of Alaska subpoena all of the attendees of a meeting but neglect to subpoena the man who called and ran the meeting? If the “political will” did not exist to question Tibbles, then why would it exist to subpoena the other participants in this meeting?

For some reason, French doesn’t want the committee to hear what Tibbles has to say about this meeting. Even beyond that question, though, French’s interference shows that this investigation is neither independent nor apolitical. French has been caught manipulating subpoenas for a predetermined outcome of this case. That strongly indicates that French doesn’t have much of a case, and feels the need to distort it for his own political reasons.

UPDATE II: EVIDENCE – Monegan bypassed normal channels – tried to bypass administration as a lone gun – Insubordinate (in other words it was exactly what Palin said from the start).

Anchorage Daily News has the story HERE

In one message, the governor’s budget director, Karen Rehfeld, wrote that she was “stunned and amazed” that Monegan appeared to be working with a powerful state legislator, Anchorage Republican Rep. Kevin Meyer, to seek funding for a project Palin previously had vetoed.

“The last straw” leading up to Monegan’s firing, Van Flein wrote, was Monegan’s planned trip to Washington, D.C., to seek funding for a new, multimillion-dollar sexual assault initiative the governor hadn’t yet approved.

Special thanks to for hosting the new legal documents HERE and their commentary is HERE.


…insubordination from Monegan:

  • 12/9/07: Monegan holds a press conference with Hollis French to push his own budget plan.
  • 1/29/08: Palin’s staffers have to rework their procedures to keep Monegan from bypassing normal channels for budget requests.
  • February 2008: Monegan publicly releases a letter he wrote to Palin supporting a project she vetoed.
  • June 26, 2008: Monegan bypassed the governor’s office entirely and contacted Alaska’s Congressional delegation to gain funding for a project.

From this presentation, it looks like Monegan had decided from the start to be a loose cannon in the Palin administration.  The wonder of this isn’t that he got fired — it’s how he managed to hang onto his job as long as he did.  …

As the filing states, Monegan served as a political appointee, at the pleasure of the Governor.  Obviously, Monegan didn’t act to support Palin’s budget initiatives, often acting in opposition to them.  In anyone’s administration, that will result in dismissal.  Monegan kicked himself out of the job through his own acts.


This means that Hollis French KNEW that Monegan was trying to push his own budget initiatives that the Governor opposed or did not approve. This means French KNEW Palin’s stated reason for firing Monegan was the truth. So what does this say about Hollis French circled in the picture above?

UPDATE III: Alaska Attorney General Refuses To Honor French’s Subpoena’s

And I don’t blame him, people in the legislature after witnessing Hollis French’s games on the issue are getting fed up with him.

Anchorage Daily News, which is no friend of Palin, reports:

In a letter to state Sen. Hollis French, the Democrat overseeing the investigation, Republican Attorney General Talis Colberg asked that the subpoenas be withdrawn. He also said the employees would refuse to appear unless either the full state Senate or the entire Legislature votes to compel their testimony.

Colberg, who was appointed by Palin, said the employees are caught between their respect for the Legislature and their loyalty to the governor, who initially agreed to cooperate with the inquiry but has increasingly opposed it since McCain chose her as his running mate.

“This is an untenable position for our clients because the governor has so strongly stated that the subpoenas issued by your committee are of questionable validity,” Colberg wrote.

The Attorney General is spot on. There is a reason why these kinds of subpoenas’ are on shaky ground. A legislature can’t yank a governor’s or a president’s advisers in front of a committee and make them spill their guts because if they could, no one would be totally open to give candid advice. It is very shaky legal ground. Palin’s administration said that if the entire legislature voted to subpoena they would voluntarily comply, which is not likely to happen as the rest of the legislature has about had it with this investigation; not to mention that the e-mails that Palin’s administration released and the documents they released show that Monegan’s firing was not only legal, but a slam dunk. comments on this story here.

One Response to “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words. Here are your “Troopergate” Investigators…”

  1. JNagarya said

    Far-right wing paranoia is fun. It’s always based on mind-reading, which no one can actually do, including far-right lunatic fringe psychotics.

    And then, of course, on the results of the mind-reading one builds an imaginary castle of speculations — and innuendo — against the target of the psychotic’s hatreds.

    There can be completely innocent reasons to not subpoena a “key” witness: one only need look at prosecutors of public corruption — gee, that’s what this case is about — and mobsters: one starts low in the chain, squeezes that person, that person spills the beans, then gets a deal to cooperate as a witness against those higher ups.

    But we understand your fear that the entire anti-American Republican house of cards is about to collapse. Well, that’s what happens when one puts lipstick on a Cheney.

    Fact check? You mean like Limbaugh and O’Really?, and Fox’s fake news?

    [Speaking of mind reading, French is claiming that he knew the intent of the governor for firing the guy. You are forgetting that he served at the pleasure of the governor and she needs no reason to fire him. Palin fired lots of people so it is nothing new. When she takes office, expect lots of federal employees to get pink slipped.

    Hollis French has made it clear that this whole thing is political with his own statements (which we fully sourced) and his own actions as demonstrated here with evidence.

    And if you would like to talk about psychotic hatreds, look at what Hillary advisors and supporters are saying about all the lies and smears that have been levied at Sarah Palin.

    Thanks for posting, you guys post a lot of allegations and hate but little in the line of real evidence that passes cursory examination. So keep it up. For every line of unsubstantiated hate you people put out there is another voter for Palin, but your side is so mired with hateful extremists that you just cant help yourselves, which is a pretty sad state to be in. – Editor]

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