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Palin Truth Squad – All you will need to know here! –

Posted by iusbvision on September 13, 2008


Chuck Norton, the editor of the IUSB Vision, has signed on to the Indiana Palin Truth Squad. While this site is not the official site of the Palin Truth Squad, it is a place where truth squader’s can go to get and post some accurate information.

Chuck has been working tirelessly to investigate the false media claims about Palin. So far every smear that the press has posted has proved to be untrue, a half-truth or very misleading. The problem is that there are so many that we are in a back log. Besides going to class and sleeping Chuck has been spending hours every day investigating these claims and continues to do so. Chuck isn’t someone who cares for partisanship for the sake of partisanship, the reason Chuck signed on is because the media corruption is so bad, that someone has to stand up to it and in this case, the vast majority of the fact-checked truths end up in Palin’s favor. Chuck also opposes sexism, racism and unfair religious discrimination and there has been much of that in the 2008 campaign.

Chuck has created a Palin Truth Squad Category so click HERE to see a correction to all the lies about Governor Palin that have been waged by partisans and the elite media.

8 Responses to “Palin Truth Squad – All you will need to know here! –”

  1. cajuncocoa said

    Hi there…you posted a comment on my PalinBlog yesterday (thanks for the comment!)

    Just wanted to drop a note to you to tell you I added you to my blogroll.

    [Thanks I added you as well – All the best – Editor]

  2. Bozworth said

    Considering those who are apparently the real power behind Barack Obama, it is no wonder their they have used their influence on the media to slime Palin, in true Stalinist fashion.

    I’m a Democrat who supported Hillary. As a result of their treatment of her, I have come to despise the authoritarian far left element that has now seized control of the DNC. For a long while now, thanks mostly to the blog posts of liberal labor law professor Steve Diamond, there has been little doubt in my mind that Bill Ayers and other members of his Maoist network are the ones who are really in charge of the Obama Machine — with Obama and Axelrod just being their useful automatons.

    Is there a “Smoking Gun” to confirm that suspician? Maybe …

    It sure is a good thing there are screencaps and copies of video clips, as well as Google and Wayback Machine caches of the websites cited. I imagine the owers behind the Obama Machine are going to be busy as hell for a while getting the word out to all comrades in the network that it’s time to go into Redaction Overdrive.

    Maybe we should all pitch in to get several hundred gallons of Starbucks sent to the Ayers-Dohrn home in Hyde Park.

    [There are a growing number of traditional Democrats and Republicans who want to have two American parties again. – Editor]

  3. Suzanne said

    There is a new trashing going around that the McCain campaign has created sites that link to the real McCain campaign website. The left is claiming that McCains use of MILF in his official campaign is evidence that he is a hypocrite.

    Problem is that the website ( is using a proxy to disguise the real intent. There is even an attempt to claim the IP servers are the same for both. That is not true.

    This website IP search reveals the truth. McCain’s REAL website uses a different IP than the one the left is claiming.

    So many leftist nutcases with too much time on their hands – so little time to deal with them all.

    [That is a tactic that has been used before. It sure is dispicable isn’t it. Thanks for the heads up! – Editor]

  4. Paul Herr said

    For the real truth squad I give you David Brooks, David From, George Will and Kathleen Parker.

    [Prof. Herr, if you wish to engage me again here please do so. I remember what happened the last time. If you wish to engage me in specifics consider this a personal invitation to try. I wish you luck – Editor]

  5. Paul Herr said

    So you don’t have any response to the views of these four columnists and writers. The criticism of Palen is not just from non-right wingers. These are respected columnists and writers from the right whose points should be addressed. All find Palen wanting as a potential VP or even President.

    [Prof. Herr,

    It is spelled Palin not Palen. It is spelled David Frum not David From.

    If you take the time to examine the articles published here, you will see that we have addressed the issues brought up by those writers and a whole lot more. You will see that time and time again, standards put in place for previous VP candidates are not used when it comes to Palin. In fact, the standards being applied to Palin are not even applied to Obama and he leads their ticket.

    I could write 30 pages repeating it all for you, or you can just take some time and read. We have written 183 articles on the 2008 campaign and 117 on Palin and the campaign since she joined the ticket.

    If you have a specific question to ask, please ask it. …But since you are avoiding it, I will take the initiative and name one.

    When it comes to George Will; he is very good at expressing philosophical conservatism, but makes mistakes when it come sto candidates who are not “establishment men”. Will, at first, was not kind to Reagan and was proved by history to be incorrect; while there are other examples this one is the biggest. Will went ballistic on McCain when he called for SEC Chairman Chris Cox to resign.

    While McCain should have called for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to resign as well (especially considering that those two men share a great deal of blame for this), like many Republicans, McCain holds his own party to a higher standard. Cox and Greenspan warned Congress repeatedly over the years what was coming with Fannie and Freddie, but did SEC Chairmen Cox go to the public and sound the alarm? No.

    Democrats were taking money to protect the money train from Freddie and Fannie thus ensuring this would happen, Republicans saw what was coming and only worked on the inside to fix it, instead of using real leadership and getting the public involved to force changes.

    SEC Chairman Cox could have adjusted the “Mark to Market” rules in Sarbanes-Oxley to help fix this problem but didn’t. Top ecomomists and business leaders have written about this for years and so has Speaker Gingrich.

    McCain was right to ask for Cox to resign. George Will was wrong, but since top Democrats were instrumental in making sure this mess happened, McCain should have called on them to resign first. – Editor]

  6. Paul Herr said

    You are dodging the issue. I did not raise any concerns McCain & Cox but you are obviously avoiding the points made by these columnists. These four individuals, with impeccable conservatives credentials, all think Palin doesn’t have what it takes to be VP or President. This is not your so call “liberal media.” I don’t know of any other VP nominee who has been so poorly prepared or performed so poorly when asked important questions. She can’t even cite any media that she reads on a regular basis to learn about the world. The four columnists mentioned above seem to agree on that.

    By the way, I thought Republicans were in control of Congress and Bush was presidents during the time you address. Why did they not do something about the creative financing that was happening on Wallstreet since they had the administrative apparatus in their control and the votes to pass some changes if they deemed them necessary.

    [Prof. Herr,

    How about you raise specific concerns from those columnists, I have written 117 columns concerning Palin. So you want me to go through a bunch of columns to find what may interest you and guess as to what it is in them you are talking about? That isn’t reasonable because I am not a mind reader.

    So for the THIRD TIME Prof. Herr I ask that you just bring me specific concerns and I will be happy to address them. I picked a criticism that George Will had recently with the campaign (the Cox issue) because since you have provided no specifics… I had to guess. YOU pick a concern some columnist has somewhere and I will be happy to address it. These people write lots of columns so I cannot guess which of their concerns you are talking about. You do have a PhD. so I know that you are at least competent enough to read and bring me a specific concern.

    Now here you made two points that are no brainers.

    First – it takes 60 votes to pass significant legislation in the Senate so in any party line vote nothing passes, even in 2005. Perhaps you can find someone to give you a basic civics lesson on Congress. Also if you bothered to read I have written several articles about what the Republicans tried to do to fix this mess since 2003. In fact I linked to two of those articles in my last response to you and now I know that you didn’t even bother to read them.

    Second – It was not that Palin CAN’T cite any media that she reads regularly, she refused to cite any and I don’t blame her. The media is playing silly gotcha journalism with her because the elite media has abandoned serious journalism and even the pretense of objectivity. Palin is a trained journalist, she knows that if she names publications and writers that every article in them will be scrutinized and they will be asked if they like Palin and then Palin will be asked if she likes specific articles in those publications. Palin is trying to avoid a fight with the elite media and she has said so. I disagree with that strategy; she should engage them and go after them.

    On the flip side, I know that Obama reads Saul Alinsky but not because the elite media told me.

    Prof. Herr, I don’t blame you for trying to avoid specifics with me, because we both know that when it comes to these issues you simply are not prepared to engage me on them with any hope of victory and the “argument” that you have made here demonstrates it.

    Since I have no way of knowing if I will ever speak to you again, I would like to tell you this and this goes for radicalized professors everywhere:

    With all due respect, you have demonstrated in the past as you have here, that you are a far-leftist ideologue that reality has passed by years ago. You have your radical ideology, you have your hate and hostility towards those who don’t share it, but like so many radicalized professors, you lack the substance and critical thinking ability to make an impact in this arena of facts and ideas. I have a great well of pity for you, and others who are stuck in such an ideological rut. I pray that before the Good Lord calls us all home that you have an apiffany and find a way to matter once again.

    In the mean time, if you can muster up a real argument, I will be happy to hear it. – Editor]

  7. Paul Herr said

    I suppose you think that last paragraph is a rational argument. I will ignore the diatribe.

    Palin has chosen not to take opportunities to stake out positions on the issues of the day. And when she has she sounds like there is nothing between her ears as Kathleen Parker also seems to think. When she cites as foreign policy experience tha fact that you can you can see Russia from Alaske can you blame people for being incredulous?

    What are her positions on foreign policy, on economic issues or on other important issues. As an individual seeking votes to the highest office in the land it is incumbent on her to stake out her positions.

    Palin has chose not to take opportunities to stake out positions on the issues of the day. And when she has, she sounds like there is nothing between her ears as Kathleen Parker also seems to think.

    You are not the guru to whom I come to get answers to questions. I have read enough on the subject to have a differing opinion. You don’t have to like it but my view of Palin but it is a widely shared one. It is a legitimate perspective that is shared by even some conservative thinkers. So come off your high horse and tell me why you think she is qualified for the highest office in the land.

    [Prof. Herr,

    Governor Palin is not running for the highest office in the land, she is running for Vice-president. The standard for VP as stated in any good Poli Sci textbook will be simply this: Does the VP choice help the ticket get elected.

    Prof Herr, are you going to make an argument or not. I have written over 100 articles on Governor Palin explaining why she is certainly qualified. I linked to two of articles to you and you ignored them. I have made several substantive points to you, and you obviously cannot answer them because now you are posting as if I never made them.

    In your previous comments I have challenged you to give me some specific arguments, you have failed to do so. On the two “points” you made you were materially wrong on both of them.

    I will give you another example of why you are not prepared to even have this conversation with me. You say that her answer on foreign policy was that she can see Russia from Alaska. However if you read the transcript that WE posted, that included what ABC had cut out in that interview, you will find that she talked about how being a border state gives any Governor foreign policy experience. She talked about trade delegations with Russia and Canada and other countries that states often deal with etc.

    Also a little history lesson for you. Bill Clinton was the Governor of a small state, Spirow Agnew, Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter…. and a host of governors who were presidents had limited foriegn policy experience….and holy cow do I have a name for you… JOHN EDWARDS…. Can you please tell me where you made these ridiculous arguments against them in your writings??? Of course you can’t but now that a woman is on the ticket you feel free to engage in this blatant sexism.

    By the way, Ronald Reagan was “just a governor” too and he whipped your precious Soviet Union.

    So Prof. Herr – at this point I must ask you. Why is it that you are so uniquely uninformed as you have demonstrated in the posts you have given us so far?

    Now try not to take this personally, but I realize that radicalized professors have atrophied critical thinking skills because they are unable to challenge their own assumptions, so I am willing to go out of the way to help you out so that you don’t have to use the site’s search feature or click on the “Palin Truth Squad” category.

    So I am going to give you three links

    I will make it easier and give you an excerpt:

    Palin runs a commercial fishing business, was a councilman, mayor, served on government commissions, brought down billion dollar corruption rings, ended the political careers of many who put self over service. Palin beat an incumbent GOP Governor in a primary and a popular former two term Democratic governor in the general election. Palin, while fighting both parties and their machines, got ethics reforms passed, overhauled the tax system so energy companies could no longer game the system, returned money to the taxpayers and achieved the largest State infrastructure improvement in American history, a 40 billion dollar pipeline that was languishing in state government for decades. Palin cut the Alaska budget by 10% and cut her own Governor’s expenses by 80% compared to the previous governor.

    Palin held elective office for 5 years before Obama ran for anything and as Mayor and Governor was not afforded the option to vote “present” 130 times. I see lots of bloggers and journalists drawing an equivalency between Obama’s experience and Palin’s. When the truth is told there is no equivalency.

    Of course when asked about foreign policy experience in the debate Obama’s answer was “Joe Biden is my running mate”. So give me a break and unlike Biden, who has been wrong on almost every important foreign policy issue in his career while McCain has been proved by history time and time again. For more details on Biden’s foreign policy judgment follow this link.

    You said that you don’t look to me as a GURU – how nice, but with all due respect Prof. Herr, compared to you I am a Guru. My analysis on the economic crisis has now been parroted by Investors Business Daily and Human Events 9 days later; I even beat Bloomberg News and they parroted my analysis as well. I am not saying that they copied me, but I was able to do the research and come to the right answers and analysis faster than they did.

    – Editor]

  8. Paul Herr said

    She is running for Vice President and as such she should be prepared to assume the responsibilities of the presidency. So she must be evaluated in that context.

    Anyone who compares any of the individuals you mentioned with Sarah Palin doesn’t recognize ability and preparation or the lack thereof when they see it. People who share your ideology who are far superior to you in experience and intellect think she is unprepared. So why do you act so arrogant.

    You are the same person that asserted the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq long after it had been established the they did not exist. So much for your judgment and credibility.

    It would behove you to knock off the arrogance. That is probably why most people wrote off your blog as inconsequencal nonsence.

    So long!


    [Prof Herr,

    You demanded evidence from me and got it, and now you run away and refuse to address it.

    You call me arrogant, what I am is sick and tired of people who don the “PhD cloak of infallibility” as you do and often are blind ideologues who have no idea what they are talking about. This description fits you like a glove.

    There is a time for humility and modesty and a time to be in your face. After seeing your bahavior at IUSB, I decided that “in your face” was the appropriate way to deal with you, but I am not so bitter that I will not pray for you to release your irrational hatred of those different from you and to have that apiffany I mentioned earlier.

    I am in your face, because professors who bahave as you have are a quintessential example of what is wrong with public education today.

    You said:

    You are the same person that asserted the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq long after it had been established the they did not exist. So much for your judgment and credibility.

    You even got this wrong. What I said is what the inspectors found. The inspectors found only a relative handful of WMD and concluded that most of Saddam’s stockpile was destroyed in secret behind the inspectors backs. The inspectors found WMD programs and raw materials so that Saddam could go back in the WMD business in a short time. The cease fire agreement and UN resulutions demanded that Saddam give up the WMD programs so he could not go back into WMD production. Saddam kept the programs intact in violation of those agreements.

    What I have stated is what has been discovered in Iraq by two inspection teams led by David Kay and Charles Deulfer. Their video testimony is linked on the right hand side of this web site for you to examine.

    While most of the information I wrote about was in The Preface, I wrote an article on this very blog about what the inspection teams found there.

    So once again Prof. Herr you are materially wrong on another one of your “points” that you could have known better by just looking at the public record for two minutes. ….. and these are supposed to be professors folks…. I rest my case on the problem with public education and professors who behave like this.

    Here is a teaser:

    Here are some excerpts from the Kay Inspection Team Report:

    We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations during the inspections that began in late 2002. The discovery of these deliberate concealment efforts have come about both through the admissions of Iraqi scientists and officials concerning information they deliberately withheld and through physical evidence of equipment and activities that ISG has discovered that should have been declared to the UN.

    With regard to Iraq’s nuclear program, the testimony we have obtained from Iraqi scientists and senior government officials should clear up any doubts about whether Saddam still wanted to obtain nuclear weapons. They have told ISG that Saddam Hussein remained firmly committed to acquiring nuclear weapons.

    A clandestine network of laboratories and safehouses within the Iraqi Intelligence Service that contained equipment subject to UN monitoring and suitable for continuing CBW research.

    New research on BW-applicable agents, Brucella and Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), and continuing work on ricin and aflatoxin were not declared to the UN.

    Documents and equipment, hidden in scientists’ homes, that would have been useful in resuming uranium enrichment by centrifuge and electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS).

    – Editor

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