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Did Obama want sex-ed for kindergartners or not? Here is the bill read it for yourself.

Posted by iusbvision on September 14, 2008

UPDATED! – See Below

Once and for all lets settle the Obama wanted sex-ed for kindergartners issue.

McCain says its true and Obama supporters says that it isn’t. However when Obama ran against Alen Keyes he said that teaching sex-ed to kindergartners was the right thing to do.

So what is the truth?

I looked up the bill and HERE is the link to it. The parts crossed out are parts that were removed by amendment that had to be voted for – read them CAREFULLY. The parts underlined were added by amendment. As you can see, the bill was originally for grades 6-12 but an amendment changed the bill to make it K-12. 

Bottom line – you have the bill. Click to enlarge it. Read it and tell me McCain is a liar…. 

Here is a video of Mitt Romney during a debate talking about it. So what sex-ed is appropriate to a kindergartner?

SB-0099 Sex Ed Bill Click to enlarge

SB-0099 Sex Ed Bill Click to enlarge

UPDATE: Byron York at National Review confirms the IUSB Vision’s take on the bill!
It’s about time guys. Media pundits form both sides got this wrong, even Bill O’Reilly totally got this wrong with his comments on his show Sept 15th. All they had to do was read the bill. McCain was right and we were among the first to say so.

While O’Reilly didn’t get this wrong on purpose, this is what happens when you listen to the elite media and dont just hunker down and look for yourself. That is what Limbaugh did and why he got it right. Obama was not the bills sponsor, the bill did not pass, but he did vote FOR ot when he voted “present” on 130 other votes. It speaks volumes about state of mind and priorities.

Elite Media ???

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