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Politico gets it wrong on Palin again. Published the $27 million earmark lie (From the Washington Post) after bloggers and ABC News wire debunked the story.

Posted by iusbvision on September 14, 2008

Politico, while more reliable than the NYT and Washington Post, still manages to get it wrong half the time it seems. Today they published another Palin hit piece that was devoid of any serious journalism or fact checking. They just took the attacks made against her by Democrats and the Washington Post as if they were true…again.

Here is the link to the hit piece and the excerpt below is an example:

Palin, in fact, requested $453 million worth of earmarks as governor. In her previous position as mayor of Wasilla, she hired a lobbyist to procure $27 million for the Anchorage exurb.

“If you sit through her Cabinet meeting, she’s driving down the number of earmarks that Alaska is requesting,” said Parnell. “The prior administration asked for 63 earmarks. It’s down to 31 this year. We’re driving those numbers down and working to bring reform to Alaska. This is not something you can just turn the switch on overnight and change.”

The $27 million number is totally bogus as several sites including this one have proved. ABC News even posted a piece on their wire showing it. But you won’t see it in the elite media. The link below has all the evidence.

The $453 million number seems pretty bad does’t it? Keep in mind that Biden and Obama voted for all of them, but it gets better…They also have nothing to say about Obama’s $935.7 million in earmarks he spent including $1 million for the hospital his wife works at. If Palin had gotten a $1 million earmark for her husband, would we ever hear the end of it from the elite media and the smear outfits like HuffPost and DailyKOS and Alan Colmes?

And Illinois has another Senator, Dick Durbin, who rakes up $350 million in earmarks a year.

And here they are attacking Sarah Palin who used the power of the line item veto to cut earmarks in Alaska in HALF. This is exactly the message Palin delivered in a March 5th newspaper column HERE. Click and learn. Here is an excerpt:

I recognize that Congress, which exercises the power of the purse, has the constitutional responsibility to put its mark on the federal budget, including adding funds that the president has not proposed.

Accordingly, my administration has recommended funding for specific projects and programs when there is an important federal purpose and strong citizen support.

This year, we have requested 31 earmarks, down from 54 in 2007. Of these, 27 involve continuing or previous appropriations and four are new requests. The total dollar amount of these requests has been reduced from approximately $550 million in the previous year to just less than $200 million.

Of course, Senate Democrats opposed the House Republican’s attempt to get earmark reform anyways… and they paint HER as the abuser….

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