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RASMUSSEN POLL: McCain 50 – Obama 47 – Minnesota now in tossup

Posted by iusbvision on September 14, 2008

Here is the lastest 3 day tracking poll.

Hotair APHotair Morrissey

ZOGBY – Florida and PA breaKing for McCain

Updated: 9/13/2008

PA Summary:
McCain – 49.1%
Obama – 44.3%
Not Sure/Other – 6.6%

McCain at 52.1% in Florida and 10 poinst ahead of Obama


As if the Barack Obama needed any more bad news, the St. Petersburg Times and Zogby both deliver cause for pessimism at Team O.   Florida polling shows that despite spending millions in advertising in the Sunshine State and a delay in advertising for McCain, Obama is in worse position that John Kerry at the same time in 2004.  Zogby has new polling that shows Obama now trails in Pennsylvania, a must-hold state for the Democrats.


Indiana –

Updated: 7/8/2008

McCain – 40%
Obama – 39%
Barr – 7%
Nader – < 1%

Granted Indiana has not been updated in a while, but look at Bob Barr (former republican now libertarian) at 7%. If the election is close many of those will break or McCain if they havent already with Palin on the ticket. Indiana will very likely go McCain.

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