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Democrats Sabotage Drilling Bill With “Poison Pill” Section Making Drilling Almost Impossible

Posted by iusbvision on September 15, 2008

So now they can say that “they voted to drill but those evil Republicans stopped them”.

Folks this is the Democrat Controlled Congress at work for who??? This is the same old politics as usual, so where is Mr. Change Obama to call for an end to these tricks??? In fact, where was Mr. Change when he worked inside the corrupt Daley Machine? … oh thats right they don’t wanna talk about that.

Ok left wing commenters TRY to defend this one…..

Ed Morrissey at blows this one out of the water:

Poison Pill

While lifting a 25-year federal ban on most offshore oil and natural gas drilling, the legislation would block Virginia and other coastal states from sharing in a $2.6 trillion bonanza of tax revenue expected to flow from offshore fields. A Senate bill still in the works would give states part of the money.

Unless states stand to profit from offshore development, they almost surely would exercise their right under the bill to block any drilling within 100 miles of their shores, critics of the House initiative charged.

“With no financial incentive, no state will choose to ‘opt in,’ ” House Republican leader John A. Boehner of Ohio told reporters, “and this bill will result in little or no new American energy production.”

Rep. Thelma Drake, a Norfolk Republican who has taken a prominent role among pro-drilling forces, was even more critical.

The new bill “appears to be little more than a political ploy,” Drake charged in a prepared statement. Democrats intend to “tell the American people that they voted to go after more American energy while winking to the environmentalists to say that this increased production will never happen,” she said. adds:

The obvious intent is to deceive American voters into thinking that Democrats support new drilling in the US.  The new bill not only removes the incentives for states to issue new leases, it does nothing to protect the process of acquiring leases from excessive litigation certain to be initiated by the environmental lobby.  It supplies the pretense of policy changes to allow more production while keeping roadblocks to the actual work necessary to find and produce new fields for American energy needs.

Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) claims that no bill would be better than this legislation.  Republicans need to get a bill that would remove these obstacles and ensure that states get their fair participation from their natural resources, and need to act quickly in order to expose this distraction.


UPDATE – Pelosi and House Democrats Pass Bill to Allow Offshore Drilling..Where the Oil ISN’T!!

Guess where most of the oil is folks…. you guessed it, it’s within 50 miles of the shore line.

It’s like we told you:

Democrats want higher gas prices (follow those two links to see the proof and see them saying it).

House Passes Bill To Expand Drilling, Fund Renewables
Republicans Say Measure Isn’t Enough

By Paul Kane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 17, 2008; A10

The House approved a package of energy initiatives yesterday, including measures that would allow oil drilling as close as 50 miles off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and finance the long-term development of alternative energy sources.

In the first substantive votes since gasoline prices rose above $4 a gallon this summer, the House divided largely along party lines, 236 to 189, with most Republicans rejecting the Democratic-sponsored legislation because it would prohibit exploration of much of the known oil reserves closer to the coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico.

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