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Pelosi and House Democrats Pass Bill to Allow Offshore Drilling..Where the Oil ISN’T!!

Posted by iusbvision on September 17, 2008

Guess where most of the oil is folks…. you guessed it, it’s within 50 miles of the shore line.

House Passes Bill To Expand Drilling, Fund Renewables
Republicans Say Measure Isn’t Enough

By Paul Kane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 17, 2008; A10

The House approved a package of energy initiatives yesterday, including measures that would allow oil drilling as close as 50 miles off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and finance the long-term development of alternative energy sources.

In the first substantive votes since gasoline prices rose above $4 a gallon this summer, the House divided largely along party lines, 236 to 189, with most Republicans rejecting the Democratic-sponsored legislation because it would prohibit exploration of much of the known oil reserves closer to the coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico. comment’s on this story HERE

It’s like we told you:

DEMOCRATS want HIGHER gas PRICES (follow those three links to see the proof and to see Obama saying it).

Mort Kondrake, Editor of Roll Call Magazine,  just said that this bill was designed to fail and blames Democrats. He commented on Brit Hume 8/17/2008

2 Responses to “Pelosi and House Democrats Pass Bill to Allow Offshore Drilling..Where the Oil ISN’T!!”

  1. wilco278 said

    Actually, the MMS reports that beyond 50 miles from shore is where economically producible oil is most likely to be found in large volumes. Outside of a few areas (north slope of Alaska, southern California, and the eastern Gulf of Mexico), exploration wells and seismic testing has generally come up dry. In 2006 MMS submitted a comprehensive inventory of OCS oil and gas resources to Congress that deep water further offshore was where future oil was most likely to be found.

    [Future oil because the stuff within 50 miles we already know where that oil is….and economically producible you say… sure if you take into account all of the harassment lawsuits and federal resistance that comes from eco-extremists when it come sto drilling within 50 miles……..

    Otherwise with all due respect…..You have GOT to be kidding me.

    Do you have any idea how many sources say essentially this:

    “Interior Department estimates that 88 percent of the 18 billion barrels of oil believed to be in waters now under drilling bans would remain off-limits because they are within the 50-mile (80-kilometer) protective coastal buffer.”

    Press reports, energy company sites, government agencies, congressional testimony (thats under oath) etc etc. …. and I am supposed to believe you and declare all of them wrong …why?

    I examined your site and with all due respect, after skimming through about 25 of your your articles, they seem to almost always have the same conclusion, – don’t drill for more, dont have more domestic production of energy, it’s all about consumption.

    Again with all due respect, it’s about everything, we need more electric and hydrogen and natural gas cars so that oil can be used for other purposes and that will lower consumption of it. We need that wind corridor that Pickens keeps talking about. The vast majority of Alaskan’s dont agree with your point of view. Something I am sure that you are reminded of almost daily in Alaska.

    Thanks for posting – Editor]

  2. wilco278 said

    If you track back where the statements about most of the oil being within 50 miles, they all seem to track back to the Washington Post article you reference, where it says “Republicans and some industry experts contend that little new energy production would result from the legislation, because federal studies have shown that more than 85 percent of known offshore oil reserves are inside the 50-mile mark.”
    My complaint is that the quote is just plain wrong. The Washington Post failed to provide accurate information. As near as I can make out, the quote came from the House Republican Conference (, and Congressman Don Young, ranking minority member of the House Committee on Natural Resources ( They are using graphs developed by the Institute for Energy Research ( If you look at the graphs and the underlying data, the accurate quote is that, based upon the 2006 MMS report to Congress, “more than 95% of the mean estimated technically recoverable offshore oil resources on the west coast of California, Oregon, and Washington lie within 50 miles of the shoreline.” These are estimated technically recoverable resources, without any regard to economic viability, not reserves. And limiting it to the west coast, which geologically has a narrow continental shelf and deep submarine trenches offshore, instead of including the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic OCS, which have broad continental shelves, is disingenuous at best.
    The 88% and 18 billion barrels numbers also comes from the same 2006 MMS report, and they are actually the total values of estimated technically recoverable reserves currently under offshore moratorium, not just within the 50 mile buffer.
    I don’t advocate not drilling (I work for the oil industry and I’m currently helping to develop several new drill prospects). I don’t think the energy bill is very well constructed, and has several major problems and should be killed in the Senate. My complaint is with people saying that we can drill our way out of our current problems. The numbers just don’t add up. You are right, it’s about everything, drilling and conservation and alternative energy. But the mantra that the Republicans are pushing in the national media that we can drill our way back to cheap gasoline is a load of crap. As I say on my blog, there’s still a lot of oil, but the cheap oil is running out and will be replaced with increasingly expensive oil.

    [Mr. Wilco,

    I am a student of Communications and Political Science. I spend HOURS every day archiving information for future and current books I am authoring. My data archive goes back to 1992. I have many thousands of articles and speeches and data sorted by subject. Over the weekend I read regulatory reports from the OFHEO, the Agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so that I can understand more about what lead to the current mess than almost any member of Congress who isnt on the Banking Committee.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I wish to give you an idea of how dedicated I am to finding the facts. So when you say…:

    “But the mantra that the Republicans are pushing in the national media that we can drill our way back to cheap gasoline is a load of crap.”

    ..I know that you have tipped your ideological playing card. NO Republicans in Congress are saying drill only. That is a talking point straight from Nancy Pelosi and is a lie. The “Drill baby Drill” chant is designed to get under Pelosi’s skin and it has worked, but it doesn’t matter what Republicans in Congress you talk to, they are for the everything plan just as I have articulated. In the mean time Democrats and eco-extremists have opposed wind, solar, more oil and nuclear.

    If you just look at Newt’s Book “Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less”, it articulates the everything plan as well.

    The Pickens Plan is a variation of the everything plan.

    The solar farm in California was opposed, the wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts was opposed, nuclear is opposed, drilling is opposed; all by Democrats and eco-extremists. When McCain came up with the idea to have a massive government prize for those who invent leaps in energy technology such as new battery cells etc the Democrats mocked the idea.

    Why do eco-extremists and the leadership of the Democratic Party oppose these things? Well lets just say that affordable energy is the fuel of a healthy capitalist engine.

    We do agree that the new energy bill passed by Democrats in the House is designed to fail and should. It was done just so they can say “see I voted to drill” when it fact it is designed to kill drilling prospects with a series of “poison pills” in the legislation. – Editor]

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