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Rothschild Leaves the Democratic Party!

Posted by iusbvision on September 17, 2008

Lynn Rothschild

Lynn Rothschild

Lynn Forester De Rothschild is leaving the Democratic National Committee. She was a big fund raiser and contributor for the Democrats. The reason she gives is in her column HERE and we reported on this column earlier. Her column shows us what a master wordsmith she is. The state of mind she rails against is one that I understand perfectly so as a result I feel a certain kinship with her. When you read her column it becomes clear that this issue has bothered her for a long time, perhaps even years.

Her influence as an international mover and shaker is difficult to understate.

2 Responses to “Rothschild Leaves the Democratic Party!”

  1. loomisnews said

    Her real reason?

    The Dems didn’t kiss her butt after she lost!

    Prominent Republicans endorsed Obama all thru the campaign season

    “Republicans Flee Party: Major Republicans Endorse Barack Obama”

    [Dem’s didnt kiss her butt?? Are you kidding me, that is the farthest thing from Rothschild’s mind and her column shows that.

    Several on your list are left of center Republicans that simply joined the GOP to enjoy the machine in their state and they sided with the Democrats more often then their party. So those names are no surprise. But oh YES INDEED there are some former Republicans don’t like John McCain.


    McCain is a Maverick. He votes with his party on issue votes 79% of the time as opposed to Obama who has voted with his party on issue votes 95% of the time. McCain has really torqued some Republicans, but in fairness history has often proved McCain right when he opposed his party, on Rumsfeld, on the surge, on new command in Iraq, on Beirut, on Earmarks etc etc.

    If you think that some Republicans don’t like McCain – I got news for you, Sarah Palin tore the old Republican machine in Alaska to pieces. Palin ended billions in corruption and ended the careers of a pile of political figures in Alaska in both parrties.

    Now Palin has Republicans, Democrats and Independents in her administration. Obama talks about bi-partisanship; the McCain/Palin ticket does it often. – Editor]

    [For some reason which now escapes me, since Mr. Loomis posted at my site I thought I might engage him on his web site and return the favor. I gave him some sourced evidence and he promptly deleted the URL to the evidence, and then he changed my URL ID to which is a massive ethical nono. I told him that what he did was considered a blogging ethical violation but he just deleted the comment.

    It seems that Mr. Loomis is one of those people who likes to comment on other people’s web sites but then has to molest the comments of others on his own when he can’t deal with a piece of evidence that cracks his world view. Since the blogosphere has a history of policing itself, I suggest that anyone who goes to think twice about posting there or your post may be similarly molested.

    Of course trying to censor people is nothing new to Obama or his supporters just ask WGN. – Editor]

  2. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s endorsement will be one of the McCain campaign’s most valued.

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