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Sarah Palin’s Email Hacked – Attempt to Embarrass Palin Backfires

Posted by iusbvision on September 17, 2008

UPDATE: Democrat talking heads on TV are already lying about the content of the emails.

It’s pretty sick and disturbing. It is a good reason to have a password that is hard to break.

There are places on the internet that only the most computer savvy people know about and that is where her emails were posted. I can confirm what other bloggers like Jawa Report and Michelle Malkin have said. There is nothing shocking in the emails and what they show is that the Palin’s are a normal family just like most any middle class family. The Sarah you see in public is the same one in private. She loves her God and family and friends and takes all that comes along with that seriously.

Ironically, Palin has been accused if routinely using private email accounts to bypass state regulators and anyone can see after this that the allegations seem baseless.

[UPDATE – Democrat talking heads on TV are already lying about the content of the emails saying that they show that Palin was using her private account to bypass accountability laws and use them for state business – such use of private accounts has to be repetative to be enforcable….they have no shame at all.

Gloria Allred was trying to push this on Greta Van Sustern. Greta was getting upset with Allred as Greta had made it clear that she knew such a charge is nonsense.]  

No the IUSB Vision will not post them. However, if I were in the McCain campaign, I would take ownership of this issue and redact certain parts of the emails that wre leaked and just make them public. They show that Palin is the real deal and certainly is not someone who is “faking it” for traditional America. If I had any doubt’s about Palin’s authenticity before, I don’t now.

Michelle Malkin has more info on the scum that did this to Palin. I am confident the FBI will try to find who is responsible.

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