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Biden: Your patriotic if you pay more taxes… And your Catholic too……

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2008

I like Joe Biden because I think that he is a pretty moral and decent guy. Unfortunately for Joe, foreign policy wise he has been on the wrong side of history too many times. Biden, while well intentioned, has earned a reputation of a “gaffemaster” by making VERY insensative and inartful comments.

Today, once again, Biden has proved to be the gift that keeps on giving. had such a stellar analysis that I KNOW I can’t improve upon so there is the link and here is an excerpt:


While Barack Obama tries to call John McCain a “liar” for saying Obama will raise taxes on a wide swath of Americans, Joe Biden tells America that paying higher taxes is … patriotic? The Democratic VP told Good Morning America today that “it’s time to be patriotic” and start allowing Uncle Sam to take even more of your paycheck.

America’s economic woes have nothing to do with taxes. Biden offered a non-sequitur yesterday when asked about the need to bail out AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Bear Stearns. He blamed the problems on tax cuts, which makes no sense at all.

That’s akin to blaming your doctor’s Mercedes for the broken arm you got playing soccer. Tax policy had nothing to do with the credit crisis. They are two completely separate issues.The government did not underregulate the credit industry from a lack of necessary funding, and in any case, the tax cuts produced higher revenues for Washington, not lower revenues. The credit crisis came from bad lending decisions pushed by government mandates, and a lack of oversight driven by lobbyist-fed laziness.

Who were two of the CEOs who got big bailout packages from the Fannie/Freddie GSEs? Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines. Which candidate has them as advisers to his campaign? Barack Obama.
Now Biden wants to tell us that paying higher taxes is patriotic. You know what would be patriotic? Congressmen like Barack Obama and Joe Biden attacking government spending…..

Most Americans look at their tax bite and figure they’re patriotic enough. They’d prefer electing people who start acting responsibly with their money, rather than demand even more from them to prove their patriotism.


Newt Gingrich on Biden’s comment: Their desire to rip off people of more of their money, and than disguise it as “patriotism” is disingenuously disguising patriotism for his will to have bigger government.

Our Take: I wonder, are the 40% of the people who pay no federal income tax already somehow less patriotic? Maybe everyone should pay something so we are all patriotic? Maybe I can write a check and get a “Patriotic” button from the IRS.


It gets better Wow Hotair is on fire tonight (Biden is going to eat crow for this one) –

Joe Biden decided to double down on his ridiculous statement from this morning that patriotic people wouldn’t complain about paying higher taxes.  Instead of simply shrugging it off or backing away from the statment, as almost anyone else would have done, Biden instead justified higher taxes by making it a duty — as a Catholic:

“Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most,” he said. “Now it’d be different if you could make the case to me that by giving this tax cut to the very wealthy, everybody else was going to be better off. We saw what happened the last eight years when we gave that tax cut.”

I’m really beginning to believe that Joe Biden got his Catholic instruction from Father Guido Sarducci and Sister Mary Elephant.  Leaving aside the ridiculous notion that a politician poses as a Catholic on social issues and still supports abortion, Catholics are taught to act as individuals to assist the poor.  Nowhere in Catholic doctrine (the catechism) can one find the notion that taxes are required for this purpose.

In fact, in seven out of eight references to taxes in the catechism, taxes are mentioned in context of “tax collectors” — people who today would be called Quislings or thieves, and perhaps both.  In only one instance does Church doctrine talk about paying tax, when Paragraph 586 notes the significance of Jesus paying the temple tax, which also has nothing to do with acts of charity.

And speaking of Biden’s Catholic duty, he seems very free at confiscating the money of others while demonstrating little charity on his own.  His tax returns show an average of $369 a year in charitable contributions, a miserly 0.3% of his income.  If Biden wants to help the poor and downtrodden, then he needs to start by using his own resources before going after the pocketbooks of others.

UPDATE: McCain already making Biden pay the price:

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